Conquest Command

Conquest Command

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As the dragon, Seiyrus army gets more power over Chanu, the peoples rights gets lower and their currency smaller. You play as the young ninja, Miyo. Your only property is your great grandfathers shuriken and a black set of clothes. You are determined to stop Seiryu once for all. Be careful as you enter the temple of Seiryu!

Aim with the mouse and left click to throw your shuriken. Shoot the enemies and you may get an extra life. To shoot again, you need to catch the shuriken while spinning. If the shuriken touches you when you are not spinning, you take damage.


A/D - move

W - jump

LMB - shoot

Spacebar - spin

R - restart

F4 - toggle fullscreen

Known bugs:

The final boss is, well, you will notice. It's obviously not meant to be like that. (Just pretend you completed the game if you get there)

if you exit a room without your shuriken, it will be gone forever. If that happens we recommend you to restart the level.

Room transitions can get glitchy in many different ways. But that is just a visual glitch.


Programming - Ivar

Art - Knutone

Level design - Ivar and Knutone

Animations - Natan Söderström

Music and SFX - Tätofågel


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Result 12th