Plastered Painters

Plastered Painters

  • Naupons
  • 1 year ago
  • 4th


title Plastered Painters.

Art, Audio - Nauris Amatnieks @Namatnieks

Code - Kepons @Kepons99

4 painters were commissioned to paint a factory, sadly they got plastered.

Fun ensues.


Arrow keys to move

X or Space to place bomb

Menu Screenshot

NOTE: If you get any graphical glitches in html5 version, do a hard refresh with Shift + F5


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Lovely graphics, fun game. I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • voxeledphoton

    I love the art and characters, almost mario esque but painters instead of plumbers. The background art is wonderful as well, it's a nice touch that it kind of overlaps the edges of the playing field. The music adds a good deal of hype and sfx are swell. One thing I noticed is the tiles don't seem to revert back upon a new round so not sure if you have an upper hand when choosing the color that won last round. Great job and entry Nauris and Kepons! ;D

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much! Glad you liked the game! Hmm, hadn't noticed the tiles not reverting back, it shouldn't do that, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 50

    Pretty cool bomberman-like with color integrations!

    • I liked the concept itself, as bomberman is a fun game and there aren't much bomberman-likes nowadays, so it felt cool to see its integration in a game jam
    • I wish however it had a certain layer of complexity, similarily to the power ups in Bomberman. (there was a power up, but I didn't feel like it helped me that much?) But I get this is due to a lack of time, being a 48 hours game jam. It did, in my opinion, make the game a bit less exciting after assimilating the concept of color dominance. So adding power ups would have made more interesting choices (for example, do I want to color this big blue pond or do I want to go for that power up?) and spice up the gameplay. It mostly felt like you could just drop bombs and pray for enemies not to dominate too much, so it felt like winning needed more luck
    • As a consequence, the timer feels very long once you destroyed all crates. You're basically running over the other painters to watch for interesting spots to paint and it doesn't feel as satisfying as when there are still crates.
    • I think it would have felt a bit more satisfying if after the countdown ends, the remaining bombs would still explode. For a satisfying last blast, but also to avoid feeling like you could have won if your bomb dropped at the last second could still count (although it's mostly a feeling, since the same applies to the opponents)
    • I think a simple stun wasn't encouraging the player enough to avoid getting hit. One of the exciting things in bomberman is the danger of the bombs

    That said, nice level of polish (although it could have some more juice) and the graphics are really super neat, as well as the design in general. I also love how we get commentary from the painters when they get hit and all!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thanks for the indepth feedback and for playing the game Kwis! Agreed about the power ups, we wanted more, but didn't manage in time yeah! And yeah it would've been cooler prob to have a shorter timer, we tried 1 minute at first, but it felt too short, so opted for next round number :D I guess something like 1:30 would've been better though :)

  • Jamblefoot
    Jamblefoot Jamblefoot Level 8

    Whoa, you guys crushed it. This is immensely well done, with an inspiring amount of polish. The AI seems pretty solid, which is great, and the art and music are perfect. I especially liked the little quips popping up on the right. If I wore a hat, I'd be doffing it. Great job!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much! Glad you liked our game!

  • ckau
    ckau ckau Level 13

    Bomberman meets Splatoon! Awesome!!!

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    This is really nicely balanced and has a well produced art style. The AI feels particularly clever. Full screen mode didnt' work as intended, so I was playing in a tiny resolution. This is the traditional bomberman formula, so it's not very original, but it's very polished and plays nicely Good job!

    EDIT: Ah, my apologies. Seems teh issue was local.Will adjust my stability score accordingly.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Weird to hear that fullscreen didnt work, maybe it had some issues with surfaces? If so, just restarting should fix it :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    no banner?

    anyway, cool game, but it needs more powerups or stuff for change the gameplay up

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! Agreed about the power ups!

  • Croaks
    Croaks Croaks Level 4

    I like what you did with your game! This is great! I love the style and the character designs. The energy is perfect.

