• NotPokio
  • 3 years ago
  • 3rd

Press alt+enter for fullscreen! Recommended so you don't lose the mouse.

Controls in absence of any kind of tutorial:

  • Left mouse to use the spear

  • Right mouse to throw it.


Hold left mouse to keep it stuck in a wall, press jump from here to gain height! WSAD / Arrow keys to move around Space/Ctrl/Shift to jump

Experiment and find stars!

Dev thoughts:

Only a tiny amount of the level design is any good, completely ran out of time in the midst of building the world! Some areas are just huge blanks so I just threw in random dirt blocks. No tutorial or menu either other than a few sneaky design tricks in the world and a couple of mechanics used once at most. But I'm really happy with the general idea and the basic implementation of everything! This was a ton of fun and really refreshing to work on. Shout outs to twitter, Inkedsplat and Rologfos for joining me half-way and bailing me out of Art + Sound, with way stronger stuff than I could have done alone.

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  • faxdoc
    faxdoc faxdoc Level 5

    amazing game. absolutely love the movement system.

  • Azlaan
    Azlaan Azlaan Level 1

    I love Your Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The graphics are so good! Please tell me how you make the sprites!!!!!! ......... There is a bug 🙁 : > Once I threw the spear on he spikes and I landed on the spear so the room black bars came down but I was able to move upright and wasn't dead and the camera wasn't working🙁.

  • NIS3R
    NIS3R NIS3R Level 1

    Fun little game and cool concept! :D

    just a few ideas:

    • I think it would really help to have "W" as jump maybe this makes it to easy?)
    • it would be nice if the R key took you back to the last checkpoint instead of restarting the game
    • maybe a sign post as a very basic tutorial and for the full screen option
  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Really nice game! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/xLRwFoQlSuM

  • Charlotte Woolley

    Absolutely loved it! The art style, the sound effects and music, those stars were so damn cute!

    Your use of the theme is brilliant, the controls are pretty tricky to get the hang of, and real sweat-inducing when you're edging your way up and around some of the ceiling areas, I couldn't manage the wall jumping on the stone but that might be because of my lack of pro-mouse skills whilst using the mouse on my sofa.

    You've made a genuinely fun game, I would play a full version of this!

    • ShaunJS ShaunJS
      Level 3

      \o/ Thanks!

      It's very tricky and the level design is pants. If I look into taking this further I'm likely to make it more of a 4-8 directional thing with less crazy room for error (and bugs).

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 63

    Got all stars and coins!

    Pretty cool visually, and fun to move through!

    Some parts were very tricky, but doable. From the level design, I assume you are supposed to be able to bounce of black walls? Cause I tried many times but never succeeded. One mandatory trick to handle was the spear bump on spikes, which is pretty tricky (notably because of how you have to be careful where your mouse is) A few bugs, found 3 so far:

    • Not a meaningful bug, but often when dying on spikes, you get the sound to repeat itself until you get revived.
    • I once was trying to climb up a wall and all of a sudden I had weird collision going on, then I got teleported at the bottom of the wall climb (wasn't able to reproduce it, so I don't know what causes it)
    • A funny bug I was sadly unable to reproduce. Once died on spikes and was still in the "death state" as in, the character was upside down and I could bounce a few times during that state. Eventually after about 5 jumps, the character accepted to die.
    • ShaunJS ShaunJS
      Level 3

      Yep! Painfully aware of those bugs haha.

      On the one you couldn't reproduce, most people experience the opposite where they stab downwards and fly UP a wall. The problem is the lance in "free" state being allowed to move into walls when following the player (due to being offset from the player) I've post-jam fixed this for another version by adding some basic "don't do that" to the spear.

      The spear always tries to jut out of the wall at the same distance (just the blade) so when the spear does this from inside the wall at the wrong angle (or right if you're doing it on purpose I guess!) it teleports to the edge away from where the spear is pointing. So when pointing down, teleports up and vice versa. The player then attempts to follow the spear so gets a ton of upward momentum rather than straight up teleporting as the spear does.

  • Alan
    Alan Alan Level 1
    Alt text

    Creepy face out of ten.

    The art was actually pretty good, though. I liked the star in particular. She does lose her arm Rayman-style when you hold the jab button in...

    I had difficulty figuring out how to get around the level with the spear. This was mostly because of not reading the description and not understanding how to "dig" into the walls or pogo on the spikes, but I enjoyed jumping off the spear.

    I liked the sound design! And you did a good job with this jam's theme. I kind of wish there was something for getting everything, but alas...forty-eight hours.

  • Jamblefoot
    Jamblefoot Jamblefoot Level 8

    The climbing is such a cool mechanic. It can be a bit finicky, but it's really neat and takes some skill, so it feels a bit more rewarding to get where you're headed. This is just all really nice and nicely put together. Awesome job!

  • Leites
    Leites Leites Level 1

    Sometime you get teleported to nearest ground and death often glitches and kill you twice? Dispite that this is a great game, with a awesome ideia, good controls and visual , I just don't really like the music.

  • Fachewachewa

    I would have liked to jump with up instead of ctrl, which I found a little wierd, so I used the WASD setup and then I pressed R by accident when I was at 10+ stars and now I'm sad because that resets the whole level :(

    Gameplay was a lot of fun, and the art and sound was also very good. There are some weird glitches and the level design isn't crazy, but the fact that it's an open level you can explore anyway you like with multiple path makes up for it.

