Andoras Labyrinth

Andoras Labyrinth

  • Nightsjester
  • 2 years ago
  • 17th


I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE WINDOWS VERSION! HTML5 version is crashing on deaths.

The game is pretty straight forward. You have to direct the hero from the entry of the room to the exit all in one go. If he stops or is injured for any reason he is teleported all the way back to the start. The game is controlled purely with the mouse and I am not aware of any major bugs aside from some funky audio. There is only 15 levels but it kinda goes over some of the basic ideas I had for this. I am sure a much more creative level designer could do better than my sleep deprived self. Have fun. Alt text

Album with lots of screenshots from during dev

Web version behaves in a very... inconsistent manner typical of the html5 export. If you want to have a stable experience download the windows version. Otherwise just reload the game if it freezes in web export, the game automaticly saves if you clerared a prior level perfectly or not. Just use the level select menu to go back to where you were.


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