Robots Don't Get Scared

Robots Don't Get Scared

  • Ethan Wake
  • 1 month ago
  • 22nd

Controls are incorrectly explained in-game... which I didn't notice until three days after finishing it. Oops.

The REAL Controls:

  • Left/Right Arrows: Move
  • A: Jump/Advance Dialogue
  • S: Shoot (after obtaining Blaster Arm)

Kevin, a particularly neighborly robot, decides to invite his nextdoor neighbors to a potluck. However, as soon as he steps in his neighbor's home, he accidentally activates his self-destruct mechanism, scattering his pieces everywhere. Now he must recollect his own pieces so he can properly invite his neighbors to the potluck.

Also, his neighbors live in a haunted house. Others might be too scared to enter a haunted house, but robots don't get scared.

This is a very short Metroidvania. It pokes fun at horror games, complete with jumpscares. Except the monsters can't scare you, or even hurt you, because you're a robot. Ha!

Software used:

  • GMS1.4
  • Gimp (graphics)
  • Spine (animation)
  • LMMS (sounds/music)
  • Wavepad (sounds)


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  • Tero Hannula

    I played the game throughly, it was nice game. Also I always appreciate when someone tries other than pixel art, so thumbs up for that :) Theme wasn't that much present in this game, story does start by robot falling apart, but after it you are reconstructing yourself. So maybe you could have implemented theme more in someway other. About gameplay, maybe speed upgrade shouldn't have been passibe ability but ability to run whenever player wanted, as initially it made overall platforming bit harder, as you easily went too far. Though you get used to it. Also jumping on ceilings had bit weird collisions. But your game was nice entry :) I liked the jumpscares and their dull faces when robot didn't give any reaction ^^

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thanks Tero! Admittedly it only loosely follows the theme... this was the best idea I could think of at the time haha. I wanted to make running optional via a run button, but I ran short on time so that got overlooked in the end. I noticed the weird ceiling collisions, but it's another one of those things I never had the chance to go back and fix. Glad you like the graphics and bored monsters haha. Thanks for your feedback!

  • PizzaBandit

    Awesome game, solid metroidvania with funny enemies


    I thought the jumpscares was hillarious. They weren't neccecary, but they gave a unique personality to the enviroment and the protagonist without breaking the flow like NPC:s with textboxes would have done. In general, I like the idea of the game being a parody of haunted houses. I think it would have been even cooler if the scenery looked more like a stereotypical haunted house.

    I like that the look and animation of the character changes when you collect upgrades. That is a common overlook even in large scale games. The rolling animation looks espacially cool.

    I played this two times and didn't notice the non solid blocks singleshot mentioned and other people didn't seem to do so either. What I'm trying to say is that it's no big deal. I once submitted a game where you could get an infinite score by doing absolutley nothing. Nobody even noticed.

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked the goofy jumpscares; I really wanted them to be comedic rather than scary, but I wasn't sure I'd succeeded.

      I totally planned on making a stereotypical haunted house, but it didn't work out due to poor planning. I got a late start on the game, and spent too much time on character sprites and the movement engine. Level graphics were hastily worked on when I realized I was running out of time to meet the deadline.

      I'm glad you didn't notice the non-solid walls. The breakable walls / bullseye-controlled walls were another thing I hurriedly threw into the game with very little testing because I was running out of time. I didn't realize my mistake until a few days after uploading the game haha.

      Again, thanks for your feedback and kind words!

  • Yozoraki
    Yozoraki Yozoraki Level 3

    One of the main things that can ruin a metroidvania is too much backtracking but here I think you've solved the problem: You make it so the upgrades make the backtracking easier. Difficult jumps are then upgraded to be jumped with ease, longer sections can be backtracked twice as fast with extra speed. Genius! Definitely something I'll keep in mind if I ever make one!

    I think others hit well on any criticism I would have with it (jump precision, some graphical stuff, etc) but I thought it was great overall! And I'm afraid to admit how many times I got jumpscared and rolled my eyes at how pathetic I am. Thanks for that hahaha

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thank you! As you said, backtracking is always a huge chore in this type of game, so I tried to make it to be as pain-free as possible. Sorry about the jumpscares; they were intended to be comically ironic (as in "Ha, look at that stupid zombie that can't hurt the robot") but because of the randomness they turned out a bit scarier than I'd planned haha.

  • singleshot
    singleshot singleshot Level 25

    A very fun silly little game!

    I like the look of the robot and monsters but everything else kinda looked bland and samey. Having tile design variations for the level would have gone a long way. Even just having a top layer for tiles you walk on vs wall tiles would have helped.

    Some of the jumps were a bit too precise, and once you go the speed up, one tile platform became super annoying, I found myself slipping off after barely walking on it. Also the target gates and some of the cracked walls didn’t have collision? I got the gun arm first, and broke though cracked blocks before I got the power up that told me I can now break them?

    But that's about where my complaints end, the concept was nice, the story was humorous, and all the spooks were drawn appealing. Really well done for 14 hours of work.

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      I agree on the bland graphics; I got a late start on the game so the character sprites were really the only graphics I could dedicate any time on. I tried to cheat a little by making the floor tiles random shades of grey (exciting, I know), but I wish I'd had time to make a more convincing haunted house.

      Same goes for the precision jumping. I sketched the level design and built the actual level just a few hours before the deadline, then moved on to music, sounds and cutscenes. In hindsight I probably should have scrapped cutscenes and dedicated more time to playtesting, because I didn't even discover the non-solid target gates and cracked blocks until two days ago while replaying. That was a huge oversight.

      Anyhow, I'm glad you liked the parts that didn't completely fall through haha. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Rewdan Sprites

    Hey Ethan. Cool game.

    I liked the art and sfx. I liked how the other characters look at you. I think the game suits the theme really well.

    The one thing I should mention was the jumps were precision perfect. It wasn't too frustrating though because it wasnt like we was diying so was quite happy about that.

    there was one point where I was like: "Yes, Yes! YEAH!!!"

    Good job.

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thanks very much! A lot of the jumps admittedly require too much precision, but I ran out of time to tweak the level design haha.

  • Quentin Van Deutekom

    I had a really fun time with this, maybe Im a little bit biased because I love metroidvania games! The powerups were fun, the story and art were charming & I instinctively knew where to go throughout the game, very well put together!

  • Brian LaClair

    Kevin the 🤖 is adorable - good work on this! My biggest frustration was that the jumping mechanics were a bit... slippery? Like I just always felt that I was falling down holes after sliding off of a collision, but I still had tons of fun and enjoyed your whole game :)

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it! The movement engine is a bit too slippery for my liking as well. I'd have tweaked it if I had more time.

  • Swisspick
    Swisspick Swisspick Level 9

    Played through the whole game and it was kinda fun. It was confusing though to were you are supposed to go.

    • Ethan Wake Ethan Wake
      Level 4

      Thanks for your feedback! I planned on adding more hints so there's less guesswork on where to go, but I ran out of time. I barely uploaded the game before the deadline haha.

  • Jason Newman
    Jason Newman Jason Newman Level 7

    Fantastic! Loved the art and theme. You have a talent for cinematics!

  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 5

    This was very entertaining. The cutscenes and humour were great. The gameplay was fun too. To put this together in such a short time is impressive.