Explore the insides of a crashed spaceship and discover its secrets in this singleplayer puzzle-adventure game.

The game is beatable and there's an ending. I hope you enjoy playing through it! Note: there's no need to dechipher the whole language.


Move: Arrows keys

Roll: Space

Interact: F

Teleport: T

Toggle fullscreen: Alt+Enter

Exit: Hold Esc

Art, Sound, Programming and Design by Reaktori. Special thanks to Joey for playtesting non-stop for the last hours.

Everything was made during the jam except: Font: 04b03 by Yuji Oshimoto https://www.dafont.com/04b-03.font and Color Palette: GORA63 by Biganon https://lospec.com/palette-list/tag/gora63

Tools Used

  • GameMaker Studio 2.3
  • Aseprite for graphics
  • GMEdit for coding
  • Ableton Live Lite 11 + Synth1 VST for music
  • BFXR for sound effects

Find the game on itch.io: https://reaktori.itch.io/shipwreck

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  • ohlordwhywhy
    Lv. 3

    I suppose the nicest looking one in this jam. Make enemies contrast more with the environment and reduce their hitbox I suppose to be more forgiving on the player as this game can get really tough.

  • Fachewachewa

    Very good game.
    I'm surprised this isn't mentioned more (ok I missed a comment, I'm reassured), even though I know by now everyone has their windows volume at like 1/10 but I had to put the volume of the game from like 50% to 5% because of the teleporter sound. It's REALLY loud compared to the rest. The first time it really hurt, and then every time after that it honestly made me jump, even with the sound way lowered. It's also a shame because the music was pretty good but really quiet because of that.

    I also thought the hit detection could be a little more forgiving, the scorpion bots get you sooner than you'd expect, and everything goes pretty fast. (I'd even say the character is also too fast and roll a little too long, but that's nitpicking)

    And last issue I'd say is the password puzzle. I think it should be a little more signposted, especially since the thing could be interpreted as like.. it's standard meaning. And basically when I found out what to do, it didn't really feel like I solved the puzzle, but bruteforced it with the small amount of information I had. The other thing is that it's not blocking you, so I though I'd find more tablets later and kept exploring, and by that time I had every other room available and felt lost because there was so much text.

    I think an easy way to help would be by saying "password is xxx". Then the player could recognize the partially translated word, which could help put you on the right path. It would be even better by just adding the translation for "S".

    So yeah, these were my issues with it. Basically everything else was good 👍

  • Luke Peña
    Lv. 4

    Very visually stunning, especially for a game jam. I loved finding the FEZ style reading tablet thing. And I wanted to put my reading to use, but it was really frustrating having instakill enemies hidden by darkness and dense pixel art. Memorizing pattern games can be fun sometimes, but I just found it somewhat frustrating. I think games like Celeste get away with it by having the respawn limited to the same room you died in. (Also +visual clarity in pixel art.)

  • Zen00
    Lv. 15

    The puzzle for getting the crystal was good. The puzzle for getting the orb of translation sucked, the way to learn the first few alien words was very obtuse so I just missed it every time.

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    Made a video playthough: https://youtu.be/rvLY4UaPjdU

    I think the game was pretty good, but with faults in the base desing of the puzzles.

    Hell Diver

    Hell Diver

    • Reaktori
      Lv. 17
      Reaktori Developer of Shipwreck

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing! It's always great to see people play your game! I tried to create a real sense of discovery in the puzzles, so that's why the in-game hints are quite subtle and somewhat cryptic. But you managed to beat the game in the end, so congratulations!

  • Mark Benis
    Lv. 3

    Really enjoyed this!! The polish is absolutely there across the board: art, sound, gameplay, design. I loved the code language you created and I actually ended up decoding it by hand before realizing there was a translation orb ooooops haha but ironically I had so much fun decoding it myself that I kinda wish that was a feature. There was juuuust enough information across the dialogue that you can parse it out yourself. Maybe one thing to note is that you use the periods both for the letter E and an actual period. And one other thing is some of the SFX could use a little balancing. Otherwise fantastic!

    • Reaktori
      Lv. 17
      Reaktori Developer of Shipwreck

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game! It's kind of difficult to balance a game like this, as some people really enjoyed deciphering the language, but others hated doing it even for the small part that was required.

      Yeah I also noticed the problems with some of the letters and the sound balance right after submitting the game. But for a jam game of this scope, I'm very happy that those are the biggest issues in the whole game.

