Trolls' Bowling Night

Trolls' Bowling Night

  • Tero Hannula
  • 2 years ago
  • 27th


Have you ever wondered how trolls have fun

Can't have fun without a little struggle. Make a little sacrifice for the team, so everyone can have fun :)

Take a tour to familiarize yourself with trolls' fun time, as it might be unusual for us. We - city dwellers - do not usually see forest trolls, and this is great chance to gain more information. This interactive documentary will tell a tale of Troll's natural behaviour. This takes on place on same world as previous jam game Troll's Bowel.

Use mouse to play this game. F4 - Fullscreen.

Game was not finished, and bowling does not work :( But game has more than half done, and will automatically continue rest of storytelling to the end, so player can hear the whole story. It may be little bit confusing though, as game will tell every situation, which could have happened depending players actions.

First screenshot
Second screenshot
Third screenshot
Fourth screenshot


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