    I want to echo Panda-K's feedback about what if there were walls? What if the bombs actually blocked opponents even? In Bomberman, for example, the inconvenience of bombs isn't just the explosion. The bombs physically block a player from continuing his plans, derailing their perceived timing and just causing a mess of trouble. This game needs that because as it is, I didn't feel there was any point to placing my bombs. There isn't enough feedback from my actions to encourage me to keep going. Players have mentioned the time limit and that's because when all the crates are gone, there's just nothing to do but wait.

    I loved the power-up though. I got so excited when I saw it. And then no one could steal it, and it disappeared. What if that stayed until the end and it -could- be stolen? Then you've created a king-of-the-hill style dynamic that isn't always present in this game. That would have given me more to engage with because then, if I could steal it, my bombs would have mattered.

    I do want to see where this goes and how it could challenge the notion of something well known like Bomberman. That means the game was a success, because I want to see more. And that's great! Congrats team!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! That's some good feedback! Yeah, we wanted to implement the bombs blocking off the characters, but didnt have enough time left when we finally realized it's missing. Also that's a really cool idea about stealing the power ups, we didnt think of it, would have been pretty fun!

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K Level 15

    This is a really well-polished jam game. It feels a bit like a mashup of splatoon and bomberman :)

    I had a small issue with it, though: I think that there isn't a sense of having territory. You are pretty much just trying to optimise placing bombs as quickly as possible in enemy territory, focusing on the currently winning enemy, if possible. This is really fun on its own but, I think it could be a little more strategic with a couple of tweaks borrowed from splatoon. 1) Adding a respawner in the corners when a player gets hit (rather than stunning them in spot) would reward also hitting the enemies a lot more. 2) Making characters move slower in enemy pain would make it harder to just charge into the middle of their territory and could facilitate taking control of a decent chunk of the map.

    One thing that is a bit outside the scope, but could be cool in a post-jam build, is the ability to place walls (maybe it takes as long as a bomb exploding?) to wall of certain flanks, which would be valuable if you went with the territory idea.

    Anyway, great game! I had a blast playing it :)

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! I like the idea of enemy paint slowing us down, would have been cool, we didn't think of it. As for the respawn, we thought of that too, but opted to go for the stun, for a more fast paced gameplay sort of.

  • Adventure Byte
    Adventure Byte Adventure Byte Level 12

    This is a pretty neat take on Bomberman, I like the simple yet polished game graphics as well. It would be nice to select the match time limit in a future iteration though this is still a very solid entry. Good job!

  • WangleLine 🌸

    The gameplay was very simple and not that rewarding. Powerups, high-scores or even a more motivation "ayy, you won!"-screen can go miles.

    Good luck with the game, you mad people :D

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thanks! We do have a win/lose screen. If you win your character dances and everyone else cries, and you get a win message, and same for lose screen when someone else wins. :) There is also 1 powerup that we managed to make in time, but that's it. :)

  • Tero Hannula

    Oh damn, I think we have winner here, I though I had fighting stance :D Gameplay was well done, graphics solid and overall great game. Only problem I think the time was too long, shorter plays could have been better.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much! Ah yes, seems like most people wanted shorter match length. We tried it at 1minute at first, but felt too short, probably just needed some tweaking.

  • TobyMoby
    TobyMoby TobyMoby Level 15

    Your game is really fun to play! When the clock starts ticking down the last seconds, it really gets chaotiv, because you try to climb the last few percent to the top! Most of the time you win by just 1 or 2 % difference, very intense indeed!

    I loved the art, the faces of the painters really breath life and character into the figures. It seems like bomberman and splatoon is a match made in heaven!

    Also, the music really got me pumped! :D Only "bad" thing is that there is no 2-4 player mode (i guess it was intended but was not managable in 48 hours?)

    Please continue developing this further!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much! Yeah, we barely managed all this in time, if we'd have more time, we might've tried implementing some local multiplayer.

