The Kingdom Of Land

The Kingdom Of Land

  • Luke No Further
  • 1 year ago
  • 13th

Reclaim the Ocean for the glorious Kingdom of Land!

Chop, harvest, build and pump your way to global domination.

Click tree patches to collect wood. (Protip: Wait until the trees/quarries/fields are fully grown to gather the resources.)
Use wood to build quarries and click them to collect the sand they produce.
Use the sand to fill in the sea - build up walls of land enclosing areas of ocean.
Once an enclosed lake is formed, build a windmill on the edge and make sure it's facing it (click to rotate).
The windmill will pump out the water to reveal dry land.
The more buildings you have, the more expensive new buildings will be.
Build fields adjacent to windmills to produce tulips.
Tulips will eventually be needed for building more buildings. (Protip: Build an absolute TON of fields, you're going to need them to buy quarries to make the game not be slow and suck.)
Each level is won once all the sea tiles are turned into land!
If you mess up a building placement press backspace to toggle bulldozer mode.

- Good luck, and happy pumping!

Known issues: I think when you can an enclosed lake tile that's 9 depth, you can't use sand to fill it in and you have to pump it.

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  • baku
    baku baku Level 55 Patron

    Definitely didn't exploit that bug regarding enclosed level 9 lakes... nope, not at all 👀

    This game rules.

  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 14

    Found this game very enjoyable. I ended up finishing all the levels. Really enjoyed how some simple rules can lead to such an immersive game.

    While the gameplay loop is really similar to a clicker game (upgrade, get next upgrade.... get the material from that and get another upgrade...) I felt the objectives and levels made something more focused with a lot more interesting potential. Like clicker games, there isn't a ton of punishment except for time. Being inefficient doesn't result in a loss but more of idle time. While I didn't mind the pacing, I feel it'd be interesting to see how speed of ocean draining could effect the gameplay in other ways other too. I could not see how the draining time added to anything aside from the same 'wait for resource' mechanic present in the other tiles. Because the ocean does not take that much time to drain, gameplay wise I'm not sure what it adds. BUT then again, it was so ridiculously satisfying for me to watch an ocean drain that I know I prefer waiting just to see those numbers go down even if it is more inefficient than an instant drain. Maybe that satisfaction is the same reward you feel when you see your resources go up in a clicker game. Except in this case it is counting down!

    It'd be cool to see it tie into something else in addition to the short "idle time" you get viewing it drain. (particularly a really large body of water ). I wasn't sure if having more windmills working the same body sped it up.

    Other things you did well was on the sound design. I like how the sound changes when you click. As you have to click a lot, the variance worked in making it not annoying. Very chill vibe! Overall found it very enjoyable with so many ways to expand. Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, getting late!

  • jarossco
    jarossco jarossco Level 2

    Great concept and well executed little puzzle game. Loved the simplicity in the design and sound, very relaxing! Well done!

  • Fachewachewa

    Lovely game, both in concept and aesthetics, but it's sooooooo slow. Actually I'm kinda mad that you didn't put the fact that resources give more if they're full in your game description despite being aware that it should have been in the tutorial :(

    Overall I still feel like there's a balance issue, this is the state of my game towards the end, and it still took a few minutes to complete, even while spending all tulips I had to make more quarries. Of course I also didn't know about the full resource thing.

    I also feel like the game should allow us to destroy buildings / build anything on forests. I kinda got stuck at first because the game didn't let me build many fields around my windmills, and I had already built a few quarries in spaces that could have been fields earlier.

    I think the tutorial level is too small to be really challenging, and the "real" level is so big that you can end up making mistakes that will slow down your whole game, because you didn't really understood every concept right away.

    Anyways, I still enjoyed it a lot, and I even finished the ending screen, which was relatively fast with all those resources :D

    Oh and I also noticed I could collect resources by clinking once and then dragging my mouse around, which led me to wait for full resources even less 😅

  • Tero Hannula

    I liked how soothing and relaxing game was, few sound effects could have been changed as they jumped out from rest. Here is gameplay:

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 13

    Great meditative game. However completing one level took far too long and there wasn't enough strategy to get me coming back for more.

  • Chris

    It's a good game but probably too complicated for a game jam game. For me It's a lot to take in all at once

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Thanks for your feedback - Yeah I agree that it's difficult to make a complex game that has wide appeal for a game jam due to the time restrictions which that can leave the tutorial underdeveloped. I try to be patient and engage with every game that I review, particularly complex ones as I think jams are a great opportunity to try out something new and risky in a low-stakes environment. It'd definitely be easier to review jam games if they were all uncomplicated, but I think it would be a less interesting jam overall.

      • Chris Chris
        Level 33

        I played it again and it's actually easy to learn and very enjoyable, I shouldn't review games so late at night. Great job!

  • lazertrax
    lazertrax lazertrax Level 3

    Super cool concept, I'm a big fan of strategy and resource management games and this one is so enjoyable with it's simple premise. I believe you could add alot of depth later on but for 48 hours this is fantastic. Really enjoyed playing this as well as the very calm and simple music.

