Super Sacrifice Square

Super Sacrifice Square

  • Rohbert
  • 2 years ago
  • 19th



This game was made for gm48 23. Uploaded to on Jul 16, 2017

Super Sacrifice Square is a puzzle platformer where you control a sacrificial square. He can jump and sacrifice himself at will. By placing your own dead bodies strategically across the level, future versions of yourself can navigate the level and move on. The game features moving platforms, corpse platforming, soul collecting and even has an action shooting section.

Controls: The game supports keyboard only

Move Left/Right - A/D

Jump - Space Bar

Sacrifice Self - E

Remove all corpses - R

Window Resize - Z

Fire Soul Sling - Shift

Restart Game - Backspace


Get to the end of each level by platforming and sacrificing yourself on altars and collecting souls. There are 10 levels, 1 boss.

Media: Dev Commentary

Credits: Graphics, Sounds and Music developed by Alejandro Robles


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