Slime Time

Slime Time

  • Shavv
  • 3 months ago
  • 10th


The player takes the role as a king of a Slime kingdom. Once awakened in his throne room, suddenly you get attacked by waves of enemies! Grab gear and weapons to defend yourself and survive endless waves of enemies. How far can you get?

Additional tips:

  • Hard difficulty, be ready for some tense action
  • You can gain Slime Points by jumping on heads of dead enemies. Once you jump on everyone's head and collected the points, next wave will begin.
  • Combo the jumps on enemy heads without touching the ground for bonus Slime Points. There is sound indicating your combo.
  • Slow weapons have an advantage if you start the attack mid-air and time it correctly while landing
  • You can buy items by jumping against the shop blocks super mario style!
  • Buying armor acts like a potion. Restores all your hearts to the max armor.


Arrow keys - Move
Z - Attack
X - Jump

Credits © :
Weerdoh - Artist
ImaginaryMan - Artist
Shavv - Coder, Designer, Music & Sound


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