Adventure pirate themed game. Gather babanas to sail further, make sure to have enough cannonballs... I MEAN gogonuts to stay safe while exploring the Uncharted Isles. To succeed in your quest a professional crew is required, but where did the waves scatter them? Keep in mind that primates together strong!


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  • Funny cat Lord

    I realized the production value of this game was off the charts the moment I saw that transition.

    My primary criticism would be that, since there is no real challange to treversing the islands, the slow movement speed of the monkey was just frustrating. It'd be also nice if the different gameplay modes had different tracks, as the soundtrack loop felt kind of samey after a while.

    Overall, I enjoyed this entry!



  • Fachewachewa

    The transition monkey is a close second though.

    I wasn't really sold at first, exploring the islands took forever, and the music didn't really fit ( isn't allowed in this jam btw, every asset needs to be created during the 48h). But as soon as I was gathering crewmate I was in. Honestly there's so much cool stuff there, and that's even before the ending which I wasn't expecting at all.
    But yeah my main issue is that islands are way too big / the character is too slow, so it can become a pain to explore. ALSO, I had a hard time finding the last two monkeys because two islands were already indicated as visited. Thankfully I always picked up fruits, so I could se what islands I've been to when visiting, but it made finding the last island less pleasant.

    Oh and that screen where you can see your crew with each new monkey is perfect!

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      Thanks for the detailed feedback!

      The bug with the island indicator is something I only caught after submitting and was a really dumb coding mistake on my part. Apologies for making it less intuitive than it already is haha.

      The fact that at least 1 person managed to play through the entire thing warms my heart though. Much was learned!

  • Seltzy

    I had a lot of fun with this game. It has very simple gameplay but a lot of charm. I wanted to see what all my monkey recruits would look like. I thought the monkey sounds were hilarious. One of the more memorable game I played this jam. Likely in my personal top 5.

  • Tydecon Games

    There was more than meets the eye with this one and my initial exploration left me a bit confused but as I progressed more I found more interesting things and I definitely enjoyed the experience and the random generation - great job and an interesting experience all around :)

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      Just watched the video of you playing the game. Lesson learned is that even with a theme like discovery having this little direction / explanation in a jam game is probably not a great move.

      Either way the feedback and kind words are appreciated!

  • Luke Peña

    Killed a sea serpent, found some crew. Good times. Music was really weird.

    I feel like some more sound effects would go a long way! There's always for when you need something in a pinch. Like seagulls, some ocean ambience, footsteps. Little things. + Audacity are your gamejam friends.

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      Sound and Music are definitely our weakest link. I'll admit they were only an afterthought in the last few hours.

      Thanks for the feedback and resources though we're going to force ourselves to pay way more attention to it next time!

  • q_q
    • Level 7

    7mos ago

    Funky music and good theme, enjoyed your take on it.


    • Didn't know how to get my crew, felt like the darker water is the edge of the map
    • Unsure if you could kill the sea-serpent but it felt like shooting it a couple of times made him go away but it just came back and killed me
    • Some items looked like you could pick them (e.g. sea shell, starfish)
    WHO AM I ?

    WHO AM I ?

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      Lmaoo I've been playing a lot of New World and also had the instict to pick up all the seashells and starfish. We just kept pushing back changing the art untill it was too late unfortunately.


    Very charming, yet impressively content-rich. I didn't really figure out the skull island. I thought I had to defeat all the dragons, but they seemed to disappear.

    I found it to to be a little bit on the longer side.

    The art is pretty consistent with the exception of the main character, which I think really would look good with some animation. The enviroments on the islands, on the other hand, looks really good.

    Music could be more varied. Since the game is quite long, I eventually had to turn it off.

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      We should have definitely done a better job at introducing the mechanics. The skull island can only be accessed after you rescue your entire crew.

      Thanks for the feedback and kind words it means a lot to us!

  • Junction Games

    Nice job! I thought it was pretty fun. I do wish that my character moved faster while on the islands, though.

  • ProfessorFunk

    An impressive amount packed into this little game. Exploring the islands and restocking was a great touch and the enemies were quite formidable. A fun game with a lot of charm.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    7mos ago

    I was dying of laughter when playing, good job! I found some incorrect/bad tileset in an island where the grass tiles dont blend well with the sand but it's not something big. Also I was kind of frustrated at the dragon, I thought the coconuts were supposed to kill or at least deflect the bullets, I'm not sure what their purpose are for anymore.

    • GoblinBoy

      7mos ago

      Thanks for the feedback it means a lot!

      The coconuts are actually supposed to be your main source of damage. I put in the monkey nut shooter last minute to make sure nobody get stuck but they do significantly less damage.

  • SwiggityCricket

    That was really cute. I loved discovering the different monkies and TT the talented vocalist. I wish there were more unique monkies to discover! Art was cute but a little rough, controls were ok but a little buggy near the edge of the room, I can see people getting frustrated when trying to find all the islands because they all kinda look the same and I wasn't sure if I had visited some or not. The spinning monkey transition was SO GOOD

  • Lorem Ipsum

    This is an amazing game! It really fits the theme of discovery.