Gherkin's Revenge

Gherkin's Revenge

  • Hemophiliac Knife Fight
  • 2 years ago
  • 4th

Gherkins Revenge

Evil dwellers from another realm have invaded Dill City, and Rambo Gherkin is our only hope! As you ward off the forces of evil, care packages are liberally provided for power ups and extra health. BEWARE however, because these packages may not always give you what you were expecting.


Destroy the evil dwellers using upgraded weapons. You can get upgraded weapons by opening crates. Beware of the dweller seed pods, they will eventually hatch into a nasty surprise. Once the dwellers have been defeated, clear all remaining enemies to complete the level. Good luck!


 Movement: WASD or Arrow keys

 Jump: Space bar, or  Up arrow

 Mouse to aim and click to shoot


 *Many weapons to find (each with their own unique characteristics)

 *Eight unique enemies and obstacle

 *Three intense high paced levels

 *Boss fight!

 *Custom heavy metal sound track

 *Hand made pixel art, and special effects


 *Game Maker Studio 2



 *FL Studio
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Christopher Weller Christopher Weller
      Level 16

      Thanks! I checked out your videos. Appreciate you taking the time, and including us.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    This game is pure concentrated fun and action, it didn't really feel connected to the theme though, and at some points it's not really clear what you have to do to advance.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for giving it a shot, and the feedback!

      The crates are the key, they are can either be helpful, or harmful (or both depending on level and chance). You can potentially get a special weapon to help wipe out the baddies and damage the boss, or your could spawn even more enemies!

      I definitely agree that it isn't readily apparent what to do if you just fire the game up. We had a tutorial level planned, however we wanted to get the gameplay down before we work on the tutorial, and was just simply ran out of time!

      Glad you have fun with it, and thanks for leaving us your feedback!

      -- Ian

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Pretty cool game, but with some flawed elements.

    The shooting and stuff all works and feels pretty good. I like the variety of enemies and powerups - it's quite impressive how much stuff there is considering the short time frame. The visuals and audio are both top notch. I really like the explosion graphics and the background music.

    However, it feels like a pretty standard platform shooter with the theme tacked on. The random crates just don't seem well thought out, especially considering you need the special weapons to even damage the boss. It makes the game way more luck based than it should be and it can be pretty tedious waiting for the weapons to spawn.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for giving it a go, and the feedback!

      The crates was something that we were really excited with, and there actually was quite a bit of time put into them (mostly balancing, adjusting rates, testing, readjusting, etc). The feedback that we had gotten from our last 2 entries in GM48 was the games were too boring, so we decided to add some challenges and really ramp up the difficultly.

      If there is not a crate on the screen, it will drop one immediately, and it will also drop one every 10 seconds. There are several challenges here:

      • Finding where they are, and getting to them
      • Helpful, in that it can provide a weapon, Harmful in that it can spawn enemies
      • Managing the "adds" or "mobs" or eggs/enemies with the basic weapon while en route to the next crate.
      • Spawn rates increase as you move through the levels (weapons and enemies)

      It does rely on RNG, and it was an approach we chose to add more suspense, variety, and difficulty. Thanks for giving it a shot!

      -- Ian

  • Cameron Murray

    Interesting concept. Really enjoyed the art style and how engaging the game was. Great job guys!

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 58

    I didn't get through the end, as the swarm of enemies come, it gets way too intense. Killing the boss shouldn't reward you "that way". Especially when there are 10 enemies all shooting unavoidable shots at once :/ I think the buildings should have been one way platforms, it felt a bit awkward to climb up at times. I also would have liked to be able to damage the boss with the base gun. Even if very weak, cause it was frustrating not to get any weapon due to the RNG. Speaking of which, maybe it should have more often beneficial effects than bad effects, cause you get screwed so frequently and it switches from a shooting game to a "open the correct crate" type of game.

    Note: reloading your weapon removes your current special weapon. :/

    That said, it was overal nice and cool!

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for trying it out! From the feedback we got from the last 2 jams we participated in, the general consensus seemed to be that our games were too slow, lacking substance, and boring. Perhaps we went overboard, but I think it has a fine balance, it certainly is beatable!

