If you survive for 90 seconds, you win!


  • Pulse Blaster - Weak starting weapon
  • Fast Blaster - Much better rate of fire
  • Laser Lance - Powerful but heats up quickly.

If your weapon overheats you will be unable to fire until it cools down, so keep an eye on the heat meter.


Pickups are dropped by enemies you kill. Collecting the pickups is essential to winning the game.

  • Player Ship - Extra Life
  • Green Orb - 5 hit points
  • Yellow Orb - New Weapon (random between Fast Blaster and Laser Lance)


  • BUG Picking up a new weapon fails to clear OVERHEAT status.
  • This game is so unevenly put together that I never came up with an actual name for it. There's some parts I'm a bit proud of, even if they prevented me from making a more complete game in some ways.
  • As you may have noticed, I didn't really get the theme incorporated. My jokey idea was to go very literal and have "side effects" i.e. visual effects on the sides, but I didn't manage to get there.


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  • Tero Hannula

    Nice little shooter :) I liked the graphics overall and sounds were nice.

  • voxeledphoton

    The music, sound fx and juice and graphics are all wonderful. The screen shake on the laser lance is a nice touch and I loved the rest of the names of the weapons too. Felt like it would have been rewarding to destroy the enemy bullets with the laser lance too. I managed to clear the sector and wanted more, could use some sfx when the player dies unless I just missed it. Would also be neat to see the weapon pickups not just be circles but I'm guessing it was a time issue. Great job on this I had a blast! :D



    • kris24

      3mos ago

      Thank you! Destroying the bullets was something I meant to do (along with the traditional "shoot the power-up to change it") but I just didn't get to that point before running out of time. I'm very slow at mostly everything game dev haha.

  • havik

    Feels like a solid start for a bullet-hell type game. I feel like the game would play better if the ships were more like a traditional bullet hell where they fire in patterns, rather than all firing at the player - as this makes it very overwhelming very fast (even with the responsive controls!)

    Different weapons were cool, art was pretty good, sound was fine.

    Sadly lack of theme, but you mentioned that.

    Good effort :D!

    • kris24

      3mos ago

      Thank you!

      My embarrassing secret is that I don't really know how to make pattern firing enemies. It was something I meant to finally learn this time...but I got so caught up in other aspects that I never re-visited enemies from my first implementation of them.

  • Tydecon Games

    A good bullet-hell space shooter, it needs some polish around the edges here and there but it's certainly a great start and I think it's a solid foundation if you continue to work on this post-jam - good entry, I enjoyed this one :)

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Good start! I included it in my GM48 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/mhNq7rNpmB8

  • Marshall Berthold

    The game looks and sounds nice. I think the enemy spawning was a little too chaotic near the end. The background was very impressive looking.

    • kris24

      4mos ago

      Thank you! Yeah, it gets pretty nuts during the end, and if you don't have the laser beam at that point it's very difficult.

  • Ross Boman

    The game was really easy. Not having to dodge and just look for life drops made it pretty dull. I like the art and sound though. I just feel like how the enemies spawned in or how much they shot could have been lowered along with the lives drop too. Then you'd have to actually pay attention while playing.

    • kris24

      4mos ago

      It's funny how you and Jaspo had the exact opposite feelings about the difficulty, ha. I'll be the first to admit that it's not balanced very well; I never got to actually implementing the enemy spawning system I wanted, since I ended up spending too much extra time on the sounds.

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    4mos ago

    Very difficult, which I suppose a certain type of gamer will like. Pretty much impossible once you lose your first ship though, since the starting gun is in no way viable against the amount of enemies on the screen at that point. Connection to side effect theme is unclear. Maybe the various powerups have side effects of various sorts but it was hard to tell. Graphics and music were decent but had a bit of a canned feel.



    • kris24

      4mos ago

      Yeah if you get stuck with the starting gun near the end it becomes extremely difficult. Very little time was spent on figuring out the balance :)