Oliver the Torchbearer

Oliver the Torchbearer

  • Fachewachewa
  • 1 year ago
  • 22nd


Use the Oleampian Torch to keep Oliver warm and melt or burn obstacles while avoiding getting too hot.

Keyboard Controls:
  • ZQSD / WASD : move
  • up : jump
  • down : slide-dodge
  • space: throw torch
Controller Controls:
  • L-stick: move
  • A: jump
  • X, LB or LT: slide-dodge
  • B, RB or RT: throw torch

The full run, if you're curious and can't / won't beat it yourself : https://youtu.be/-wB-n2tHOX4

Destruction of the Chariots of Fire music by me, via Bosca Ceoil.

Full disclosure : I realized I could also upload the game for the 41th Ludum Dare (Combine 2 Incompatible Genres), so I did, but absolutely no part of the game was made with the Ludum Dare in mind, if that's of any importance.

Real tips if you're having troubles :

  • Always keep an eye on your temperature in the top left, throwing the torch is a good way to decrease it, but jumps and slides also have a smaller effect
  • You can't jump after throwing the torch, but you can still slide
  • You get a new Leaf at the start of each day
  • The Torch needs to stay close to a Snowman to melt it. You can either throw the torch (but it'll need to go back on the snowman too) or you can stay close to the snowman while slowing down.
  • Because of the snowmen, always staying on the left is not the optimal strategy, since you might need to slow down


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