  • trolog
    trolog trolog Level 6

    Argh man, this crazy good for 48 hours, hell it's be crazy good for a couple of weeks hard work! The art is just fantastic, the Ai surprisingly competent, they can beat me and I'm not that bad of a super bomber man player.

    I've currently rated around 6 games now and this one clearly has the best music out of the 6 (will do more), it's so perfect with the speed of the game, it just works really well.

    I'm trying to give some constructive criticism, but this might sound subjective, however for me I felt the controls worked better by tapping rather than holding it down (i get it, it's tied to a grid), I'd prefer to hold it down and then quickly change direction, I tried that but would overshoot the mark. BUT this is subjective, people might prefer it being tapped. But yeah that's the ONLY thing really I could find something that I felt wasn't perfect lol.

    EDIT: On reflection, I think these types of games suite joypads perfectly and this could have also easily open up the game to MP, with 3 friends this could be a blast. I've noticed not many support joypads, I'm guessing you want to include everyone, but it'd have been a nice option.

    Just seriously well done, I've been blown away by a lot of the submissions this week.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much, glad you liked our entry! Yeah, gamepad and local multiplayer would for sure be added in an expanded version, if we ever do it :)

  • lazyeye
    lazyeye lazyeye Level 4

    Fantastic work!! I really enjoyed playing this, like, a lot -- and I usually get super bored with video games, as ironic as that may be. There was a fantastic amount of polish in this perfectly scoped game, and it really stood out. If you guys were to develop this even more into a game I could play with friends, be it online or local, it would ruin my friendships for sure.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you, really glad you liked it! :)

  • Joe Wetmore
    Joe Wetmore Joe Wetmore Level 2

    Love the personality in the characters and vibrance of the presentation. Really simple, fun core mechanic too. I do agree with another guy that two minutes felt a little long for just the main mechanic- maybe the length could extend if there were pick-me ups or events that varied the gameplay.

    Fantastic though, feels really polished!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! By the very end of the jam, when there were just a couple hours left we managed to pop in one power up quickly :D It increases the bomb size by 1 tile in each direction. We didnt have a lot of time left, so just placed it in the very middle of the field under a box.

  • SuperGamersGames

    This is really great twist of splatoon and bomberman and a really great interpretation of the theme. Good job!

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you very much! Glad you liked it :)

  • Play Dash
    Play Dash Play Dash Level 1

    Amazing gameplay and concept, very good. Sadly, the cpus are too odd and work pretty wrong. Still love it :)

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thank you! Kepons had made 2 AIs, one was very dumb and the other one was smarter, and we made it so 2 cpus get assigned the smarter AI and 1 gets the dumb AI. So it's more interesting.

  • Little__Ham
    Little__Ham Little__Ham Level 2

    Love the art and gameplay! The only little things bothering are the 2 minutes feeling a bit long and the walking speed a tad too slow. Good job guys!

  • Narque
    Narque Narque Level 2

    Sick game would be awesome online should defo continue this idea.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thanks! If we ever continue this, we might add that for sure!

  • Johan
    Johan Johan Level 2

    Bomberman meets Splatoon with great art! A very complete game jam Game, congratulations! As previously mentioned, the time of a round seems a bit too long and the cooldown being done on placing a new barrel could have been feedbacked with more obvious fx or sound. And gamepad support + additional players for couch versus would be a cool addition!

  • GooseNinja
    GooseNinja GooseNinja Level 3

    The artwork is stunning and it's a fun game to play. My only issue is that I feel like 2 minutes is too long for 1 round.

    • Nauris Nauris
      Level 2

      Thanks! We had it for 1 minute at first, but it felt way too short, so we settled on 2minutes.

  • Hikikomori
    Hikikomori Hikikomori Level 2

    Great game! Amazing art and concept. Love the bomberman feeling.

    Keep up the good work, this is a professional job here!


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