Harmful Loot

Harmful Loot

  • Michael Hofmann
  • 3 years ago
  • 5th

You have to fight your way to the top and kill the Skeleton Warrior.

Collect helpful or harmful (or maybe both ;) ) loot on the way.



WASD or Arrow-Keys: Moving and Interacting

You can choose to pick up an item or not with your mouse.

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  • Jupiter Hadley

    Neat game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/6oxsNSlqcYM

  • Problematicar

    Really short game, I love the turn based combat and the randomly generated loot though, the artstyle and music were also really cute.

    Universe T

    Universe T

  • Fachewachewa

    Fun little game, I wish it was longer. But for what's there, it feels really polished.

  • Veralos
    • Level 38
    3yrs ago

    I don't really understand the health system. It seems I was gaining health by fighting enemies rather than losing it. But other than it's a nice little game that is pretty fun to follow to the end. I wish there was a little more to the combat system but for what it is it works well enough. The graphics all look good and the music and sounds are great too. The use of the theme is solid but there could be a bit more variety in the effects of items (both negative and positive).

    • Michael Hofmann

      Thank you for the positive feedback! :)

      Yeah when the armor is high enough, you start to gain health if the damage is low. I thought it's kinda cool and fits the theme but it's definitive to common because everyone in the comment section mentions it as a bug.

  • Atomic
    • Level 17
    3yrs ago

    Maybe I just love the genre, but I really enjoyed playing this. Simple sound design, reminiscent of Gauntlet II, cool graphics and design. I got a bug at some point, where I'd receive HP from taking damage, probably just because my defence was so high. Make it into a full game!

  • Kwis
    • Level 63
    3yrs ago

    Oh too bad it was so short, I wanted to play more!

    (that's a compliment in case it's hard to tell)

    Cute game! It feels kinda immersive and I like these type of games. I guess I would have liked to have more stuff, since it feels a bit simple.

    Also, I don't mind if I do.

  • AceOfSpad3s

    Simple but solid game with interesting mechanics. I enjoyed it and would have liked to play more levels :)

  • Jmation

    Loved the game for its simple controls! It felt strange having to use the mouse to confirm things in menus though after using the keyboard to control the character. Maybe add keyboard controls to the menus or mouse to the player control. Really wanted to interact with the inventory which goes to show how much you sucked us into the game. Well Done!

  • Ardeimon

    The game is simple but it was entertaining.

    I also encountered the armor healing HP bug(?). It was a bit unexpected but, it also serves as a good twist amidst the helpful but harmful loot around.

    More levels and various more enemies can make it more interesting, if you do plan to expand it. :)



  • Panda-K
    • Level 18
    3yrs ago

    I had fun with your game; it really scratched that 'one more run' itch to see if I could get lucky and win.

    A few weird things happened in my first run, though. My armour was strong enough that I started gaining hp. I'm not sure if this was a bug or a feature, but I would've use max(damage-armour, 0) to avoid it if it is a bug. Also, I found some loot with +1 armour, -2 armour which wasn't a very interesting decision.

    • Michael Hofmann

      Thank you for this detailed feedback :)!

      I had the armour-gaining-health bug also and I thought I let it in the game because it's quite interesting, but you are right about the loot with same positive and negative mod. This shouldn't be there!

  • Dustin
    • Level 3
    3yrs ago

    I really enjoyed your game. I had to think carefully if wanted that damage weapon while losing HP or not.

    Arena Wars

    Arena Wars