The Breakout

The Breakout

  • Veralos
  • 1 year ago
  • 8th


Note: The game may take a long time to start after clicking on the exe. This started happening for some reason during development and I didn't have time to investigate.


You and the rest of your kin have been captured and imprisoned by some mean goblins. Luckily the goblins didn't realize that trying to keep you locked down with a ball and chain was a bad idea. Swing the ball around as a weapon to smash prison bars and fight guards, but be careful: It's just as capable of hurting you as it is your enemies.


  • Move: Directional keys
  • Hold ball in place temporarily: A (or Q for those AZERTY users)
  • Restart Level: R
  • Fullscreen: Alt + Enter
  • Quit: Alt + F4


The ball will only do damage once it's moving at a decent speed. Running in circles can help to start (and keep) the ball spinning around you. You can also hold the ball in place (press A) then run away from it to give it a boost in speed when it's released. Just make sure to move out of the way once it's released so it doesn't hit you.


  • Made by Veralos
  • Made with GameMaker: Studio
  • Sound effects made with Bfxr
  • Music made with Beepbox


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