What is the gm(48)?

The gm(48) is a quarterly community event centered around a competition, in which game developers, by themselves solo or in teams, must develop a game in GameMaker Studio 2 in 48 hours.

These competitions are commonly referred to as game jams. Once the games have been submitted, everyone will play, rate and critique the submissions for two weeks, the ratings from which the top three games will receive licenses to GameMaker Studio 2 as prizes.

The game jam is open to GameMaker Studio 2 developers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Beginner or expert, young or old, artist or programmer, all are welcome in the gm(48) game jam community.

In a limited sense, yes.

You are permitted to start pre-production, which we consider to be brainstorming, storyboarding, game design document, etc, of your game before the game jam starts. You can't start production of any assets or do any coding. Even art sketches can be considered cheating.

You participate by creating a game from scratch in the 48 hours from when the game jam starts to when it ends.

Before the deadline is reached, you must submit your game to the website. You'll need an account on the website in order to do that.

You don't have to register or sign up before the game jam starts.

Check out our Quick Guide for more information.

No, but...

There are exemptions to this. Rule #4 covers all the details.

→ gm48.net/rules

No, but many developers use the GameMaker project files to learn from, so we encourage you to upload your project, however "gross" it might be. Let's be honest, everyone's project is spaghetti code after 48 hours.

As thanks for giving back to the community, you'll get an achievement for uploading your project to your entry.

The score is calculated using the Bayesian average method. This means that a game with one 100% rating can't score higher than a game with five 80% ratings. In other words, the number of ratings a game has received plays a role in calculating the score. That's why the averages in the rating categories doesn't match up with the final score.

Yes, you fully own the rights to your game. We reserve the right to use your game for promotional purposes. We can't steal or sell your game. → Terms and Conditions

Submit your post-jam game to GX Corner (GXC). GXC is a collaboration between YoYo Games and Opera to bring together a brand new platform for Opera GX users to play, share and discover games made by independent GameMaker developers, such as yourself. → Learn more

Hear it from participants

With over 2000 participants to date, the gm(48) game jam has for years been instrumental in enabling developers to become better at game design, game development and GameMaker Studio 2.


Had lots of fun creating pigmancer. First time creating a game with game maker. Will try to join in on the next GM48 also.


GM48 was my first Game Jam. It was a really awesome first experience. The Game Jam is really neat with nice theme. Will sure participate to the next GM48!

This project was a lot of fun. I streamed a good majority of my development and had a lot of fun doing so. The drive and push it gives you to make a full, complete project is very valuable.


I usually join Ludum Dare and other local jams, but I believe that GM48 are the ones I enjoy most.

It's a way to see what someone can do in just 48 hours with Game Maker, and the source code is usually available to mess with and to learn about.


I had a perfect version at 7:00. Deadline gets extended 15 mins so I try to add one little thing to it. Fatal error on my submitted project with no way to fix one simple mistake that completely ruins an entire 48-hour slugfest BY MYSELF.

Probably won't be attending another.

Nick Ver Voort

I had a great time participating in gm(48) number 30. I was lucky and everything just seemed to gel. This is my first successful game jam with Game Maker so I was happy it went well!


I've had a lot of fun making a game for this jam. Making a game in 48 hours isn't as hard as it sounds but it's definitely really tiring. Well, at least I'm kind of satisfied with my result!

Pelican Police

If you want a quick break from your main project, and a dopamine hit from receiving waves of feedback from a passionate community, then the GM48 jam is for you!

Loved the jam. Teaming up and making something great in 48 hours (with some sleep) was a great experience. If you make stuff in Game Maker, this is the jam for you.


Doing everything for this game was a fun experience. It definitely took a lot out of me towards the end, especially being my first real time in coding in awhile. Definitely was an amazing learning experience and a fun little game was made!

Josh K.

I always have fun in this game jam. Every time I participate I have an amazing time and always push myself to learn something new. The feedback is always super useful, and to any new comers to game development I recommend this game jam!

WangleLine 🌸

This is the best GameDev related event I have ever had the honor to participate in. I had a blast working on the games and it's an experience no one should miss :D

Participate and level up your GameMaker skills

Receive constructive criticism and insights into how others perceive and play your games.

Become better at game design, game development and GameMaker Studio 2 by participating in our GameMaker community game jam.

Join the best GameMaker game jam Community

The gm(48) game jam is full of passionate, skillful and constructive developers, who would love nothing more than to share their experiences and feedback with you.

Share your games with other like-minded GameMaker Studio 2 developers, see and learn how they make their games, and become better developers together.

GameMaker Studio 2 Integrations

Games are better played together. Add social interactions to your game with these easy-to-install GameMaker scripts and watch how players compete, speedrun and interact with rest of the community.

gm48.net OAuth2 for GameMaker Studio 2
Add gm48.net account sign-in functionality to your game and recognize the player from other players.
gm48.net Leaderboards for GameMaker Studio 2
Add online leaderboards to your game, have your players submit their scores and display it all on gm48.net via your game's page.
gm48.net Achievements for GameMaker Studio 2
Add your own custom achievements to your game entry, have the players earn them and proudly display them on their gm48.net profile.
In development
gm48.net Multiplayer for GameMaker Studio 2
Add online functionality to your game entry with dedicated server, user login and in-game chat using this easy-to-use library of scripts.

What would you develop?

It's never too late to get started with GameMaker Studio 2. Your next game could be one of these, so why not book a weekend for the game jam and see what you would create from scratch.

Use the game jam as a way to spark an idea from nothing to a playable prototype. Many developers use game jams to let loose their creativity and design crazy fun games.

One Shot


Take flight as a blind, smitten recluse! Use your bird friends to map out the obstacles, then draw a path that steers clears of them, all while trying to find true love!

One Shot

Party Maniac

Throw an insane party with your gun in this top-down shooter!

One Shot

The Purrfect Opportunity

Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to fuss everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it or just let it slip?

Why Game Jams

Game jams are community events about making games set around a given theme within a time limit. By way of these constraints, your creativity and skill will be laser-focused on creating a game from nothing to something playable, and you gaining a ton of experience with your tools and constructive critcism from your fellow developers.

Don't get discouraged! Game jams can seem intimidating, and if they do, that's a good thing. That intimation will force you to work harder at becoming better. Watch this video by Shaun Spalding for tips on how to survive your first game jam. By the way, Shaun's game PokeyPoke was originally submitted to the 25th gm(48).

Why GameMaker Studio 2

Making games development accessible to everyone means taking away the barriers to getting started. GameMaker has everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game.

Using the intuitive 'Drag and Drop' development environment you can have your game up and running in a matter of minutes without ever having to write any code! GameMaker's built-in language (GML) helps you learn to program as you go and not jump in at the deep end of coding.

GameMaker Studio 2 is simply perfect for game jams.

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