Dye Hard

Dye Hard

  • Kwis & Wangle
  • 2 years ago
  • 21st


https://twitter.com/Kwisartz/status/1092473722576035841 <<

As the lands have been devastated by the fire, it is your duty to bring in a bit of color. By shooting colors at other colored things.

You shoot at stuff until it dies. Also be sociable and talk to people. That's it.

The shop room is, sadly, the last room. There are platforms, but you are unable to climb them back.. But hey, at least there is a bit of challenge! You can still kill all enemies in the room :)

  • wasd - move
  • J - shoot
  • K - jump
  • L - change attire
  • E - Talk
  • R - restart

~ Sound Design / Art, Code ~

  • Wangleline's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcklGgf93ZgT6yAmnzT5mw
  • Kwisarts' Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kwisartz

ps: kwis is cute lululu nice try Wangle xD

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Very nice dialogue. I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/jmAfNqkuezc

  • Cloud
    Cloud Cloud Level 5

    Love the art and the use of the theme. The music was fantastic. Lot of dialogue for a 48 hour jam, really brought character to the NPCs. Great work!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      If i had the time to bring in the other bosses, there would have been more dialogues :D

      Thank you for playing~

  • Druvsaft
    Druvsaft Druvsaft Level 2

    Very cool little game! Really like the atmosphere, generated by both audio and visual :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Thhhhhhank you for playing! ~ :D

  • Redbeard
    Redbeard Redbeard Level 1

    Thanks for making a game!

    I enjoyed the visuals, though I think I would've enjoyed the camera being not so close.

    I liked the art and it was obvious you had a dedicated audio person. I was surprised when the enemies jumped out and the music changed, was a funky and different little tune!

    I felt like movement was much too quick. Visually, I walked onto... whatever it is in the floor that damaged me, without being able to visually tell it was going to hurt me. The combat wasn't too varied, so definitely some opportunity to expand there.

    Lastly, the "non standard" control scheme threw me. For a PC game you might have considered having the "right hand" controls just be mouse clicks or something like that, since people are going to be used to WASD + mouse. Alternately maybe alt / control.

    Just a suggestion.

    Nice job to both of you!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59
      • yeah, it wasn't mentioned a lot (at all?) but the camera is indeed too close. I am surprised it wasn't brought up more often, though i didn't realoze it myself at first. This is the first thing i intend changing, as it also has the con to make the dialogue block the view and narrow your vision. This might mean i need to change the sprite sizes, but i'll see
      • in a gif i have made for the game, i realised indeed that the character was moving too quick in relation to hazards. On simple trick i can make is have a timer for that sort of collision, as well as the obvious slowing down the characters. This is especially an issue in the last room.
      • I intended to have shooting enemies, amd most notably the boss, but total lack of time unfortunately!
      • the controls kind of puzzle me as to why people find it weird. I am guessing it might depend on your habit on using a controller or not, but my thinking behind that choice of jkl is that in controllers, you have movements on the left and actions on the right, which then feels more natural to me for a platformer than the arrow keys and xc combo (also i despise the usage of z as it's often reversed with y, in my own keyboard, and for zqsd keyboards, which is worse than the wasd issue). It's also a very common writing positions, so hands shouod be comfortable in that setting. I'd have more control types for flexibility though, there even is one in the game, but i lacked time to set it. That said, although unconventional, i was often told it was fine when you got used to it, so i never really bothered excluding that jkl input type. But i get that I should try to deviate from this, even if i personally disagree with that. I'll think about it for next times

      Thank you for your feedback!

  • Nauris
    Nauris Nauris Level 2

    Nice and juicy little entry! Cool art, game was very short though and that final room was very hard, so full of enemies that I didn't manage to kill them, it was a bit too chaotic for me. Looks like though you guys just didn't manage it in time and there were some more plans for the other guns and such. Would have been cool to try out the different guns for different enemies and such. But yeah what's there is very cool, I liked how juicy it was. One thing that kinda bugged me was the camera movement though, it was a bit too harsh when switching directions. Good job overall!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Yep, I didn't manage to smooth that camera whenever switching position (I couldn't just slow it down cause it would make it difficult to catch up), and kinda left this for later. But I lacked time later (as you noticed) so I was unable to implement it. I'll definitely fix that for the post-jam version!

