Seven Sacrifices

Seven Sacrifices

  • Veralos
  • 3 years ago
  • 3rd

Updated version:


After stealing seven artifacts from a tomb leaves your family with a terrible curse, you venture back into the depths of the tomb to sacrifice seven of your own possessions in order appease the vengeful spirit that cursed you. As you fight your way through each room you must give up your items one by one, reducing the amount of abilities you have access to as you progress.



  • Move: Left/Right
  • Jump: Up
  • Dash: Up while in the air
  • Use Whip: A
  • Use Gun: S
  • Use Grappling Hook: D

Sacrifice Menu

  • Select: Left/Right
  • Confirm: A


  • Exit Level/Quit Game: Escape
  • Toggle Fullscreen: F4

You can also press Space to skip to the end of a level. This is a totally an intentional feature and definitely not a debug thing that I forgot to remove before submission.


  • Made by Veralos
  • Made with Game Maker: Studio
  • Sound Effects made with Bfxr
  • Music made with BeepBox
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  • Kodiqi
    Kodiqi Kodiqi Level 6

    This was great, my favourite entry so far. Damn, it was hard though. I couldn't finish it, even with the grapple and dash. That was both frustrating but also compelling. High difficulty platformers have never been my forte but there is definitely an audience for it. The graphics were simple but clear and did everything they needed to do. The music and sound effects fit well. The gameplay and level design were the strongest aspects though. The game I made for this jam has some similarities to this but falls far short, I wish my game was more like this :) The tutorial at the start was well implemented into the gameplay. The gun acting as a temporary lantern when it fired was a great touch. Making sure the whip was more powerful as a weapon than the gun meant you balanced it more when it came time to making a sacrifice (also whipping skeletons looked great). Yeah, just all those little touches, combined with tight controls and good (though challenging) level design done in 48 hours, wow. A strong contender.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      It's great to know you liked the game so much. It's a shame you couldn't manage to finish it - I'm sorry that it was so tough.

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards Scott Richards Level 22

    Having played every game this jam I can say this is one of the best entries, The tie in to theme made for some very difficult choices and interesting level design. Excellent tutorialization, something many jam games could take note on.

    For me the last two levels were quite the challenge. They pointed out the biggest issue I had with the game and it was the platforming. Cheating the ledges a bit will dramatically improve game feel. The jumps at the end of a ledge should be more forgiving.

    Try your second to last level past the first two bats and before the 4 spiders. There is a jump with spikes on the roof, that jump is one I missed repeatedly with the expectation that I could jump later than the game would allow me. Compare it to jumping in any Mario game.

    One of the most frustrating things for a player is when the input doesn't match the output, or at least their perceived expected output. This game was so incredibly well done. Excellent work!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks. Tutorials are always nice, but I felt it was especially important here to establish what the items do so you can make an informed choice when ditching them.

      As for your criticism: Yeah, that jump is possibly the hardest in the game. End of ledge jumps are as forgiving as they can be without letting you jump in midair (you jump as soon as the button is pressed and the floor check is done before you move), but I guess cheating could help. In response to this feedback I've added a few frames in which you can jump after falling off a ledge in the post-jam build. Not sure I like it that much so I might remove it or tweak it, but I'll have to experiment a bit and see. If it doesn't work out I could always just alter some of the more frustrating jumps in the levels.

  • High five Machine

    This was great! Art, sound, music, everything reminded me of an NES game. Well, except for the difficulty. Was juuuust difficult enough not to be frustrating.

    Your sacrifice abilities mechanic is nicely done. Believe it or not, my first idea for the theme was something similar but I couldn't get it organized properly in my mind. I'm glad to see someone else made it work.

    Totally amazed at how this was made in just 48 hours yet feels like a complete and polished game. High five!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks for the compliments. I'm honestly a bit surprised that more people didn't use a similar idea as it seemed fairly obvious to me.

  • DerpyOmnister

    <3 Love IT!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat concept! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks for featuring it. I'll have to check out the video soon.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    The level design in this game was just incredible, holy moly, you made so many cool different paths to take based on what you didn't sacrifice yet, and that plot twist at the end! What a great game.

    Art and audio were both really good too, and the overall polish in the game was so much it was palpable.

    The idea was pretty basic, but executed so well that I can't really say the game suffered from it.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      It's good to hear you liked it. One of the main reasons I went with this idea was because I though it would be interesting to try adding a bunch of item based shortcuts to the levels.

  • siridakis
    siridakis siridakis Level 7

    I must say this is one of the games I had more fun playing so far, congratulations!
    I loved the art, the sound fits the environment and the levels were really well designed for you to be able to beat them despite the sacrifices you have made.
    Some stages made me wanna see a checkpoint but then I stopped crying and moved on. I haven't really counted the amount of items at the beggining so I wasn't expecting what was waiting for me at the end, so innocent...
    Again, great game! :)

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      I'm glad you had fun. I didn't really think I would surprise anyone with the ending, but it's cool to know that it wasn't super expected for you.

