Bomb it!

  • Puzzle
  • Jose
  • 9 months ago
  • 36th


Bomb puzzle game where you have to make the bomb reach the flag before it explodes. Don't worry we got bombs for dayz :D.

Move with WASD and arrow keys. E to explode. R to restart level.

PS: Every level can be done.


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 40
    8 months ago

    I like how death allows to change the level layout manually! Kind of a bit tedious at times cause you gotta do the same jumps over and over again. Also, the level in the thumbnail was a bit annoying cause your best way to finish it is to time your explosion under the flag.

    Aside, that, cute and fun! Too bad it lacks music.

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      I should have added a bomb limit per level but I had to prioritize other stuff. The thumbnail level is imposible to do following the expected path (wanted to have a think outside the box level, that was the best I could come up). Thanks for playing!

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 34
    8 months ago

    Oh no! That's way too short :'(

    The idea was really interesting, I would have loved to see more of it, it seems you barely scratched the surface!

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      I agree, had a lot of ideas but couldn't do it on time.

  • Fin_Nolimit
    Fin_Nolimit Fin_Nolimit 5
    8 months ago

    YES!!! I beat it! Absolute clever idea using death as a way to change the puzzle and allow you to beat the level. Excellent job. The truth is, I would not have been able to beat the level where the flag is right above you until I read the feedback from other players. lol The E is for Everything! :) Thanks for making this gem. :)

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      I had my doubts on making the level like that, but seeing how people feel after figuring it out makes me happy.

      Thanks for playing!

  • QuibbleCoatl
    QuibbleCoatl QuibbleCoatl 10
    8 months ago

    Fantastic use of the theme, changing the level while exploding is a good idea. With more polish on the levels and mechanics this could really be great. Good job on the game.

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thank you, and I agree I need a more polished version, I love the prototype.

  • Ellian
    Ellian Ellian 3
    8 months ago

    Wow this is actually very smart! Great idea, I'd love to see it polished more. Fantastic use of the theme, and solid programming!

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thanks, I'm curently working on expanding and polishing it, updates comming soon!

  • Baku
    Baku Baku 26
    8 months ago

    Very clever idea! At first I hadn't seen that you could press E to instantly explode, so I tried to beat the game without it. That was a good challenge. As soon as I learned about pressing E it felt like a cheat lol

    Especially the stage where the flags is right above you, just jump and press E 😄

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Sometimes cheating is the only way to progress :)

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    8 months ago

    Clever platformer! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thank you for making a video, I'll check it out

  • Ivar
    Ivar Ivar 16
    8 months ago

    Interesting concept and fun levels! It's a very good fit for the theme. I like that you can break down the level as much as you want as long as you get to the flag in the end. The physics of the player and all other object works very well. Though it would be nice to have a button that makes you blow up instantly. Art, Sound (Some music) and length could also be improved.

    Tip to future players:

    If you are stuck in the level that is shown in the icon (Probably the one that var MP; thought was too hard), you can jump in the beginning to make the goal drop down on you. It makes the level easier.

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thank you for playing :), there's a button to manually explode (E key).

      Nice tip!, adding to it: thats the only way to complete the level.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    8 months ago

    The idea is pretty clever and is executed well too. Blowing yourself up to change the level leads to some interesting puzzles. The graphics and audio are minimal but effective.

    I wish there were more levels or mechanics or something though. It would also be nice to have an idea of the exact size of the explosion so it's easier to know when/where to explode.

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thank you, I'm working on expanding so more levels coming!

      About the size of the explosion its always a 3x3 "radius", I tried adding an overlay circle around the bomb but it looks kinda ugly..., rather leave as it is.

  • var MP;
    var MP; var MP; 3
    9 months ago

    Loved the concept of dying to progress in the game. It was really clever.

    I got frustrated way too early, though, as I think the concept wasn't that explored and the difficulty curve went from zero to a thousand very fast!

    Develop it! It has great potential as a puzzle type of game, where you die to solve it!

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      Thank you.

      I didn't want to make it too easy because it only has 5 levels it would have been boring that way.

      And yes I'm planning to develop this further, wish me luck :D

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K 9
    9 months ago

    Cool idea! I wish there were more levels :) Maybe adding in a death counter or a total time taken would incentivise players to try and complete it as quickly or safely as possible?

    • Jose Jose
      Jose 2 Developer

      I thought about the death counter, I will put it in later realeases :D


Hello internet :D

I just made a puzzle game called Bomb it! for the GM48#27 game jam.

First time using GameMaker, I usually make games in Unity but I just wanted to challenge myself with something different.

When I saw the theme I had a creative block, couldn't think on something original that fits the theme, so I just followed the advice of every self help guru... "just do it" (I like memes)

I wanted to make something easy so I just started working on platformer game following this video, and then made a timer like this one.

After a couple minutes of playing with what I had, the idea came, eureka!, lets blow up stuff!.

![First day progress]( "First day progress")

What when right
  • Basic platform movement done quickly.
  • Love the idea.
  • Having everything be affected by gravity and not go crazy.
  • Found a new tool for animating 2D sprites (the sprite/animation tool is great).
  • Levels were designed, implemented and tested in 30min.
What when wrong
  • Lack of experience made me lose time on simple stuff like rendering a sprite on top of another and controlling sprite animations.
  • Sound/Music not my forte.
  • Missing tile art.
  • Only 5 levels.
  • Needs more juice.

I learned a lot from this experience, and I really like this game idea so I decided to keep on development regardless of the game jam results.

I must say GameMaker is a great program (I love the mask ui for collision detection), it really does makes it easy to develop something in 2D.

Now I should go and play the games of the other participants. They must have more experience that me, so I'm looking forward to play their creations!.

My newly created devblog

Result 36th