      And yes, planned more things overall. Green enemies, shooting enemies... So thee last room was a last minute addition to allow for some juice-fight, and since it was also the last room, i made it more difficult to keep the game a bit longer, as otherwise it'd just end without a proper fight. Like... it's doable :D Just... too difficult!

      Thank you for your feedback and thank you for playing!


    If anyone else would've made this game, I wouldn't believe everything was made after the birthline. (The opposite of deadline). The aesthetics and sound is more polished than I would manage to do in one year.

    Even though it looks and feels amazing, the gameplay structure is not that interesting. The theme fits better with the story rather than the gameplay at this state.

    But no problems matter except that it isn't finished. I would play a post jam version if you made more rooms. :D

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Definitely, the number of rooms here are due to a lot of other issues! I intended 2 rooms per color then a last boos room. There will be a fixed version of the game, but there miiiight be a full game spawned from it. (though keep in mind that I didn't make any sound, Wangle did :p )

      Thanks for playing!

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K Level 16

    As always, I loved the art and aesthetic. I would love to see more things done in the paper mario style :)

    The fighting and NPCs were fun too, so I was sad when the section ended. If you worked this one up into a full release, I would definitely pay money for it :)

    One weird thing with the green costume, though. Sometimes the leaves knock enemies towards you instead of back...

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Good to hear things like "i was sad when it ended" :D

      I never noticed the leaf suit issue, but i assume it's because of the way i handle collision with knockbac; i do an xprevious check for both object but apparently that's not enough so i assume i need to subtract the speed too, so i will check on that, thank you!

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • Tero Hannula

    To summarize, great visually but gameplay lacked. I didn't get immersed somehow, maybe there wasn't that much of world building. And other issues which others have already mentioned, like player movement was too fast. Music was good but. The camera changing was too sudden, maybe slower lerping if player changes face of direction. Game didn't feel polished gameplay wise, visually and effects did feel polished.
    Of course this was better than many entries, but maybe I waited more from you (you should have spent less time on those introduction logos :D ). Anyhow, don't get me wrong, good job.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      The camera changing ways quickly is something I struggled with for a while as I was unaware of how to properly smooth it only when the player changed direction, as I couldn't get that transition smooth and changing the speed altogether made the whole camera slow as a result. In short, I was not able to fix that and just figured I should focus on other matters instead, so I didn't get back to it cause it didn't feel like such an important issue when I left it in. If possible, i'd like some more elaboration on what felt the least polished gameplay-wise, as I am not exactly sure what you exactly mean (with examples, etc)

      Also, the introductions logos took literally no time, as these type of assets are not included in the rules as part of the game (they have no gameplay value), they're just our usual logos - mine has literally just a different sound than last time(although Wangleline's new and was done entirely by her) I purely, solely focused on the gameplay elements and didn't give much care on the sprites, but did indeed spend a good bit visual effects, as they were essential for the satisfaction imo, and more exciting to work with. But they didn't take as much time as you may think :p

      What did hinder the workflow was the COUNTLESS amount of unexpected bugs and behaviours that I had to fix. Those really slowed me down, and that comes from inexperience and lack of coding the past few months. Hopefully, I hope to get better to eventually make a game for the gm48 that wouldn't be slowed down by technical occurences like these.

      Anyway, thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing!

  • Bird
    Bird Bird Level 1

    The concept done for this game is pretty solid, and has a lot of potential to be pretty fun if it was given the time to be more fleshed out! Both the visuals and music were really nice, and the game felt polished. The damage numbers were pretty cool, and it was fun to just shoot at enemies! The effect for beating enemies was kind of silly, but also really satisfying. Although it wasn't able to show it off more, I can see the mechanics of this game fitting very well into the theme for the jam.

    However, I did have some issues! The camera felt like it was really zoomed in, while the character moved really fast, and it was panning around quite a lot, especially when you turned around.. It made getting hit by the lava on the ground feel a bit unfair at times, and combined with the screenshake effect, I got a bit motion sick trying to play it. I was also a bit disappointed to see that you couldnt get past the 3rd area! I had cleared all the enemies, but it did not seem like you could progress from there. I also was unable to tell what the "upgrades" were doing, when I bought them from the fire man.

    Overall, I think this was still a pretty fun game, and a really nice submission to see!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Yep yep, I intend to finish what I initially planned for the game!

