Ancient Arte—FUCK

Ancient Arte—FUCK

  • baku & kwis
  • 3 weeks ago
  • 9th

An adventurer explores mysterious ruins,

looking for ancient arteFUCK,,


A tiny game by:

👩‍🎨 Code/Art: baku

🎶 Music/SFX: kwis

Known bugs:

⚠ When you die, the game over music accidentally starts playing every step. Quickly press space to shut it up :)

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  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 11

    Was completely blown away when I started up the game. The camera movement, lighting, art.... it was soooo incredibly polished! I love turn based gameplay. Would have loved to see more strategy take place but with time constraints and all...

    Think it was really impressive what was put together. Visually amazing and loved the UI elements shown too. Fit very well. Nice concept and wanted more :D

  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 9

    I really liked the way you implemented the 60 seconds. Only having time countdown whilst the turns are playing out is really cool. The 3D "Tactics" style look of the map is really cool and I like the player character and enemy sprites.

    However it doesn't seem there is a whole lot of strategy to the gameplay. Enemies move rather unpredicatably so it's not always easy to place yourself in a good position since you never know where they will move next. It seems they can attack you from anywhere on the map too so you can't really place yourself anywhere that will avoid attacks. Having a way you could block an attack (like with a well timed 'Space' press) or giving the enemies an area to attack that you could see would just add a bit more to the gameplay I think.

    It also would've been nice if there was a way to rotate the map. There was a couple of times when an enemy was stood behind an elevated platform and I couldn't really see if my cursor was on them or not.

    I did enjoy my time with the game though. It's impressive you put this together in 48 hours and it would be great to see it expanded upon further as I feel like theres a lot of possible directions to take it. Great work.

  • Tero Hannula

    Hehe, arte-fuck sounds bit like artefact ^^ Well done game, which looks brilliant and sonuds nice. I have nothing bad to say, just bit short. I like the idea of turn-based game with "real-time" mechanic, you have all your time planning your next move, and time only passes when turns are executed. As it was short, current game mechanic was enough, but if you have had made more levels, then you should have included more deeper game mechanic. But for jam this is good :)

    Edit. my time was bit over 6 seconds.

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      Thanks for the feedback! :D

      "Hehe, arte-fuck sounds bit like artefact"—yes, that is the joke.

  • havik

    Cool idea. Another more unique approach to the theme. I think most of the 'cons' to this game are really just side effects of the theme. I think it would be cool to have more tactical fights, maybe monsters have varried health, and you can choose to move far but low damage, or small movement but high damage etc - maybe with some pickups to extend the time remaining. Things like that. But obviously that would break the theme, so I'm not going to count that stuff in my ratings. Just ideas for post-jam if you're doing to keep playing with it.

    Visually it's really nice, I like the cute style you went with for the skeletons. And 3D as always!

    The music is good too, fits the atmosphere nicely (well done Kwis, traitor!)

    ...oh and "Can't only move 5 units per turn" Should let me move over the entire map then! :P

    Nicely done!

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      Thanks for the feedback!!

      Yeah, I wish I had time to do more interesting things with the combat for sure, but you know how it is with deadlines and such.

      Most times in the past where I've tried to make a post-jam version I ended up crashing and burning, so I'm hesitant to do those nowadays. But maybe if it places well 👀

      ...dammit, yeah I think my brain simultaneously went "Can only move 5 units" and "Can't move more than 5 units" and I ended up writing both at once which makes no sense XD

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    7.5s remaining, beat that!

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      oh that's pretty good :D

      Of course it's up to RNG a lot, but honestly I found it funner trying to get as close to 0 time remaining as possible, similar to when you tried to get the lowest score in Pancake% 😂 My "best" in that regard is around 0.5 seconds

  • adam02oc
    adam02oc adam02oc Level 2

    The game looks amazing and the AI is handled extremely well. The only things I did not enjoy were waiting for the enemy skeletons to finish their turns, the lack of variety in the enviroment and the randomness of the enemy attacks.

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      Thanks! Waiting for the skeletons is a very intentional part of the game. Time only ticks down when the turn plays out after all. If the skeletons decide to move it'll cost you more time, but if they decide to attack it'll likely take less time but now you're closer to dying.

      I definitely agree about your other points :P

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 37

    Wow, this game is gorgeous! Seeing 3D games is always great and the lighting and artwork in this one really shine. The camera movement is very smooth, as are the animations. The slight dithering effect also looks very nice. The music is great at setting the mood and all the sound effects are good.

