Tic Toc Timer

Tic Toc Timer

  • Grey M.
  • 1 year ago
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This version is the GM48 Version, which includes none of the sound effects previously included. I consider this version to be inferior, and have made an itch.io version with the original sounds included. Please, play that one unless you are reviewing the jam version. Link here:



Enter - Enter Time

Numbers - Input Numbers


Tic Toc Timer is a game based around guessing times. Analog times. Guess the wall clock's time quickly to rack up points. Get as much as you can before time runs out!

If you are having trouble getting a good score, see here: https://www.wikihow.com/Read-a-Clock

Known Bugs

The 8 key can't be pressed. Yea. Sorry if it gets 8:00, just skip it. (fixed in itchio version)


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My thought process when making this game resulted in a lot of the greatest and worst parts of this game. My team that I lazily tried to get together inevitably fell apart, and I was left to do a whole game alone.

I gave myself the challenge of: "What is the most polished game that I can produce within this time limit"? I'm always a sucker for polish and flavor, and to me, I was fine with releasing a lesser game so long as it spared no expense to try and get the best polish possible for myself to accomplish.

This thought process led to two things.

  1. This is probably my most polished game, period. The audio is a bit lackluster due to me not understanding the rules prior to entering, but I can say I made really good use of the tools available.

  2. The gameplay, at its most, is basic. I didn't realize it at first but honestly the concept is pretty lame, and not much is actually done with it. I would love to give the excuse "This is only a jam version, it'll be updated with more depth soon!" However, this project uses Marketplace assets and is therefore unable to be updated further beyond the bug fix I applied. The issue is that I used the temporary GM48 license. I think its a bummer that project files made during the GM48 license cannot be carried on with after the license "expires" but I guess its another shallow business method to convince me to buy a 100 dollar software.

This game was a solid learning experience. I'm not sure if my decision for this jam was "the right choice" as its ultimately about what I and the users that play my games value. I'm not sure that this little project of mine would get any attention if it wasn't for it's polish. Maybe with a larger team next round I can give a game more content, and keep the polish. Who knows.

Result 55th