  • Tydecon Games

    I think the first thing that strikes me is how beautiful this game is, the art, the sound, the controls, it all fits so nicely together to create a real atmosphere, it's all perfectly done and I couldn't fault it at all - I think the second thing that strikes me is how confusing it is, I am not great at puzzles and this game only further confirmed that for me haha! I love what I saw and I will definitely need to get more involved in this and the lore around it to try and further than I did on my first attempt! Great entry as always though :)

    Lv. 36

    You are quite likely going to win. I could describe how good eveything was, but I think people already have done that for you. I only wish the sound that plays when you reach a checkpoint was a bit quieter. Otherwise 10/10

  • Hokori
    Lv. 12

    8W^o |-o - .!H \??3 ^=.- 8W-8 “^8o 8W. 8W.&. o+.! |.33. ^ =^= “^#= 8W. +-oo|?!= +!.88H .-o^3H, >8 ^ =^= #?8 *#=.!o8-#= 8? 8H+. ^8 ^# .#03^oW o? ^ #..! ?+.#.= 8W. =??! #8^3 &H o.\?#= +3-H. O8+^= ?# &H +-!8, !^0W8. ^ |-o &-#-33H |!^8^#0 =?|# 8W. 8!-#o3-8^?#, |W^\W ^ “?#= 8? >. “# ^” ^ -& W?#.o8. >H 8W. 8^&. ^ |-o +o8-^!o \?&&#i-8^#g0 8? 8W. ?8W.! -3^.#, ^ W-= &?o8 ?” 8W. -3+W->.8 “^0!.= ?8 -#= |-o ->3. 8? 8!-#o3-8. W^o &.oo-0.. ?#. ^ |-o &.oo^#0 |^8W 8W. \?&+8.! o!..# ^ |-o ->3. 8? “^0!. ?8 8? +8 ^8 ^# +3-^# .#03^oW -#= 8W. oW^+ |-o =.o8!?H.=. ^ |.#8 -0-^# 8? 8!H 8W. +-oo|?!= -#= |-o ->3. 8? 0.8 8W. 8!-#o3-8. ?!>. ^ \?3= W-. W-= 8W-8 -0.o -0? ^” ^ |-o !.-o?#^#0 \3.-!3H. ^ -3o? “?*#= 8W. o.!.8 3?0 !??&, |W^\W |-o \??3 -#= 0-. &?!. W^o8?!H 8? 8W. 0-&.. 8W. 0-&. -!8 ^o 0!.-8 -#= ^ 8W?0W8 8W. &o^\ |-o - #^. 8?\W. -o ?8W.!o W-_. &.#8^?#, 8W. !?33 |-o - >^8 o8!-#0. >8 =.”^#^8.3H =?->3.. 8W. .#.&^.o -#= 3-o.!o \?3= >. - >^8 o==.# -8 8^&.o >8 -0-^#, =?->3.. ^# 8W. .#= ^ 3?_.= &H 8^&. 8!-#o3-8^#0 8W. -3+W->.8 -#= “^0!^#0 ?*8 |W.!. 8? 0?. 0!.-8 ^=.-!

    3?!= ?” 8W. !^#0o !.”.!.#. “?! 8W. +-oo|?!=? #^..

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    |W-8 - O!.-8 O-&.! 8W.!. |-o - !.-3 o.#o. ?" &Ho8.!H -#= .<+3?!-8^?# 8W!?*OW?*8 8W. .#8^!. O-&.. 8W. &*o^\ |-o "^88^#O -#= 8W. O!-+W^\o |.!. +3.-o^#O 8? 3??/ -8. 8W. =-!/ 3^OW8^#O .o8->3^oW.= - o.#o. ?" .<+3?!-8^?#.

    ?_.!-33 ^8 |-o _.!H |.33 &-=. >*8 ^# \-o. ^8'o -#H |?!8W 8? H?*, W.!. -!. - ".| o&-33 ^oo*.o ^ W-= |^8W ^8:

    • 8W. W^8>?<.o |.!. >^OO.! 8W-# _^o*-33H .<+.\8.=. ^ W-= 8!?*>3. O.88^#O +-o8 .#.&^.o .o+.\^-33H |W.# |-3/^#O ->?_. 8W.&.
    • 8W. =-oW |-o _.!H 3?#O. ^ |?*3='_. 3^/.= "?! ^8 8? >. oW?!8.! ?! -38.!#-8^_.3H 8? W-_. - |-H 8? ^#8.!!*+8 ^8 o? 8W-8 ^ \?*3= =? oW?!8 =-oW.o |W.# #.\.oo-!H.
    • ?#. ?" 8W. 8^3.o.8o 3??/.= o?3^= -8 "^!o8 >*8 ^o #?8. ^ 8W^#/ ^8'o 8W. ?#. 8W-8'o o*++?o.= 8? >. - !*O ?! o?&.8W^#O.
    • 8.3.+?!8^#O -"8.! =.-8W |-o o?&.8^&.o =^o?!^.#8^#O. 8W. 3?O^\ >.W^#= |W-8 o8-8^?# ^ |-o O?^#O 8? 8.3.+?!8 8? |-o o?&.W?| \?#"*o^#O. &-H>. 8W.!. |-o - o^&+3. 3?O^\ 8? ^8 >*8 &-#H 8^&.o ^ |-o \?#"*o.= ->?*8 &H #.| 3?\-8^?# -"8.! 8.3.+?!8^#O.