  • Grace
    Grace Grace Level 18

    Make this a full game.

    My biggest issues were some sound issues at death. Maybe a skip for the star cutscene thing. 9/10 as a jam game, and it could pretty easily be a 10 if there weren't


    I got every coin and star and loved it. I found out that spamming the spear against a wall makes some glitchy results like teleporting.

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    Had fun with this one, but was frustrated at first because I didn't realize till I almost got everything that you can throw the spear so that it gets stuck on the ground and hop off of it (my fault for not reading the description first, haha). On the other hand, my tools being limited meant I found a lot bugs/features like you can actually bounce up the metal walls by striking straight downwards, and you can go all the way to a top of a wall instantly if you strike exactly downwards.

    Controls-wise, I want to let go of the mouse button and then press jump to jump, but that just makes me fall, even after getting to the end I still didn't quite get used to that, but it's still fun to scale walls. Bouncing also feels pretty hard because movement is a bit buggy afterwards.

    The level design wasn't as terrible as you make it out to be (though it could be better). The art is pretty good, and the music and sounds are catchy, so nice work on those!

    All in all, great job! One of the best entries for sure! =)

    • ShaunJS ShaunJS
      Level 3

      There are a lot of bugs but you are supposed to be able to bounce up metal walls! At least when they're in two opposed columns, wall-jump style. =)

  • akhilnivarthi

    First of all pretty good game. And thanks a lot for the game maker tutorial videos. 4 years I started learning game maker by watching your videos. Thank you for that.

    Loved the idea that I can use the spear in multiple ways, just for an example I played the starting (which is your gif) by throwing the spear into the wall and jumping on it. I liked the part where I can solve the problem in multiple ways. This kind of remembers me Don't Starve, where there are multiple ways to solve a problem (catching a rabbit). It is just my personal feeling, wall jumping feels kind of weird and hard to control for me. All the best!!!

    Totally self promotion for my game. Sorry :P Gravity Shooter: https://gm48.net/g/780 This is my game, go give it a try. I want to know how people are feeling about these kind of different mechanic where you use the gun recoil to move around and shoot enemies at.

  • Logan Spencer

    Shaun, you have to make a game out of this. The spear stuff is so satisfying. Maybe the normal wall climbing could use some work as far as controls, but when i jumped on the spear for a super high jump and the thing twirled back into my hands I felt more like a bad ass than i ever have playing a platformer. No lie.

    Seriously its really satisfying, good job.

  • cileth
    cileth cileth Level 2

    I played through the whole game and got every coin/star, the game is fun! I enjoyed the various mechanics, was a good mix of uses.

    Noticed some bugs with the sound as others have mentioned, didn't run into any other bugs outside of that. I did notice that the F1 key halved the game speed(debug tool I'm sure). I managed to figure out the mechanics pretty smoothly, some more obvious than others for sure. Tutorial text for some of the mechanics would be helpful though.

    Overall a fun experience!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 37

    Basic use of the theme, but done really well.

    The game is incredibly polished, there are some weird collisions and the death sound plays every frame, but I still consider it stable. Art and sounds are also pretty good, even though the best part of the game the gameplay without a doubt, there are tons of mechanics, all implemented really well. The level design is more of a mixed bag but I liked it overall.

    It was a really fun experience, I'm impressed of how many things you can do with a spear without even using it as a weapon.

    • ShaunJS ShaunJS
      Level 3

      Thanks! "Mixed bag" is very generous. The poor world only got an hours work and really needed so much more.

  • Slyddar
    Slyddar Slyddar Level 4

    Hands up who got a Switch recently and has been playing way too much Odyssey? Busted Mr Spalding!

    This game is a winner. I got all the stars and almost all the coins. That spear is definitely magical, throughout the game you just keep finding new things it can do. Coding is top notch as always and the addition of a team who can now make Shaun's games look and sound great are a real boost.

    Even though there is no menu, or tutorial, it's all about the gameplay, and that's in there in spades.

    My prediction as the winner this jam. Awesome entry, hope to see more from these guys in the future :)

    • ShaunJS ShaunJS
      Level 3

      Any similarities are purely coincidental with my recent Mario Odyssey binge-through. Honest.

      What can I say though, I wanted to do something simple and fairly proven! It was super refreshing not trying to do something "Too clever". I always seem to do better in jams when I dumb it down for myself a little.


  • Barret
    Barret Barret Level 2

    so I got 13 stars without evening realizing there was a left click functionality lol. I was definitely playing the game on hard mode. Really fun and something about collect-a-thon games that drive me to try and get everything.

  • Katy Hacking
    Katy Hacking Katy Hacking Level 3

    10/10. Got all the stars and coins. Wonderfully fun to play and great use of the theme. Would definitely play more of it if there was more :)

Only a tiny amount of the level design is any good, completely ran out of time in the midst of building the world! Some areas are just huge blanks so I just threw in random dirt blocks. No tutorial or menu either other than a few sneaky design tricks in the world and a couple of mechanics used once at most. But I'm really happy with the general idea and the basic implementation of everything! This was a ton of fun and really refreshing to work on. Shout outs to twitter, Inkedsplat and Rologfos for joining me half-way and bailing me out of Art + Sound, with way stronger stuff than I could have done alone.

I'm definitely going to post-jam this even if just for some QOL features like a proper tutorial and gameworld haha. And a volume menu etc.

Result 3rd