You're a troll with a special ability: at any time, you can toggle physics so they work like they do in rage comics. For example, a flashlight will normally just light up the room; when you're using it, it rockets you backwards at the speed of light, because the photons push you backwards. With your trusty flashlight and magnet (sometimes both), you must adventure through a factory and cave to find the sacred oil, which will let you fly when it rains.


  • WASD to move, and W to enter doors
  • Left click to activate your item, or pick up an item
  • Right click for your item's alt-fire
  • Shift to drop your item
  • Ctrl to toggle the game's physics mode
  • F3 to change the window size
  • F4 to toggle fullscreen
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  • Thomas Sjerps
    Lv. 29

    Very fun take on the theme! Even though the platforming was tricky, it was still really nice to play!

  • GoblinBoy

    Close enought to a goblin to get a thumbs up from me



  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    Cool idea for a game! I found some levels pretty difficult but that also made it more rewarding when I finally got through. Good job!



  • Chris Bradel

    Definitely a good start to a fun project. The movement was slightly janky, especially with small platforms, but the effects of the objects were really neat.



  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    What a clever idea! I included it in my GM48 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Allison James

    I liked the idea of this a lot! Kinda felt a bit like a sketch show almost, and could be framed that way.

    A couple of fairly big issues diminished the experience a little - I felt the controls were pretty convoluted and I had a couple of occasions where I clipped out of the map with the torch, having to restart the game.

    My suggestion for controls would be:

    • A/D: Walk left and right

    • W: Jump

    • Left click: use currently-held item

    • Right click: discard currently-held item

    • Troll button: an on-screen button rather than a key press

    • Entering doors: automatic on reaching them

    • Picking up items: automatic if you have no item (put a cooldown on recently dropped items so you can swap easier)

  • Tydecon Games

    This was an interesting concept and a funny take on the theme and on what you'd expect from a platformer - there were a few little kinks that need ironing out, as mentioned already for example, the key bindings were a little unexpected and I found the jump a little tricky - but these are only small issues, overall this was a good idea and I enjoyed playing :)

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    My experience / remarks:

    • As said, the keybindings are a bit weird, it feels a bit against intuition: Most games have actions set to "E"(or F), I think it would have been good to pick up objects that way, it's a bit annoying to recalibrate the mouse everytime you gotta pick an item // Although the jump with space is okaaay, i'd still recommend letting an alternative. A lot of people like to jump with the "up" button (in this case, W, which could open doors and jump in that case; you don't need 2 separate inputs for that cause doors are just entries to next room - it's also instinctive) // control to alternate physics feels a bit clunky to use. That being said, i think the normal mode is not used enough to really need a switching mode, could just be troll physics all the way through
    • The first level with the magnet and the lockers was a bit too difficult to control, it felt like the collision was really working against me due to the tiny opening on the far right
    • Overall, the game expects you to get really tight with the platforms. I wish there was a bit more room to move because you often die while switching between actions, but are left with barely enough time to really re-adjust; which is a problem when the physics aren't that easy to control (as the collisions are a bit clunky) (example: gotta use the magnet to push myself up, but i have no way to properly prepare for the next platform - with a reverse polarization - and that makes it too hard to predict the timing, which results in many retries for something that shouldn't be an issue - not to mention the spikes hitbox that seems a bit too big?) Gave up on that level, I just can't make it

    All that said though, the flavour of the game is really cool, the fact that you're a literal troll (I mean, isn't that a goblin though?) and the unique way to move gives that game a cool twist!

    • FlowerSnek
      Lv. 2
      FlowerSnek Coder of Troll Physics

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for trying my game!

      • I was planning to implement rebindable controls, but ran out of time in the end. Picking up items with a key sounds like a good idea, since then you can pick up an item while you're still actively using another. As for the switch between real and troll physics, I've seen someone else suggest making it a button you click on the screen; that could make it tricky to swap between normal and troll physics rapidly, but I'll give it a try. I don't know about removing normal physics entirely; then some challenges, like the dark room with platforms or the boss, would be impossible.
      • For that level, it probably would've been a good idea to make the gap a little bigger on the top, so you don't have to be so precise to get through it. I think the gap is exactly the same size as the troll's hitbox...
      • I do wish I had eased up on the game's difficulty curve a bit, and had more time to polish the game's physics. The magnet in particular was tough to program, and I wasn't happy with its behaviour when interacting with both positive and negative blocks at once.
  • FlyAway
    Lv. 9

    Funny concept, and the game was pretty fun! Nice job :)

    Side Quest

    Side Quest

  • Tib Averus
    Lv. 5

    Although the movement is definitely a little odd, and the controls feel somewhat confusing, the idea is great, and it's definitely something that could be expanded!

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    Gotta say, the physics trolled me a bit too hard. I appreciate the uniqueness of the concepts but I found myself fighting against the game's mechanics, which in something like a 3D wobbly game feels good but in a 2D platformer just feels unpolished.



  • Jakeybobble

    The Yay:
    Really good simplistic art style,
    Fun idea/dialogue,
    Probably my favorite theme usage so far,
    Good introduction to mechanics

    The Nay:
    Unecessarily difficult,
    Jittery movement,
    Keybinds are a bit weird

    Oil Pals

    Oil Pals

  • Forensic Squid
    Lv. 2

    I liked the physics for sure. It was a little hard to figure out how to pick up the flashlight in the beginning. I feel like with a flashlight concept that you could have maybe had the troll pounce on people to scare them or something. I think you could play on the silliness of this concept and maybe jump over a shark or alligator pit.

    It was really fun to have my guy fly in the air and I totally got the hang of the magnet mechanic. I also experienced an issue going out of the right side of the screen on accident with no way to get back.

    Thanks for sharing this I had a fun time playing.

  • Marco Maureira
    Lv. 4

    Love the concept! really fun game :)

  • byfv
    Lv. 2

    pretty cool. magnet with soldier bullets was infuriating until i realized i can push it from any angle and it will go to the soldier. pretty difficult. normal mode doesn't feel toooooo useful

    Oil Pals

    Oil Pals

  • Wubs
    Lv. 6

    Fun game, really liked the ways you used the theme.

    Kept getting pushed out of the right side of the map when using the flashlight, leaving no way to continue playing