  • TheCalster
    TheCalster TheCalster Level 4

    Really fun, and did a really good job at incorporating the theme. The fact that depending on which gear you had meant you could play each level differently was quite impressive. Although for the first play through at least, it leaves the player having to guess which item will be the most useless in the levels to come. The art and sound were well done and gave the game a very fitting style. I think I'd agree with parts of what Kwisarts said in terms of the technical aspects of the game. I wasn't able to complete the game due to what felt like a pixel perfect jump that I only managed to do once or twice. Which is a shame because I really liked the game an wanted to beat it! That being said I was quite proud of how far I had come :)

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      I'm sorry that you couldn't finish it. In hindsight some of the jumps are probably a bit too precise. It's good to hear you enjoyed the rest, though.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 59

    Hi! It was pretty cute, had nice progression abd it's nice to have many items to sacrifice. I love how the way you sacrifice stuff opens or closes different paths!

    However, the problem is that the game feels unfair. When you have a challenging game like this, you shouldn't feel like what's stopping you is the controls. The problem is this: it's not smooth. It's good to be able to control the jump, but whenever you move, you're constantly at full speed. Generally, to have a smoother movement, you would want to make a very slight acceleration instead of being either at 0 speed or either at 10 (random number). Here the movements are a bit rigid. Also, ease up the gravity a bit, everything feels a bit too fast and you feel like you're sucked by the grounds and traps. With a game with that speed i'd make the hitboxes a tiny bit smaller. Also, levels are a bit too long without checkpoints, was tedious Gave up on the last level (actually no, i closed the window by mistake and didn't feel like going there again)

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks for the detailed feedback.

      The game technically does have acceleration and friction, it's just set so high that it's virtually unnoticeable. I could tweak this if you think it would make the game feel smoother, though I doubt it would make the game any easier.

      Lowered gravity does seem like it would make the game a bit more forgiving. Unfortunately, it would be hard to for me to change it in this game since the current jump arc is so baked into the design. I will keep this in mind for future projects, though. I do think the jump height could probably be increased a little: Jumping three blocks high is currently overly precise.

      Hitboxes aren't really something I looked at much so I could certainly adjust those.

  • Tecna
    Tecna Tecna Level 10

    This game is really great and super fun! The art is spot on, with cute animations, and the music and sounds are nice too. I liked the mechanic of sacrificing one item at each stage, as I could see new paths closing and opening for me with the choices I made throughout my run. Although I didn't finish it (it was really hard), I loved what I played. Good job!

  • Fachewachewa

    Very good, a little too hard but that's okay. The gun seems a little too useful though compared to the rest ? (the grapling hook became useless because of the spikes, but the gun still had a big shortcut)

    EDIT : yep I was thinking about that one :)

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      The items certainly aren't perfectly balanced, and the gun is definitely one of the better ones. If you're talking about the shortcut on the second to last level, that was actually unintentional. It was supposed to only work for the whip but the boxes ended up lining with another ledge so you can shoot them with the gun.

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Joe Miller Level 20

    Really fun, and incorporates the theme very well. I had fun trying different things to get past areas. The levels seemed well thought out from the potential sacrifices the player might've made at certain points.

  • Nicko
    Nicko Nicko Level 5

    I liked the game game. It has some really interesting ideas like the darkness and light. It felt kinda bland by the end when you had lost most of your items, but it was interesting trying to find ways to pass the obstacles without the items you have sacrificed.

    The controls where really nice and responsive and the sound was good. Not something exceptional, but it did it's job gracefully.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thank for playing. Yeah, the blandness as the game progresses is kind of an inherent flaw with the item sacrificing premise. It's probably why most games do it the other way round.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    I hope you win. This is such a perfect use of the theme! I loved seeing the different paths i could've taken had i sacrificed something different! Very nice graphics. Foot steps got a little repetitive but the music and sounds overall were great!

    Great job!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks. I'm glad someone noticed that different items allow for some different routes. I'll note down the footstep sounds as something to fix in a post jam version.

  • pmmj
    pmmj pmmj Level 2

    Very good game. However, did you leave in room switch commands? I accidentally shifted past the last two levels without completing them. Love the art and level design. Very innovative!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Yeah, you can press Space to skip levels (as I mentioned in the description). I actually disabled that at some point, but put it back in for a bit of last minute testing and forgot to remove it again. By the time I realised I had left it in it was too late to edit the submission.

      Anyway, thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

  • JealousCrow
    JealousCrow JealousCrow Level 6

    Great game and very challenging!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Dang this game is fun! The only thing I would say that it is a little too challenging, for me at least. On the last level after I had sacrificed everything I couldn't get through it. Maybe implement a save from this position feature. Great game though!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Level 34

      Thanks! Sorry about the difficulty - my games tend to be on the harder side. I'll consider your saving suggestion if I ever develop this game further. It's good to know you managed to make it to the last level at least.