You take control of a tank with the mission to destroy as many robot spheres as possible. Everything loops around the room and the bullets you shoot only go away if they hit the tank. The tank has 4 lives with no way to get more. Every bullet on the screen no matter what color can and will kill you. There is no end to the game. Play for as long as you can survive. This game is very difficult so don't be worried about losing. Once you get to level 6 all robots spawn in randomly, so you could consider level 6 to be the end of the game.

The upgrades and settings buttons on the title screen don't do anything. I wanted to add more to the game but ran out of time.

WASD - to movement
Arrow Keys - to shoot
Esc - pause
Enter/Space - button selection

Shooting a robot causes your bullet to change color based on the color of the robot you hit. Each color has its own effect.

Orange - causes bullets to have a slight tilt
Green - causes bullets to tilt towards the tank
Blue - causes bullets to ricochet in a random direction
Red - causes bullets to travel at insane speeds
Pink - causes bullets to bounce back at the tank

Highscores are saved between sessions. I'd love to see what everyone got to. Good luck!!!

At the time of writing this my best score is
Level 6
Targets 28
Time 44
Shots 28

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  • Junction Games

    this is really fun. One of the best side effects of the jam even though it's so simple. Great job.

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a really fun game with a great side effect - the game uses a brilliant cutesy pixel art style and goes from calm to cooky-crazy very quick, which I enjoyed :) I only made it to level 5 at my best but there's a decent enough variety in the gameplay to make you want to carry on and try for a higher score. It's nicely made and I had a lot of fun with this one :)

  • Marshall Berthold

    Really Great game. Music and visuals were perfect. The use of theme was creative and the effects were interesting. I had a lot of fun playing this one.

  • kris24

    Best I got to was level 5 and 24 targets, but I'm terrible at these types of games. Probably one of my favorite things is the tank tracks; it's a small detail but adds an incredible amount of polish. Good polish all around, actually, the sound, art, and design all work together quite well.

  • q_q
    • Level 7

    4mos ago


    • Really nice gameplay
    • Great idea / implementation
    • Good sounds and music


    • Bit unclear what the side effects do, either than chaging direction (even when getting hit, but might have been intended)

    Fun game, well done!



  • Brandon Flores

    This game was really fun! A good amount of polish for such a short period of time aswell. Fits the theme good.

    My strategy was to only shoot horizontally, to simplify the direction of oncoming bullets, but I soon found out that it wouldnt work. Of course, the orange bullets curve slightly, stopping my strategy from getting cheesy. A good edition.

    My best was level 5.

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Really challenging and fun game! I included it in my GM48 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • illdie
    • Level 12

    4mos ago

    This is a really great, simple concept executed well. I gave it a lot of attempts trying to get to level 6 but never made it, haha. I had fun trying different strategies though, like filling up the room with bullets beforehand in hopes that they would all happen to collide with the spheres when they spawned.

  • TheBookSnail

    I want those upgrades! Very hard and very good. I probably only got to level 4. I had fun trying to get the heat seeking missile things to try to hit the targets.



  • Emilot Margus

    You're essentially fighting against yourself, I love it! My first game ended VERY quickly because I quickly tested out the controls so I shot randomly all over the place. Good job!

  • Henry Haak

    Great game! It's a simple concept that was executed quite well, and you can really see how much polish went into it.

  • Yosi
    • Level 37

    4mos ago

    I'm not very good at these types of games so I only made it to Level 4 after a few tries, but the concept is interesting. It definitely fits the theme well!

    Synth Rail

    Synth Rail

  • byfv
    • Level 2

    4mos ago

    this is amazing. pretty difficult and replayable, would like to see some more unique fume types though

    Oil Pals

    Oil Pals

  • Marco Maureira

    I was really surprised by this, when someone tells me side effects the last thing i'd imagined is what tank effect does, really fun and challenging!

  • Forensic Squid

    I LOVED the concept of shooting and being punished for how many shots I fired. I think the contrast ratio of the main menu could be increased as it was hard to see the menu options.

    I wasn't quite sure at first what reward I got for shooting the bulb things. Maybe consider having stages or a time limit? Just some suggestions.

    This was one of my more favorite entries as I found it really fun to dodge my own bullets.

    • Ross Boman
      • Level 23
      • Artist

      4mos ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to make the text look like it was in the dirt and i sorta cheaped out on it. As for the stages there are levels. when you die you get a list of scores that you can improve on. Similar to an arcade game.

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    4mos ago

    Surprisingly addictive and clever! Brilliant use of theme, decent graphics, music and sfx matches style well.

    I beat your high score, couldn't get past 20 kills for a long time but then had a breakout run and got: Level 7 Targets 30 Time 103 Shots 31



    • Ross Boman
      • Level 23
      • Artist

      4mos ago

      Thank you and wow I've played a lot more and I still can't beat level 6. I'm glad someone was able to.

  • Wubs
    • Level 6

    4mos ago

    Really cool concept with the way shooting makes your game harder. Excellent job following the theme