The year is 2057. The Earth is a hollow shell of its former days. The fall of the planet was due to a scientists dream of quicker transportation in the year 2020. He believed that the standard of transportation was not efficient enough so he created a device called the looper. What he didn't know is that the looper could transport anything instantly from one place to another. To the scientists dismay, he watched as the sky's of Earth filled with ships ready to wreck havoc on the world. 37 years later you have found an ancient shard of the device which powers your own personal looper. You must fight through the hordes of invaders to reclaim the Earth.

-- Objective -- You'll be dropped in the middle of a horde infestation. Move quick or suffer a quick demise. There will be a weapon waiting for you if you walk north. Walk over it to pick it up and you're good to go. Health packs will be scattered around the arena so watch your health.

-- Controls --

WASD move Arrow Keys to look around SHIFT to run SPACE to shoot E to drop looper

This wasn't my first game jam, but it was my first GM48! Check out our other games and chat with us via discord about all things game development, art, music, etc. :D

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  • WangleLine 🌸

    I wish you could have added some kind of menu or at least some time before the enemies attack the player. Being thrown RIGHT into the action felt a bit quick and didn't give me time to "prepare" myself for playing the game. Other than that, it would be neat to have a few more sound effects!

    Night Fuss

    Night Fuss

  • trolog
    Lv. 6

    So the first thing I like is the sounds and art, I'm not sure what those scary creatures are, but they have a beak with teeth it seems and I know better not to mess with these.

    I do actually like the enemies, they have enough AI that you can sorta walk slower to not trigger them, if you sprint at all times they'll sprint at you from nowhere, so some hidden strats.

    I like that you have health, and boy do you need it in this game! It's very difficult.

    I think the biggest issues for me was maybe a tad too difficult, you can sometimes spawn with enemies right next to you leaving u no chance.. and not being able to press escape to leave the game.

    Will you be extending this game future in the future?

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    Cool game! I think having the gun on the side of the player rather than in the center made it rather difficult to aim, but besides that it was fun.

  • Kylazaur
    Lv. 5

    Good entry, the game was... interesting to say the least, not sure if there was an ending but i did have fun with the game, good job ^^

  • qst0
    Lv. 2

    Super tough. Gotta sprint always. click to restart, I wish, was just spacebar. I have to use to the arrow keys so my hand isn't on the mouse. 🐭🐛🏃‍♀️

    Great work, your art is so amazing. 🎨🎶 Great tune too. Goes subtle-yet-hard. ✌

    Here is the highlight from the stream: