You play as Mr. Poop in this vertical platformer where the goal is to find and rescue your wife Mrs. Poop. The sewers, where she was taken, is filled with traps and critters placed by The Rat King to fend off strangers like you!


  • Movement - Left/Right arrow or A/D
  • Jump - Up arrow or W
  • Save - Down arrow or S (Only at flags)
  • Reset - R
  • Menu - Escape


Everything was done by Erik Wittmann / Allmoss

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  • Vojaz
    • Level 7

    5yrs ago

    Shit-ty game. In a good way. :) All works well. Backgroundmusic is a (tiny) bit too repetitive. Love the artstyle.

  • Scott Richards

    This was one of the few times I liked being poop! The art is super charming and fit well with the theme. Thank you for having checkpoints! This game had some of the best design of this jam, and I would know I played every single one. Well done!

  • Problematicar

    This game was great, art was pretty nice, the sound effects were good, while the music was a little monotonous.

    The gameplay, even though simple, still felt great, probably thanks to how much polished everything was, and thanks to the awesome level design.

    The story and platforming were the basic ones, jump to the end of the level to save the princess. But at least you managed to take this basic stuff and polish it to the point that it still doesn't feel repetitive.

    Oh and I can't stress enough how good the level design was, it's probably the best thing in the game, awesome job.

    Path Y

    Path Y

  • baku

    Very nice art! Gameplay was a little stiff, and the music got a little repetitive, but overall not a bad game!

    That being said, I really really dislike the death animation. Are you just decreasing the gamespeed to achieve the slowmo effect? It's very jarring. Look into delta_time, or manually make objects move slower once a death flag is set, instead.

  • Levi D. Smith

    I liked the look of this game. Having toilet paper as the enemy of a poop creature makes sense. I liked how the enemies can activate the switch traps. Sometimes I was wishing that I could jump a little bit higher, as I got stuck sometimes which required me to restart. I liked the story element at the beginning with the boss guy kidnapping the other poop creature, without breaking the overall flow of the game.

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    5yrs ago

    Cute little game. The graphics look really good and the menu and cutscenes are nice touches. The gameplay isn't too original but it's still fun. I like that the arrow launchers are activated by pressing buttons and how the level design takes advantage of that. The only real complaint is that the music is pretty repetitive.

  • King of Bananas

    A nice enjoyable polished turd! Loved rescuing my crappy girlfriend as much as I love making poop puns in this review!

  • BreadClip

    The art was great, and the gameplay wasn't too bad, although the music grated at my ears. After like 10 loops of a couple notes i had to turn off sound. I like the simple props like key/door, save flag, arrow shooter, etc, it gives it a nice modular feel.



  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    5yrs ago

    Very solid entry all around. A nice, coherent art style, a decent number of enemy types, and good level design (even if it is a short one). I like how the enemies and traps can interact with each other. The weakest part was the simple and repetitive music, but it was far from being detracting.
    Nice work!

  • Kwis
    • Level 67

    5yrs ago

    Funny little addition! Art is very cute and the theme is very coherent. The gameplay however feels slow... and a bit clunky at times. Also, the death animation feels weird. Short but cute!

  • Levi
    • Level 2

    5yrs ago

    Top 3 so far. I got to the end and apparently didn't have a key for the last door. So I played through it a second time and skipped one of the doors that just lead to an extra point. I did get stuck in a wall once. And it would have been better without the music. Far too short to be on repeat. Otherwise, I really liked it!

    • Allmoss

      Haha didn’t even think about saving a key for the last lock. You are suppose to defeat the boss to unlock the lock :D Thanks for the feedback!

  • Tero Hannula

    After I got past first rat - which chases after you - I got stuck inside the blocks after I got to the check point. I somehow managed to switch sides, although there should be no reason, as both sides are walled. As I got inside wall, the character raised couple of blocks and got stuck permanently. This game demanded maybe too precise jumping in some places, which caused deaths which I felt unfair. Maybe more forgiving collisions? Also death slow motion effect was not for me, just got annoyed from that. It is good that game had music and sound effects, but the music should have been little bit longer, or have slower pace. The graphics are cute pixel art, otherwise pretty avarage platform game.

    • Allmoss

      Oh sorry you got stuck. There are hidden paths through the walls but it doesn’t sound like that's the case here. Didn’t encounter the issue myself. The music is definitely something I need to work on, thanks for the feedback :)

  • Ajmal Rizni

    Congratulations on holding my attention for the longest time! I finished the game in 15 minutes (high score 210).

    I didn't realise I could double jump until like halfway through the game, I wish you would have taught me that at the beginning, it would have made the worms easier.

    Great art, the game feels very polished. I like that you gave it a whole sewer theme. The music was a tad repetitive but it didn't get too annoying. Very clever level design. The gameplay is a little simple, it could have used something to make it stand out from the generic platformer but it's also good that you kept it minimal.

    One of my favourite entries, great job!



    • Allmoss

      Great feedback! You get the double jump from the powerup you get half way through the game but yeah I could have made it more clear what it actually did. The music is always the hardest part for me but hopefully practice makes perfect.

      Thank you

  • SpaceMyFriend

    The art is super good! Cant go wrong with poop haha! Needs more fart sounds :) But overall i loved it!

  • misterslapdash

    Your art is fantastic, but the gameplay feels just a little slow. Slightly faster movement would make this play really well. Good work!