Even after participating 12 times, we never learn to make our games beatable.




Moon Mission

Navigate through a vast and mysterious solar system.

Falling Apart

Laser Legends

Destroy your enemy piece by piece without falling apart yourself.

Two Sides

Keep Killing

Giant insects are invading the city! Defend it and attack it at the same time.

Small World

Just Junk!

Build and develop a world entirely made out of junk


Insect Invasion

Collect bugs in a randomly generated world.

Climb the Tower

Haunted Heights

A tight, ambient platformer where you climb to the top of a haunted tower!

A Loop

Giga Gap

Defeat your enemies by cutting them out from the battlefield.

Colors are Important

Fancy Fortress

A tower defense game where you draw your own defense!


Eternal Exploration

You and your companion are about to explore an randomly-generated maze filled with enemies.


Deadline Disaster

A normal puzzle platformer except you only got 10 seconds to complete each level before the rocket launches.

Helpful But Harmful

Conquest Command

Throw shurikens at enemies but don't hit yourself!

One Tool, Many Uses


Escape a lab using only a plasma gun. Use it to defeat enemies, move floors, roll basketballs, open doors , toggle switches. etc

One Shot

Archies Arrow

A boy called Archie escaped from a monster invasion and found a magical arrow in the woods. He sets out on an adventure to defeat the monster king. But he only has one arrow so don't lose it.