  • Ben Caunter
    Ben Caunter Ben Caunter Level 3

    pretty good game im not sure what it has to do with two sides though but fun

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 11

    Good tutorial at the beginning! I absolutely love the sound and music. The music is calming and the sound effects are extremely pleasing and satisfying, which is important when you're clicking a lot. Game itself is just a clicker game that's pretty slow, I thought, but I see from a comment that letting things grow gives you more resources, which I didn't know.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      I'm really glad you enjoyed the goofy sound/music - yeah I should have included the letting things grow aspect in the tutorial at the beginning, it's in the tooltip text at the top of the screen but it's very easy to miss. The sfx for clicking a full resource is a nice chord instead of a single note, so you get a nice pleasing audio reward for collecting resources optimally.

      Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave feedback!

  • Tydecon Games

    This is such a charming idea, the colonisation of the land and the resource management, I'd love to see you expanding on this with more and more buildings and rescources, possibly turning it into an automatic kind of deal, you have built so so much with these foundations and it's a great entry, good job! :)

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      I love automation-oriented games so yes that would be something I think I would persue if I were to expand on this game! Thanks for playing.

  • Pixel Pincher

    What a cool concept! I too was a bit lost because I didn't read the rules (I know, I know), so with a proper tutorial this could be really well extended into a full game! Very well done!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Yes there were a few gameplay aspects that I didn't put in the interactive tutorial that I wish I had - Thanks for playing and your kind words!

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 17

    This is honestly one of the best games I've played, and the one I spent the most time playing, from this jam. I don't really have any criticisms, except to say that I'd love to see more content. The core gameplay loop is there to build off of and make a really great game. Wonderful job!

  • Kask Daxxe
    Kask Daxxe Kask Daxxe Level 2

    I can't honestly say I would change anything.

  • jack
    jack jack Level 16 Patron

    I had fun playing this! Weirdly addicting. My only real critique is that the game is a bit too slow-paced (that's just how I feel, though) and I think a button to instantly collect all available resources would be very helpful. Good entry, though :)

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Yes it can be slow-paced, particularly at the start. I don't know if you saw the tooltip that said you get more resources overall from a tile if you let it grow to their maximum level? It's in a tooltip at the top when you hover over a forest/field/quarry - I didn't put it in the main tutorial and I regret it! The game is very slow indeed if you only harvest resources when they grow to level 1.

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 30

    Took a very long time to play (probably because I didn't read the part that says waiting for things to fully grow gives you more resources) but it was very satisfying! I love how the lakes / windmills work.

    Also I got this :)

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Wow that's extremely satisfying! Yes I left the fully grow thing out of the tutorial like a damn fool.

      Thanks for playing and taking the time to get to the end!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    The sound design and overall aesthetic is very nice. I think the pacing Is way to slow though, I felt like a lot of time was just spent waiting. but maybe I'm just bad at the game. Still really fun though, great job.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

      Yes there definitely is some waiting, but usually if you're waiting for something, you can be getting on with something else, but yeah the game doesn't make it that clear.

      In principle it should go something like this: Waiting for trees to grow? Lay some sand in the water to start building a wall. Waiting for sand to accumulate in quarries? Use the wood you have to build more quarries - Waiting for Tulips to grow? Build more fields.

      • faxdoc faxdoc
        Level 5

        Hey, thanks for the reply. I get there are multiple things to do, but still I found myself waiting for all the different parts most of the time. It's to late now, but maybe a double-speed button could have helped. It's all personal preference though, and I don't want to undermine how nice this game is.

  • Bokonon
    Bokonon Bokonon Level 5

    I absolutely loved this game.

    The rules are simple and easy to understand. It was a ton of fun to slowly terraform each of the two levels.

    With that said, the idea of the sound effects on clicking was brilliant, I just feel the sound effects themselves were kind of grating and really seemed out of place with the relaxing background music, perhaps changing the sounds to something in key with the music would make it fit together more cohesively.

    Also, I had a hard time connecting this gameplay to the theme? I suppose you have to surround water with land but that isn't always with two sides?

    Regardless, this game is great and if more levels were added and some more audio/visual polish, it is a game I could absolutely see myself buying and playing.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Noted on the SFX - I enjoy them personally but I definitely agree they are not very subtle and can be jarring!

      RE: Theme - The two sides are Land & Sea! - I was inspired by the eternal struggle The Netherlands is engaged in with the sea and the ingenious ways they've found of reclaiming land. For me the theme inspired the core conflict of the plot and the objective of the game and the duality of land/water, the encircling and draining mechanic is merely a means to those ends.

      Thank you for your positive feedback! I think I can tweak the UI to be entirely click/tap based. It could make a nice little relaxing mobile game :)

      • Bokonon Bokonon
        Level 5

        Now that you say it the theme makes perfect sense! I wrote my thoughts out too early this morning, before my coffee =)!

  • Dazlog
    Dazlog Dazlog Level 3

    Yay! I did it! (Well, the actual level).

    Great game overall, I really had fun playing it and the concept is interesting. I usually don't like this kind of games but the rules are simple and well explained in this one, the pace of the game is perfect and the music is quite welcoming.

    The sfx were a bit distracting, and doesn't feel like they belong to the same game. As I wasn't completely sure what I had to do first, I ended with a lot of wood, but so little of the other resources.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 14

      Thanks for playing and your feedback! Noted RE: distracting SFX.

      There's actually four levels if you count the intro screen (playable and winable), tutorial, the level in a circle and the win screen (also playable and winable).

      RE: Too much wood - you can spend the wood you get buying quarries and fields which produce sand and tulips accordingly, if you make a whoooole bunch of them and keep harvesting them only when they're full, then you'll rack up loads of the sand/tulips and find wood to actually be pretty scarse.