      I never had any feedback on the issues you mentioned and never thought about it. I assume the camera is a bit too quick to catch the player, who's already too fast? I guess I should make the screenshake an option to avoid that kind of uncomfortable issue. It's hard to think of these things, so thank you for pointing it out. Juice is nice, but it shouldn't be at the price of comfort.

      The last room was a last minute attempt to make content, as i was low on time. I basically threw everything and couldn't make anything else. The same is true for upgrades, who were mostly a last minute thing. I initially intended choices of items to choose what you upgrade. Then noticing the time running low, wanted random upgrades but that told you what they did each time. But sadly time was running too short :o That's how game jams work i guess :D

      Thank you for playing and thank you for the exhaustive feedback!

  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos Level 7

    This game felt like the prototype of a real game! And I mean that in the best way possible. The pixel art was well done, especially the characters. The music and sound effects were very nice! I enjoyed the various characters that were in the game, especially the old man who just doesn't give a hoot, haha!

    I think I reached the end, though I'm not totally sure. The area with tons of enemies right after Mr. Cool Dude took my oddly shaped coins? I tried to beat that a few times, but having to go through the previous areas when dying made me stop trying after the 5th try, sorry!

    Speaking of dying, the death effect was nicely done too! All the feedback mechanisms in the game were very well done. Good sounds, screen shake, the hit numbers that pop up... they're all put together very cohesively and felt good!

    I enjoyed the fourth wall break from the Mr. Cool Dude regarding the theme!

    Seems like the green suit was given to you without mention due to time constraints, or that's my assumption. Kinda of made it the default weapon in the last area, but I kind of liked that. I think that area would have been a lot harder without it, due to the sheer quantity of enemies.

    I had what seemed to be 1 or 2 minor glitches, but nothing game breaking. One of the enemy spawning chimneys kind of drifted up and away while spinning, which was really funny actually. And one time I seemed to get stuck for 5-10 seconds on a black screen after dying and some damage numbers were popping up.

    I can see a lot of work went into this, and it felt really good to play! It was a really well-rounded submission. You guys did a great job!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      I'm glad the art was "well done" because I rarely spent as few time making the visuals. The npcs were especially rushed!

      Can't blame you, I wasn't able to make a proper checkpoint and I was rushed by the deadline, o yeah, the last room is harsh. Kinda like old games focusing on making the game hard to make it seem longer aha

      Glad you enjoyed the juice of the game and "Mr Cool Dude" (although I don't think it's ever mentioned that it's a guy :p )

      Yep, the last weapon was a last "oh crap I gotta publish the game let's unlock the last damn weapon just like this"

      I didn't have the occasion to spot the glitches because of the limited playtesting the time allowed me to have.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Beautiful art as usual by Kwis and great idea that connects well to the theme, the game was balanced a bit harshly tho, I loved the music and the general atmosphere, really fun

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Thank you for playing probie! The balance is due to throwing everything out to show off a bit of stuff, so I didn't have the time at all to test it

  • trolog
    trolog trolog Level 6

    Fantastic music it goes with the art design.

    The controls felt difficult only because JKL on a keyboard are rarely ever used in games like this. I was thinking my mouse wasn't working at first and had to re read the Description on here DUH me. However I did get use to it after a small while.

    My biggest problem is the difficulty curve, and dying then having to go through the beginning again. It feels like once you get the 2 other color guns the difficulty ramps up massively and I'm sure I'd have to die a few more times to get past it, which I just couldn't. I feel it would have worked much better with checkpoints, getting the red/green guns would have been a great checkpoint.

    It really blows my mind how you've managed something like this in just 2 days!

    Hat's off to you :D

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Oh, right, i should have slipped the controls in a dialogue considering how unusual that scheme is, my bad. You shouldn't need to rely on the description to enjoy a game~

      Yeah the difficulty drastic increase was solely to show the game's "potential". You were not supposed to get the green attire at that point, but i lacked time so i threw everything I could and couldn't test it out. I wanted to give the player a way to get back to the shop for new upgrades but didn't manage to make the platforms work as intended.

      I also initially wanted the room to restart at the last room you were in but that created lots of errors, so I would have needed a save system which I didn't have the time to make.

      A lot of time was lost trying to fix the bazillion errors and unentended behaviours! (At least i can't be blamed for prioritizing art this time aha)

      Also Wangle did a fantastic work with the sounds! Thank you for your feedback!