    Unfortunately it's a bit lacking on the gameplay side. There isn't much strategy - The skeletons can seemingly hit you no matter where you stand and it feels random whether they walk around or attack. The gameplay has potential though. A version with more fleshed out combat would be very enjoyable.

  • GameDevDan
    GameDevDan GameDevDan Level 4

    I liked the concept, and you chose a really good way of implementing the 60 seconds theme without the same "rush to the end" feeling as a lot of the other games had - I quite enjoyed having the time to think!

    The graphics are really great and the sound is pretty decent. The levels are all quite simple / similar, but I guess they have to be so you can complete them in 60 seconds!

    Would quite like to see this expanded to have multiple dungeons with the same time limit, but different scenery and additional enemies/mechanics in each one.

  • Quentin Van Deutekom

    The 3D world and art was really well done, the overall polish is very high too! I'm not sure, but from my successfulI attempts I think the skeletons can only attack you if you're on the same level or below them at the turn start. Maybe I'm wrong and just got very lucky but with that in mind I managed to escape with just over 3 or so seconds to spare consistently by always trying to gain the highground and then attack downward in order of height level for priority. Great game!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Lovely graphics and gameplay. I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Kilomatter
    Kilomatter Kilomatter Level 3

    This was a good game. The game's strength definitely lies in it's graphics. The sprites are nice, and the 3D gameplay is cool. The tile-based strategy is fun, but the projectiles seem frustraingly RNG based, and they're also completely unavoidable to my knowledge. The sixty seconds theme seems to work against the game rather than strengthen it, although it does offer replay value. Good stuff overall!

  • tfg
    tfg tfg Level 7

    Epic art & 3d, really pretty and well-polished game.

    Only complaint is that it needs more strategy, a lot of the game is rng. Or maybe I missed something obvious and maybe could dodge projectiles or something.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous
    • The palette and art is beautiful, I love how the characters run. Very amusing. Although sometimes it doesn’t show, maybe a bug?
    • We’re supposed to be running out of a falling tavern but there’s no evidence of crumbling ruins? No rocks falling, no shaking, just attacking enemies.
    • The 60 seconds seemed unrelated to the game (it would work as a concept fine without it).
    • When the skeletons attack it seems random, I feel like I’m missing information.
  • Tydecon Games

    This art style is incredible, amazing concept and great game! There's a constant buzzing noise at the end when my character runs out of health and I didn't quite figure out how to defend myself from projectiles, but it is a great game and I would love to see so much more of this! Amazing entry, great job!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    The art is incredible especially given that it's 3D, but the gameplay seemed confusing and random. Sometimes the skeletons attacked me and sometimes they didn't. I felt like me dying vs me surviving was unrelated to how I played, which conflicts with the strategy style play that being limited to 5 moves implies. Sometimes I found that it was hard to see enemies because they were behind blocks which made it a little frustrating to play.

  • Junction Games

    Cool concept that was fun to play!

  • Sean Hetsko
    Sean Hetsko Sean Hetsko Level 3

    GREAT GAME! ALL AROUND! Loved the artstyle, the 3d camera, and the grid movement! wonderful job!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    LOVE the art style. Interesting take. Do the skeletons have 100% hit percentage? Sometimes a skeleton would shoot over multiple pieces of terrain, it seemed like it wasn't possible to find cover anywhere.

    The file size is HUGE though, 64mb? I know the sprite stacking adds a bit, but I'd expect it to be more about 10mb for something like this from experience. I think the audio files may not have been compressed.

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah if a skeleton decides to attack, they always hit. I was very pressed for time when coding their behaviour, which is why everything is so basic and their AI is dumb as a brick.

      It's not sprite stacking, it's real 3D 🙂 The models and textures add some, but yep the culprit is sound—there's like 30+ sounds in the game, the vast majority of which were delivered to me very near the deadline. Due to how GM doesn't allow you to bulk-edit sounds or set default settings for imported sounds, I didn't have time to go through every individual one and set it to compressed.

  • thinker227
    thinker227 thinker227 Level 6

    This is a really really fun game. The art and audio is top-notch, the gameplay is really fun, and the theme is pretty good as well. I would love to see this developed into a more complete game with more enemy types, obstacles and perhaps some puzzles. Only thing I don't enjoy about the game is that enemies can snipe you across the arena which is a bit unfair.

    • baku baku
      Level 53

      Thank for the feedback! Yeah I really should've put in a max range for their attacks or something

  • PizzaBandit

    Nice, I barely made it. The music is top notch, the game has a great style and was fun to play through

    • baku baku
      Level 53


      I had no time to playtest after quickly building the levels right before the deadline, so I'm happy the game balance seems ok, and that people are beating the game with just a handful of second remaining lol