If You Can Hold This Button For Sixty Seconds You Will Win...

If You Can Hold This Button For Sixty Seconds You Will Win...

  • havik
  • 3 months ago
  • 6th

If You Can Hold This Button For Sixty Seconds You Will Win This Game (The name is too long for the website!)

Please read this bit at least: The game has some narration. I usually make games too loud, this one may be too quiet. Please check your audio when you open the game. If you can hear the menu music ok (it's a bit quieter than the narration) then you're good.

The game is simple. Hold the button for sixty seconds. Can't be that hard, right?

Controls... your mouse, to press the button. And a little bit of your keyboard, for typing.

The highscores are more of a 'hall of fame' this time. I didn't include any placements or anything! Anybody who can hold the button gets into the hall of fame. The displayed names are even in a random order, so nobody is first place! You're all winners. Well, those that can hold the button anyway!

You can hold 'R' to restart the game. You won't need to, but, if for some reason you want to, you can.

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  • Ethan Wake
    Ethan Wake Ethan Wake Level 10

    Holy crap that was hard. Took me about 10 minutes but I finally got there haha. The random element of the wind and portals, combined with the rapidly draining grace period, can make the last 20 seconds nearly impossible unless you have amazing reflexes; in the end, I won by dumb luck. I had a blast regardless though, thanks to the hilarious narration. I love that the voiceover changes a bit on subsequent playthroughs so you're not listening to the exact same dialogue every time. Brilliant game, very original!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 37

    Beautiful game. The concept seems dumb but the enjoyable narration and the increasingly ridiculous ways the button moves around really bring it alive. It's surprisingly challenging too, though the thoughtful addition of the grace period means it's always a fair challenge. I didn't know what to expect at first but overall I really enjoyed this.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 55 Patron

    I hate this game. Definitely not just cause I suck at it or anything. :D

  • GameDevDan
    GameDevDan GameDevDan Level 5

    I liked the voice acting - I found the general concept of the game fun and engaging. I didn't, however, manage to hold onto the button for a full 60 seconds at any point. It becomes all a bit of a clustercuss in the end and I think I needed just a little bit more luck with the obstacles to get by.

  • Allison James

    This was fascinating! I failed it 3-4 times before winning (and honestly, mostly because most of the "bursts" in the winning attempt were horizontal - I couldn't deal with the vertical ones easily thanks to the button's shape xD)

    Great music, fantastic good-quality voice acting that seemed not to repeat at all despite my handful of failed attempts, just an all-round spiffy shortform entry.

    My biggest nitpick would be having to type "Start" for... reasons? Is there a password or a secret lurking in the input? 😄

  • Chris

    Love it. Nice clean artwork and great voice work. It's 'frustrating by design' done perfectly. Really fun game, probably my favorite of the jam

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Funny narratior! I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/nuQFkyHHiV8

  • thinker227
    thinker227 thinker227 Level 6

    Are you Stephen Merchant? Because damn this dialogue is absolutely golden. The gameplay is top-notch as well, an incredible game.

  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 9

    I got down to 20 seconds on my first try and thought "This will be easy." Then 15 minutes passed and I was still trying to hold the button. Finally managed it though.

    I had fun throughout and I enjoyed the narration. I really like that you have a list of the players who beat the game too. Great job.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous
    • I like the voice over instructions instead of loads of text.
    • I like how different plays say different things
    • The music reminds me of YEAH TOAST
    • What service did you use for your list of players that made it onto the scoreboard?
    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you! Thought I'd try something different with the voice stuff. I am not aware of YEAH TOAST, is that a good thing? I shall look it up haha.

      No service used really, just a database and some php scripts on some hosting. Normally I also record things like score/placement etc, but this time decided just to record if you'd completed it or not. So there is no first place, just a hall of fame!

      Thanks for playing :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Fun game that made me laugh. I like how it recognizes second and third play (I'm a loyal customer). Will try and get my name on the board. Although, the menu does look like a powerpoint presentation rofl

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      It was originally meant to be a joke entry, but I had too much fun making it so it became more serious - but I kept the jokey stuff in it and just expanded it. Hence the loyal customer and all that! (Which actually is quite nice, if you're a loyal customer, no need to type START anymore!)

      What is your name?! You've posted anonymous feedback so we'll never know if you made it or not!

      Yeah the menu is simple, it's meant to lull you in to think it's just literally 'hold the button down for sixty seconds' and nothing else, no movement etc. Which is why the button also doesn't shake at the start on the very first playthrough!

      Thanks for playing!

  • Junction Games

    Could never get past when the wind appeared, but it's a great game concept.

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Aww, sorry! Seems very hit and miss if people are good at this or not - not sure what could be the reason. Maybe FPS game players find it easier since it's sort of like aim tracking? No idea really. Could be an interesting thing to research lol.

      Cheers and thanks for playing!

  • tfg
    tfg tfg Level 8

    Narration was very epic, definitely tricky. Nice submission!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you! Glad you liked the narration. I wasn't sure what to do for it so ended up just sitting there saying random things while playing ha.

  • Tydecon Games

    I watched Singleshot play this on stream and thought "oh, this'll be easy" but damn, it's a little trickier than I thought haha! Fun though, I like the random voice clips, nice minimal style as well!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Did you happen to to find it got trickier when the wind appears? That's the point where I always have a little panic and the button starts pinging around :D

      Thank you, glad you liked the voice/graphical style too!

      • Tydecon Games Tydecon Games

        It was when it charged up and ran away from me and I had to chase it haha :) and no problem, it was a fun one! :)

  • Wahoo
    Wahoo Wahoo Level 15

    It's only 60 seconds. Or so I thought. Took me around 15 minutes, and I had a blast.

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      15 minutes?! I apologise! At least you enjoyed the time though... and I see your name on the board >:)!

  • Quentin Van Deutekom

    Did a few more attempts that I thought I'd need but I got up there on the leaderboard finally! Had a much better time with this than I thought I would. The humour was on point here & I think the "you died" screen just made me want to complete it even more. The game felt satisfying to play.

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Well done! It's deceptively difficulty sometimes. And then another time you'll do it first try.

      Glad you liked the humour and the death screen (dark souls reference!). Thanks for playing!