• Ruuno
  • 1 year ago
  • 39th


Movement: W - Up A - Left S - Down D - Right

R - Restart game Esc - Exit game

GOAL: Reach STAGE 4 and then charge to the boss/big enemy (bottom left of map) EDIT: It seems wall collisions did mostly not make it in. You should navigate as though they exist..

Hope is about perseverance and strength, willingness and patience. You take the role of a being that wants to help his kind and protect them against the ever increasing enemies. Gather hope become stronger and eliminate your fears.

  • Beginning of Stage 2

PS: I joined the gm48 ( finally) for the first time and did not judge my already limited time well. Because of this there are no sfx or music at all which would give the game its needed atmosphere and feel i was shooting for.

I hope you will still enjoy the short experience : )


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