  • lazyeye
    lazyeye lazyeye Level 5

    Great work, and a surprising amount of content. Was glad to hear wangle's signature sound, and see kwis's signature humor in the dialogue. And those logo animations + sounds, dammmmnnn

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Heyyy glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing~

  • GooseNinja
    GooseNinja GooseNinja Level 3

    Great entry. Loved the music and art style!

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    Slick UI, great smooth animation, and the feedback on the controls is nice. I had to get used to where the buttons where on the keyboard, but satisfying once i picked it up. When the music really kicked in I was totally in the zone. Awesome characters, movements, the dialogue is well written. Cannot really fault this at all, except that it gets significantly harder after the flamethro... i mean dye cannon is unlocked. It also makes them die.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Thank you for playing!

      • I am not so sure what controls are best suited. It was intended to have several layouts, but due to the deadline, I did not get to change them. I figured wasd +jkl was comfortable because of the way our fingers are placed, while retaining the good old d-pad on the left, actions on the right scheme. But I'm glad it can be picked up cause it's difficult to tell what is comfortable for people
      • Thank you for the dialogue! This one is dear to me because I love making that kind of things. I had even better dialogues in mind, but lacked time. It would have given context to the last room as there would have been another boss saying (but in a better manner) "Hey, know what, I'm not gonna wait for you to upgrade and stuff and use all my troups at once. It's totally not because the dev lacked time or anything", that was already a time saver option, but that couldn't be added. :<
      • The difficulty was because I wanted to throw everything because the game gets more fun when you can crowd control. ...which relies on upgrades. And sadly, the platforms aren't suited to climb back up, which would have allowed to grind upgrades. As a result, it gets insanely hard and I didn't manage to test this out. You just need to be lucky with the upgrades!

      Thank you for your feedback~

  • ST4H
    ST4H ST4H Level 3

    One of the best this jam <3 Every kill is so rewarding (SO MUCH MONEY!!!) I would love to see this finished. 10/10, would play.
    Bugs report:
    You can shoot after you die,
    I think I've pushed one blob into the wall one time,
    Bullets don't add player velocity to their velocity.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Actually, the kills rewarding so much money is because I was not able to finish the game, but since I wanted the player to be able to pay the shop and that It was impossible to come back to the shop, I figured I'd be extra generous with the loot!

      • Yeah, actions not being cancelled when dying is due to how I needed to code it, I was unable to "block" the player's actions without change several things, and that was something I preferred not fixing because of the deadline.
      • Damn, I tried my best to avoid the wall glitches, I thought it was fixed
      • Oh right, good idea

      Thank you for your feedback!

  • Joe Wetmore
    Joe Wetmore Joe Wetmore Level 2

    Nice, the hits on enemies feel good. And that death sequence is fantastic.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Thank you! :D and thanks for playing~

  • Loates
    Loates Loates Level 9

    I absolutely loved the style of this game, It's obvious that you and wangle made a great team as the art and music are by far the best parts of this game, and provide a really nice, immersive atmosphere, and it is thanks to this art and music that the gameplay feels so good. All in all a really good game!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      Hehe thank you for playing and flattering our ego!

  • Croaks
    Croaks Croaks Level 4

    The art, the style, the music, oh I love it. I want a key-chain of that old man. He's genuinely perfect. The paper aesthetic is great and I was definitely left wanting more, especially after noticing the green outfit? I don't know what I was shooting at those blobs but I was into it.

    I am really curious about what you would have down for the integration of color back into the world. I was expecting after destroying some of the ?chimneys? that some color would come back. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if anything comes from this.

    Also I'm really impressed by your choice of what to do with the enemies. Instead of just disappearing the float off or flip and fade away. Such a great choice and it so reinforces your world. Love it.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 59

      I'm glad it was able to tell that I aimed to look for some kind of paper/sticker aesthetic!

      I basically unlocked the green attire because I wanted to give it to the player to enjoy the tools he could get, but didn't get the time to introduce it properly.

      About the colors, I intended to leave all stickers (flame dudes, the player) be the only coloured as I liked that aethetic. It would have been difficult for me anyway as I still need to learn how to do that sort of things.

      Yes, as soon a I thought I'd go for flat characters (by accidentally setting the image_xscale wrong), i figured I'd try to make them die like paper!

      Thank you for your feedback