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In the beginning, the player is greeted with a demonic voice. Then, the player then goes through a sacred place filled with evil. The main objective is to perform a ritual to get out. Scattered across the rooms are clues to help you find the items you need and their whereabouts. Carefully read each clue and think of a location you've visited within this place. Fail to complete the ritual in time, well that's for you to discover.

This is my first game jam. The only bug I'm aware of is if you're inventory is full, and you pick up more items, they will be destroyed. And if you accidentally destroy the important items, you might not be able to finish the game. Please be sure to have space in your inventory when you pick up items.

Credit for the dynamic shadows/lighting system goes to Buff. It's a free asset on the store.

SPOILER: How to win the game: At first I thought I made the level a bit too easy. Anyway, to escape you will need to gather 4 paintings: red rose, yellow sun, blue waterfall, green fields. These paintings can be found(no particular order) at:

  • the end of the maze(south west).
  • behind the far right column in the big room with a rotating light(south east).
  • behind the door(hall of doors) that the blood trail leads to(east)
  • last room in the 4 rooms above your spawn point(north).

Now that you have collected all 4 paintings, you will need to drop them in each of the 4 rooms above your spawn point and close the door. You need drop the painting in the room corresponding to the light in the main room. So: red = upper left, blue = upper right, yellow = bottom left, green = bottom right.


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