Gherkin's Revenge

Gherkin's Revenge

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Gherkins Revenge

Evil dwellers from another realm have invaded Dill City, and Rambo Gherkin is our only hope! As you ward off the forces of evil, care packages are liberally provided for power ups and extra health. BEWARE however, because these packages may not always give you what you were expecting.


Destroy the evil dwellers using upgraded weapons. You can get upgraded weapons by opening crates. Beware of the dweller seed pods, they will eventually hatch into a nasty surprise. Once the dwellers have been defeated, clear all remaining enemies to complete the level. Good luck!


 Movement: WASD or Arrow keys

 Jump: Space bar, or  Up arrow

 Mouse to aim and click to shoot


 *Many weapons to find (each with their own unique characteristics)

 *Eight unique enemies and obstacle

 *Three intense high paced levels

 *Boss fight!

 *Custom heavy metal sound track

 *Hand made pixel art, and special effects


 *Game Maker Studio 2



 *FL Studio


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