EPILEPSY WARNING: One of the effects in the game can create a rainbow strobing effect. Please be careful if you're prone to seizures. Shortly after the competition I will have an in-game toggle to turn this off. Unfortunately, that didn't make it in in time for the deadline.



  • Race throughout the underground grotto, pitted against two other mushroom characters.
  • Master your momentum with a 360° platforming engine!
  • Picking up glowing mushrooms gives you two effects - a positive and negative - which make getting to the finish line more of a challenge! Each effect is random, good luck!
  • Collecting multiple glowing mushrooms in short succession will add a multiplier to the effects of the power-ups and power-downs.
  • Do a shroom dance to 9 original songs.
  • Procedurally generated platforms, decorations, and competitors for a different experience each run!
  • Platforms will fade over time, as competitors use them. Keep up with the bunch to avoid getting stuck behind!
  • 40 hours of development were streamed live on Twitch, here! Check out the VODs to see exactly how this was made!
  • Note: To race again after completion, hit the R key (or restart the game)! A new map with new characters and music will be dynamically generated each round!


  • Move: WASD or Arrows (Left or Right)
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • R: Reset the race



  • Main Team:

    • Programming: Chris Bradel
    • Art: Emily Farnsworth
    • Art and Music: Kyle Walter
    • Music: Ragnarok9x
    • Music: Willström
  • Additional Assets and Special Thanks:

    • TinyLilFrog
    • AnneBrad and the Bradel Bunch


Track List:

  • 4 on the Spore - Kyle
  • Sillyscybin - Kyle
  • Trip - Kyle
  • Bioluminescence - Raggy Claggy
  • Jeremy - Raggy Claggy
  • Submerged Cavern - Raggy Claggy
  • Prog Bog - Raggy Claggy
  • Cave - Willström
  • Endless Shroomer - Willström
- Streamable Playlist


Post-Jam Updates:

  • Disclaimer!

    • The following links are for non-jam purposes!
    • Please rate and comment based only on what was submitted above, but if you want to continue enjoying the game on your own, keep an eye on this space!
  • Updates so far:

    • Nothin' yet!
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