Escape from Sector 12

Escape from Sector 12

  • kris24
  • 2 years ago
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ESCAPE FROM SECTOR 12 is a space shooter where your ship is chased by super explosive EVIL spheres! You can destroy them with your ship's weapon - the only problem is you can only hold one charge at a time!

If you rack up a big enough streak of destroyed spheres, a portal will appear which will allow you to escape. Good luck!


  • ARROW KEYS to move
  • SPACE to fire weapon
  • 2 and 1 to increase and decrease volume, respectively
  • R will restart the game
  • You will have to use ALT-F4 to exit the desktop version, as I forgot to provide for closing the game via menu or ESCAPE key. Whoops!


Every time you warp in, you are invulnerable for a short time. Use that time to get to a safe place!
Look for the green beacon to charge your weapon (the indicator at the top of the screen will help you locate it)
alt text
All spheres are deadly. You'll probably die. A lot.
alt text
Find ways to make big strings of spheres to destroy as many as you can!
alt text


The sounds, such as they are, were generated using

Also, pretend that the lack of music is totally a feature, not a "ran out of time" thing - just pull up Spotify or whatever and blow up spheres to your favorite music!

Everything else was made by Kris24 (u/aflocka)


  • HTML5 version works now, however, it's a little small on the screen. The game experience is better on the download version.
  • There are no known game-breaking bugs, however, if you play for an extended time you may find that the spheres tend to get bunched up around the edges making it harder to find targets.


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