Thanks for your Sacrifice

  • Puzzle
  • Fachewachewa
  • 1 year ago
  • 33rd


The space station is exploding! Hurry and escape!

Use your machine to go back in time and create clone that will help you solve puzzles.

You might have to leave some of you clones behind though...

Playable with keyboard or controller.

Sounds made with BeepBox. (sorry)


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    1 year ago

    Very neat game! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Lucky Pixel
    Lucky Pixel Lucky Pixel 2
    1 year ago

    It must be tough doing level design with a rewind mechanic in it. I like the different objects you can interact within the levels. I agree that the rewind mechanic should be sped up. The character reminds me of the crash dummies from the car commercials.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Yes and no. Some puzzle are pretty simple to make, but then when I wanted the player to do a specific thing it was really hard, because with the clones you can't really force the player to do something in a specific order (because I wanted to make sure that after a certain point, players would understand a certain mechanic).

  • High five Machine
    High five Machine High five Machine 2
    1 year ago

    This was super fun. Pretty clever puzzles, simple but effective sound and music. The graphics are very "programmer art" but somehow added to the bleak, sterile feeling which totally fits with the alien theme (those are aliens, right?)

    I can't begin to imagine how you did the rewind mechanic. My hat's off to you.

    Really enjoyed playing this. High five!

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Haha thanks :D

      The rewind mechanic is not that hard actually. I shared the source file on (I shared the link in a previous reply) if you want to check it out.

      They're not really aliens, I was more thinking like evolved / degenerated humans. Well, I didn't put that much effort on art, but I still wanted to make them look humanoid but not really human. But the fact that it fits is more a happy accident than anything else :)

  • Tecna
    Tecna Tecna 10
    1 year ago

    I'm really intrigued by the concept presented in this game, I liked it a lot! Although I couldn't complete the third stage, I really appreciated the game a lot by its music, mechanic and ambience. Neat job!

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Thanks :)

      If you ever want to try it again, here's a hint (well, two as i'm not sure which is the 3rd level) : you can pick up or walk on a crate held by another clone

  • TheCalster
    TheCalster TheCalster 4
    1 year ago

    I thought that was quite fun! And impressive level design for the given time. The rewind effect was very cool! Perhaps the ability to restart only the current clone you're on instead of the entire set of clones would be useful, as I usually messed up with the 5th clone and had to redo everything - which was a bit annoying haha.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Thanks ! Yeah the last-clone restart often comes up... Def. something I would do differently now

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    1 year ago

    172 Clones died for me.

    Really fun game with a fully developed rewind mechanic that was executed beautifully, both in level design and controls. The lava beam at the end connected the main mechanic well with the theme.

    And while both sound and music are quite basic I still enjoyed them a lot.

    Best Level design I've seen in a while.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Wow thanks !

      That's a lot of dead clones, I hope it didn't take too long to finish this time :p

  • Baku
    Baku Baku 27
    1 year ago

    Clean mechanic that, while I'd say very similar has been seen before, was executed quite well!

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Yeah it's not the most original mechanic, but thanks ! :)

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    1 year ago

    This was fun! Nice rewinding mechanic :)

  • Tero Hannula
    Tero Hannula Tero Hannula 19
    1 year ago

    I liked the mechanics of the game, the rewinding was similiar to which I used in couple jams before with Half Heart Hero, which had basically same mechanic like Braid. You in another hand gave new twist for it, also giving it meaningful connection to sacrifice. Music fits the game, but art in another hand could have been little better. It is simple and clean though. You had made good puzzles there, enough levels to make player satisfied.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Thanks. Yeah I clearly didn't spend much time with graphics, it's all thing I put together quickly and never really went back to it. Even the wall of fire is just using a little flame I made while prototyping :D

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend 15
    1 year ago

    Nice job! I love the rewind mechanic! Music really fits the game. Good job!

  • siridakis
    siridakis siridakis 7
    1 year ago

    I really like the Braid mechanics (can I call it that way?). Always wanted to make a game using it, therefore I must ask: Can I take a look at the your project file? (pleeeease...?).

    Beggins apart, the concept is really cool and the rewind effect too! I just wished you could "reset" the clones, because I ended up messing up a lot and those dudes running around to the wrong places made me even more confuse haha.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Yep, I didn't find the option for sharing the source files here (I swear it exists but wel...) but you can download it from my page here

      I'm really bad at comenting though, so if you have any question don't hesitate to hit me in comments on itch or by mail or whatever. For the quick version, see my response to Kodiqi below.

  • Kodiqi
    Kodiqi Kodiqi 5
    1 year ago

    Did it take a lot of work to get the time mechanic functional within 48 hours? It works very well. I enjoyed the puzzles for the most part but I felt it was really missing the option to undo your most recent "clone's" action, as if you took a misstep on your 4th clone, it was very frustrating to have to redo the first three again from scratch when you had already got them right to begin with. Aside from that, this is a really well put together game for 48 hours. If you were to continue developing this, I would suggest adding some character to the clones, like them saying things to each other, to emphasize that you are sacrificing copies of yourself.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      Thanks for the feedback !

      You're right, being able to undo the last clone would have been helpful, I somehow didn't think of that and it would have been easy to do :/

      As for the time mechanic, it was surprisingly easy. For the rewind I record positions in a ds_stack, and for the clones I record the different inputs in a ds_queue, and copy it to the clones, and done :D I just have a bug that I wasn't able to solve, sometime it seems the input fail to record / be read, and a clone miss a step.

  • Moo
    Moo Moo 13
    1 year ago

    This is a nice little concept and it's done well. My only complaint is that sometimes the rewind animation can be a bit too long, I feel like it should be sped up after a certain point.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      It gets faster actually, but I made it proportionnal. The first 1/5 is always at speed 1, so yeah for 20 seconds that's 4 full seconds... this is definitely something I should have tweaked more yeah.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    1 year ago

    I've seen this mechanic of interacting with previous copies of yourself multiple times before, but it's still quite interesting. The way the clones record your inputs instead of their exact actions (e.g. they will jump when you pressed jump even if they originally were holding a box) is a neat take on it. The puzzles are all designed well too.

    The visuals and music are frankly pretty unappealing, though the wavy effect when you rewind is very cool. For the most part the graphics do the job at communicating how everything works, but I wish there was some visual distinction between you and your most recent clone - it can be hard to tell which one you are sometimes. All the other clones have a blue hue so I don't understand why the latest one looks the same.

    • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa 36

      The recent clone looked different on my screen, not really blue, but I coule have tweaked it a little more to make it more distinct that's true.


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