• Adventure
  • Ruuno
  • 1 year ago
  • 39th


Movement: W - Up A - Left S - Down D - Right

R - Restart game Esc - Exit game

GOAL: Reach STAGE 4 and then charge to the boss/big enemy (bottom left of map) EDIT: It seems wall collisions did mostly not make it in. You should navigate as though they exist..

Hope is about perseverance and strength, willingness and patience. You take the role of a being that wants to help his kind and protect them against the ever increasing enemies. Gather hope become stronger and eliminate your fears.


  • Beginning of Stage 2

PS: I joined the gm48 ( finally) for the first time and did not judge my already limited time well. Because of this there are no sfx or music at all which would give the game its needed atmosphere and feel i was shooting for.

I hope you will still enjoy the short experience : )


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    9 months ago

    Interesting game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/po4FqYmf9EQ

    • Ruuno Ruuno
      Ruuno 4 Developer

      As always - very nice post-jam videos . Thanks : )

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    11 months ago

    Really cool idea, you didn't implement it that well though, the "combat" isn't really explained to the player, and it ends up being a little frustrating near the end, but i still liked the gameplay and there was a nice sense of progress as i kept playing.

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 34
    11 months ago

    Interesting game. I really liked the idea and concept, and I can forgive the collision only half working.
    The "combat" and the barely readable text made it really confusing though. And the different stages are kinda hard to identify.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    11 months ago

    Pretty cool game, though even after finishing it I still don't understand exactly what I was doing. The mechanics could probably be made a bit more clear. I was mainly unsure about what caused me to hurt an enemy instead of an enemy to hurt me. It was still fun building up my base and going for the final attack at the end.

    The graphics are cool - the game has a quite distinct style that fits together well. I particularly like how the health for each unit is represented straight on it. Sound would be nice but sometimes these things get left out with the limited time available.

  • AceOfSpad3s
    AceOfSpad3s AceOfSpad3s 3
    11 months ago

    I really liked the concept, although the game has some problems, which is understandable given that, if I understood correctly, this is your first game jam. The swarm reminded me protoss carriers of Starcraft, I would have liked it could eliminate enemies without the needing of press enter.

    • Ruuno Ruuno
      Ruuno 4 Developer

      Hey AceOfSpad3s! Its interesting to hear your swarm analogy because i was trying to create some kind of chaotic swarm/hive effect at the last evolution stage which seems to have worked. Thanks for playing Hope and your feedback.


  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 40
    11 months ago

    This game is very interesting. I like how you build up a.. swarm and

    SPOILER ALERT end up destroying the body you were in.

    I feel like this could make for a good game and this is a nice plot twist. I would have wished that it wasn't the "treatment" though. It feels more plot twisty if you were the bad guy all along.

    That said, the game has several issues:

    • It's very confusing. Figuring out how you do stuff is weird. Like, sometimes I kill enemies, sometimes they do. I wish there was a reliable way to tell if we were gonna win or not, cause it felt confusing up 'til the end. I see in the comments that apparently, you take damage based on luck and have no power over it? I'm not fond of that (despite my game working that way too, though i let the player try to get the right effect)
    • The text is all over the place and it's very hard to read instructions.
    • Kinda wished the visuals were a bit more... elaborated
    • Ruuno Ruuno
      Ruuno 4 Developer

      hey Kwisarts! I agree on basically all your points and looking back i could have done alot better. As others have mentioned this is my first game jam and i also did it in a shorter time but i learned a lot from it ! : ) Most of the text / tutorial stuff was bad because it was done last minute .... I dont know if its worth going back to Hope and properly polish it with sounds , music etc. or leave it as is to have my first bad game out there : p Thanks for playing !


  • Nathanael
    Nathanael Nathanael 3
    11 months ago

    Spoiler Warning:

    Ok so was I the virus and by mutating so fast I killed the host?

    • Ruuno Ruuno
      Ruuno 4 Developer

      Hey Nathanael, First of all thank you for playing Hope : ) Secondly: It can actually be interpret in different ways. You could be a virus thats killing the host with his treatment defense . Or you could be the experimental treatment to sickness..which works at first but then goes and kills the patient.. I kind of like to leave it semi open even though the last screen message weighs it the other way( i had no time left). For both situations you are helping your kind but hurting the host/patient which is my approach to the theme.


  • DifferentName
    DifferentName DifferentName 2
    1 year ago

    I like the idea of building up a swarm, and would have liked to take over more of the spawning places, to get the feeling of swarming over the whole map. I'm not really sure I understand the gameplay though. I think I beat it, but never really knew what made me win or lose a fight. I just moved onto enemies and either they died or I did.

    • Ruuno Ruuno
      Ruuno 4 Developer

      Hey DifferentName! First of all thank you for trying out my unfinished game : ) I agree that i should have tried to explain more but i wanted it to be sort of an experience where you try out and learn. How it works though : On collision your stage = enemy stage ( 50:50 who takes 1hp of damage) your stage > enemy stage ( enemy takes damage) and vice versa

      And you beat the game when you get to the lower left area of the map where an event happens there is an end screen with some text...which also makes you realize that you are helpful to your people but harmful to something else.

      Looking back i wish i did not upload this because it is so unfinished and was created in a small timeframe but i wanted to finally participate in one of these and not cop out ^^ So even if broken i have some wonky game to look back to and judge my progress . Thank you for your feedback and good luck with your game !



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