Master Chef

Master Chef

  • Yosi & Eva & Adrien
  • 6 months ago
  • 26th


Collect and level up your kitchen appliances to beat the Master Chef and take his position! It might take a few tries...


  • Computers are "checkpoints". If you do not talk to any computers then the game will restart when you lose. Please talk to the first computer!

  • There's also a softlock if you are in battle with a very high leveled appliance with no room in your party and both appliances run out of power. You can avoid it by always keeping one slot open in your party.

  • The move "Steam Blast" doesn't seem to work.

  • You can't rematch trainers :(

  • Doesn't have saving / loading.

  • There's a crash that can occur if you walk into these zones. Don't try to train here: Zone


  • Navigate menus: Mouse
  • Move: WASD or arrow keys
  • Talk: E
  • View stats: Hold R
  • Rearrange party: Hold R + double click and drag
  • Rearrange box: Double click and drag


  • Programming by Yosi
  • Art by Eva
  • Sound by Adrien Dittrick

*Note: this game can take a long time to beat. If you want to speed up the process some you can rush to the end and try to catch some high level appliances - the catch rates are very lenient in this game :)


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