      The "Reload" button was actually supposed to be removed, I didn't comment that code out! I implemented that "feature" before we decided the special guns were dependent upon ammo, rather than a timer. (Having "THE BIG ONE" for too long was overpowered), so my bad!

      The key is to manage the eggs, and when you open crates, shoot them from afar that way you can avoid baddies.

      Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

      -- Ian

  • AceOfSpad3s
    AceOfSpad3s AceOfSpad3s Level 3

    Very tough game, it was very difficult to finish it but I had fun. It's a pity for the main character but overall the art is good and I appreciated the variety of enemies and weapons, although I would have liked to take them and choose which one to use. You did a good work.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you were able to make it through! We thought about being able to "stockpile" weapons, and choose from them, however I was at a loss on how to implement that, and looking back, I don't think I would have had enough time to implement that even if I knew how! Great suggestion though!

      -- Ian

  • Tecna
    Tecna Tecna Level 10

    Wow, that was intense! I really liked the music and the fast pace of the game. I was really confused by the platforms, you could've made it acessible by below too for easy navigation.

    But I really had fun with your game!!! Nicely done.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback Tecna! Our aim was to make it intense, as our last 2 submissions were pretty easy and boring. I do agree that we should have had more platforms accessible from the ground. Thanks for giving our game a shot!

      -- Ian

  • Fin_Nolimit
    Fin_Nolimit Fin_Nolimit Level 6

    This game was absolutely incredible! A game made in 48 hours and I enjoyed it so much even without considering the time it took to make the game. I was extremely determined to defeat the final boss and did it after many tries, and wow the name of the guns were hilarious. 10/10 best game I have played so far in my opinion!

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks Dustin! You just made my day! I'm really glad you were able to beat that boss, and that you had fun playing our game, that is the best compliment anyone could give!

      -- Ian

  • Steinzer
    Steinzer Steinzer Level 11

    Controls are quite good and the shooting mechanic works well. The pixel art for the buildings are a bit nice though, they don't really seem to fit the main character's style. Also, the sound effects can be loud, especially for the homing missile and the lightning gun.

    Regarding the crates, I like the risk vs. reward thing going on. You really don't know what will pop up out of those crates. I got lucky and got a health drop, which was nice.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for the review! The main character was probably the first sprite drawn for the entire project. We had intentions of reworking it a little bit, but we were pressed for time. After playing through with full volume, I can definitely tell the homing missile and lightning gun are excessive!

      Glad you got some enjoyment out of it, and thank you for the feedback so we can improve!

      -- Ian

  • Validated Drip

    I haven't finished this game but played it and loved it. Took me a while to learn to dodge enemy fire and use ledges but great game. Mystery crates kept with the theme and seemed to produce more enemies as the game progressed. Good music track and weapon sounds. A great game that was very enjoyable.

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was fun to make. I knew we had something good going when at about the 24 hour mark we couldn't stop playing it. We had a tutorial level planned, but we wanted to get the gameplay down and ran out of time! Thanks for sticking with it and giving it a go.

      -- Ian

  • Toemking
    Toemking Toemking Level 3

    At the start of the game I felt quite lost I didn't know where the 'Boss' was and that there was ledges that I could jump onto but after playing for a while I eventually figured it out making for a very enjoyable experience. The guns felt very satisfying to use and it was fun trying them all out. I liked the use of the theme through the supply crate mechanic. Sometimes I wondered whether it was worth the risk of opening the crate and getting a homing missile launcher as opposed to leaving due to the chance of 2 pink enemies appearing and exploding in my face. The pixel art is nice but I have seen better. Overall very good game with a bit of a lack of guidance at the start.

    Please note the audio on my computer isn't working so I cant rate the audio

    • AxeWizard AxeWizard
      Level 17

      Thanks for giving it a go, and the feedback! We made the decision to focus on gameplay mechanics first, and if there was time to throw together a tutorial level, however we ran out of time! I recommend playing it with sound later on, and there's 3 levels total.

      On our entries for the last 2 jams, the feedback we received was "It was too easy, and a little boring", so we decided to ramp up the difficulty. Thanks for taking the time to try our work, and thanks for your detailed feedback so we can continue to improve!

      -- Ian