Bomb it!

Bomb it!

  • Jose
  • 11 months ago
  • 36th


Bomb puzzle game where you have to make the bomb reach the flag before it explodes. Don't worry we got bombs for dayz :D.

Move with WASD and arrow keys. E to explode. R to restart level.

PS: Every level can be done.


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Hello internet :D

I just made a puzzle game called Bomb it! for the GM48#27 game jam.

First time using GameMaker, I usually make games in Unity but I just wanted to challenge myself with something different.

When I saw the theme I had a creative block, couldn't think on something original that fits the theme, so I just followed the advice of every self help guru... "just do it" (I like memes)

I wanted to make something easy so I just started working on platformer game following this video, and then made a timer like this one.

After a couple minutes of playing with what I had, the idea came, eureka!, lets blow up stuff!.

First day progress
What when right
  • Basic platform movement done quickly.
  • Love the idea.
  • Having everything be affected by gravity and not go crazy.
  • Found a new tool for animating 2D sprites (the sprite/animation tool is great).
  • Levels were designed, implemented and tested in 30min.
What when wrong
  • Lack of experience made me lose time on simple stuff like rendering a sprite on top of another and controlling sprite animations.
  • Sound/Music not my forte.
  • Missing tile art.
  • Only 5 levels.
  • Needs more juice.

I learned a lot from this experience, and I really like this game idea so I decided to keep on development regardless of the game jam results.

I must say GameMaker is a great program (I love the mask ui for collision detection), it really does makes it easy to develop something in 2D.

Now I should go and play the games of the other participants. They must have more experience that me, so I'm looking forward to play their creations!.

My newly created devblog

Result 36th