    &H "^!o8 !*# 8??/ - 3?#O 8^&., +!?>->3H -# W?*!, -#= ^ =.\^+W.!.= 8W. .#8^!. -3+W->.8 ?# #?8.+-= .<\.+8 "?! 8W. \W-!-\8.!o 8W-8 #._.! -++.-!.= ^# 8W. O-&.. ^ O*.oo -8 8W-8 +?^#8 ^ W-= "?!O?88.# W?| 8W. O-&. o8-!8.= >.\-*o. ^ =^=#'8 !.-3^o. |W.!. ^ |-o o*++?o.= 8? O? =*!^#O 8W. "^#-3 \?*#8=?|#. ?# &H o.\?#= +3-H8W!?*OW ^ =^= "^#= &H |-H ?*8 -#= O?8 8W. o.\?#= .#=^#O -"8.! -33. ^ -3o? "^O*!.= ?*8 8W. +-oo|?!= 8? 8W. ?!> ?" 8!-#o3-8^?#. ^'& #?8 o*!. ^" 8W.!. |.!. -#H W^#8o ->?*8 |WH 8W. +-oo|?!= |-o |W-8 ^8 |-o, >*8 ^ O*.oo.= ^8 W-= 8? >. ^8 >.\-*o. ^8 |-o +!.o.#8.= ^# - o*!!.+8^8^?*o &-##.!.

    _.!H \??3 .#8!H! ^ W-= "*# +3-H^#O ^8.

  • 2102

    Fantastic game. I literally played this for over an hour trying to figure all the puzzles out. I deciphered a ton of text before finding the translate thing, but I had fun doing all of it. The only issue I had was with the rolling. It just seemed a little weird with how far the character went, and little I felt in control when using it. I never knew if I was going to stop before the next hazard or keep going and hit it. Other than that, super great game.

    • Reaktori
      Lv. 17
      Reaktori Developer of Shipwreck

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the puzzle elements! The roll is indeed way too difficult to control. It's one of those situations when you just slap stuff into the game and get used to it, and completely forget to tweak or balance.

  • switecom
    Lv. 1

    Nice work! Controls work well, albeit the roll is a bit strong, but that has it's own purpose too. Visuals are pretty much top notch, bgm was bomb (got me vibing now and then). Deciphering puzzles are up my alley so I was pleasantly surprised by that, although I have to confess that I just winged the password. At times I didn't have any idea what to do, but somehow I just got the gist of it after running around and dying multiple times. It was fun to come up with the solutions without them being handed to me on a plate!

  • A Beast of Prey
    Lv. 8

    So this game has pretty cool mechanics that are fun to mess around with. The dodgeroll is fun and feels almost a bit too strong. I enjoyed learning to use the Crystal. The Music choice is a little odd, just noises would have been enough sometimes (like fire noises, water dripping..). When i look at the visuals and the intro i got a very different vibe from that game. The Controls are pretty good. I personally hate playing Games on Keyboard, however this Game did them well. It would be even better on a Controller tho. The Puzzles were great and i tend to heavily dislike puzzles. The Team did a great job for this Jam. I did not finish the Game tho.



    • Reaktori
      Lv. 17
      Reaktori Developer of Shipwreck

      2yrs ago

      Hey thanks for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the puzzles even as non-puzzle fan! The thing with the music is that creating fire and water sounds in such a short time is pretty difficult. It's way easier to make some music to fill the silence. I made this game alone so I really had to prioritize stuff.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2yrs ago

    Okay this is one of the best ones so far that I've played, so polished, no bugs, controls are smooth, puzzles are GENIUS, the use of the orb and crystals I adore. I kept dying from the bot things in the beginning so it felt so good being able to burn them alive. and the game translated language is a very nice addition! I love the lights and level designs. Epic!

  • Rovert
    Lv. 5

    I died on the inside when I realized there was a translation orb... I had a giant notepad file full of translating text by hand... I figured out a lot of patterns and saw words pop out and unlocked other words. I almost gave up, but before I did I talked to the little red fella. Other than my grievances with translation, the game was very polished and stylistic. I liked the lo-res screen too, and none of the pixels had subpixel issues like a lot of pixel art games fall into. I'm also dumb and couldn't figure out the enemy puzzle, and only unlocked the other crystal by accident. That's on me though.



  • Banana Drone Gaming
    Lv. 2

    I really like this game! It fits the Descovery theme really well. I love the graphics, sound and music and the roll ability.

  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    Had a lot of fun decoding the language! Got stuck because I didn't figure out the password (won't spoil where to get it), so I actually completely translated the secret log by hand... oh well, it was fun. Is there an actual ending? Once I got the crystal and opened the vault I couldn't find anything else to do.

    Artwork was fantastic. The teleporter sound was SO LOUD though.

    Edit- I MADE IT TO THE END! The 2nd music track was SO GOOD. I really, really liked your level design.