Starve Island

Starve Island

  • Rabugree
  • 2 years ago
  • 25th


Our five heroes are going to try to find food every day for the next 40 days. When they don't find enough food, you can selected the person you want to sacrifice to save food for the other one by clicking on him. He will lost life but the other one will regen their life by eating. You can sacrifice more person than needed if you want to spare food. They are random events that appears randomly. Sometimes it is helpfull, sometimes it is not, and sometimes it is just for fun.

The rescue team will arrived 40 days after the begining of the game. You have to keep at least one person alive.

I did the drawing, the coding and the music during these 48h. First game jam project, and my brain was going to explode at the end. :)

I wanted to add like 20 events and some quests for the survivors but... well 48h is quite short...

BUG : At the end, when you win, the name of survivors is not written :(

Thank you Tecna for this amazing fanart !

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