Escape from Sector 12

Escape from Sector 12

  • kris24
  • 2 years ago
  • 26th


alt text

ESCAPE FROM SECTOR 12 is a space shooter where your ship is chased by super explosive EVIL spheres! You can destroy them with your ship's weapon - the only problem is you can only hold one charge at a time!

If you rack up a big enough streak of destroyed spheres, a portal will appear which will allow you to escape. Good luck!


  • ARROW KEYS to move
  • SPACE to fire weapon
  • 2 and 1 to increase and decrease volume, respectively
  • R will restart the game
  • You will have to use ALT-F4 to exit the desktop version, as I forgot to provide for closing the game via menu or ESCAPE key. Whoops!


Every time you warp in, you are invulnerable for a short time. Use that time to get to a safe place!
Look for the green beacon to charge your weapon (the indicator at the top of the screen will help you locate it)
alt text
All spheres are deadly. You'll probably die. A lot.
alt text
Find ways to make big strings of spheres to destroy as many as you can!
alt text


The sounds, such as they are, were generated using

Also, pretend that the lack of music is totally a feature, not a "ran out of time" thing - just pull up Spotify or whatever and blow up spheres to your favorite music!

Everything else was made by Kris24 (u/aflocka)


  • HTML5 version works now, however, it's a little small on the screen. The game experience is better on the download version.
  • There are no known game-breaking bugs, however, if you play for an extended time you may find that the spheres tend to get bunched up around the edges making it harder to find targets.


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the GM48, if you’d like to take a look :)

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    This seems really good. The movement feels pretty smooth and it's cool watching big chains of explosions. Unfortunately, it's a bit too tough for me. It's really easy to run into stuff. Perhaps the view could be widened a little? Regardless, it's still a very nice game.

  • Fachewachewa

    This is pretty cool, but reaaaally hard to play because of how zoomed in the view is :/

  • Levi D. Smith
    Levi D. Smith Levi D. Smith Level 10

    I thought this game was pretty fun. I liked when the "NOOOOOO!" comment popped up when I said the same when I crashed. The sound effects were fine, but this type of game begs to have some intense background music. At first I didn't realize that I was supposed to go into the big glowing orb after I finished blowing up enough circles to meet the goal. The ship seemed a little floaty, but that may just be me because I've never really cared for Asteroid style controls. The explosions were great. Sometimes it was a little hard to outrun the "active" circles chasing you, especially if you're going fast and don't see them coming. The indicator was really well done, and I think the game would have been really frustrating without it.

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing! Glad you thought it was fun!

      I was so disappointed when I wasn't able to get some music together in time, it definitely would have added a lot to the experience. Glad you appreciated the indicator, I was pleasantly surprised by how relatively easy it was to implement (having never done anything like that before)

  • TheProgrammer163

    I really liked the movement, it felt smooth and "spacy" but you slow down fast enough that you have control and can move out of the way quickly, it makes for fun gameplay. (if it were more zoomed out we could really take advantage of this)

    If you upload a new version with music and the view zoomed out, I'll play it again

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing!

      If I get a chance, I will likely try to upload an improved version to or somewhere like that.

  • Josiarthei
    Josiarthei Josiarthei Level 4

    I felt like this would have benefitted a lot from being more zoomed out, as well as having the map restart every time, as eventually it got too easy with buildup. Very fun though!

    • kris24 kris24

      Yes there's problems with the sphere spawning when the game goes on too long - there's a few things I could have done to improve that process had I thought of them in time. The zoom/view thing too, that really seems to be the biggest problem people have.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 50

    Kinda fun, but It's hard to navigate. It's frustrating to have a ship that fast when you gotta move very carefully because of those circles coming out of nowhere and that zoom that won't let you predict much. I think a less powerful zoom would help.

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing!

      You're not the only one looking for a wider view :) I wish I would have realized that would be an issue!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    I really liked both the controls and the main mechanic, you tied the theme, the score, and the hp with just one thing, and that was pretty cool. Sound effects and art were kinda average but they didn't take much from the experience, the biggest problem is probably the enemies coming out of nowhere when you're going really fast, I'd either fix that with the ability to reverse or by letting the player know when they're near, even before they get on screen.

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it. And thanks for the feedback as well, there's definitely a lot that could be tweaked about the sphere spawning and zoom level.

  • QuibbleCoatl
    QuibbleCoatl QuibbleCoatl Level 10

    Very fun to control and feels nicely responsive. setting off a big explosion feels good, also setting up the perfect shot was a good use of the theme. You already addressed it, but the view could be a bit larger, because I have a need to go super fast ha.

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! Number one goal was to make the explosions as satisfying as possible :)

      Man I wish I would have spent the last few hours trying to improve the view/HTML5 port rather than wasting it trying to come up with music (that didn't even happen, obviously). Ah well, next time!

  • serialkamikaze

    Lots of blinking colors and big explosions, I like it.

    I played the HTML5 version and would like to have a bigger window to play.

    • kris24 kris24

      Thanks for playing! Lots of colors and explosions was my goal :)

      I wish I would have made the view bigger to start with! And I wanted scaling for HTML5 but I couldn't wrap my head around it in time. (I wouldn't have had time to make the port today, unfortunately)

      Thanks again!

  • Kodiqi
    Kodiqi Kodiqi Level 6

    Nice, smooth controls. I might have preferred the view zoomed out a bit as it was hard to know what was ahead of you once you gained some speed. When it told me to find the "green" charge, the first thing I did was fly into a green circle, which killed me. I'd suggest either showing specifically what the "green charge" looks like, or not having green circles as an enemy. Also, for a full-screen game, it is nice to have a quit button or key.

    • kris24 kris24

      I wish I would have made the game view bigger as well - by the time I realized that it was too late to do anything about it :(

      Good idea for the green charge/beacon/powerup/whatever-I-should-call-it. I can see how that would be confusing at first.

      I totally spaced on adding a way to quit from fullscreen of those things I meant to do but never got around to doing before time ran out.

      Thanks for playing!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    The best part of this game was controlling the ship! It was just plain fun!


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