Stolen Star

Stolen Star

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  • 1 year ago
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Your mission was to infiltrate one of the most highly secure bases in the galaxy and steal the ultimate resource.

Now as you look to make your escape to the nearest planar portal, you will put all of your skills as a pilot to the test.

Boosting is helpful for outrunning missiles but harmful because you have less time to dodge oncoming obstacles.

Good luck!


  • Hand drawn ships and environment
  • Hundreds of inconveniently located rocks
  • 1 Pesky Missile
  • 1 Planar Portal
  • 2 Songs and Complete FX

Game Controls

  • Dodge Left and Right Arrow Keys or "A" and "D"
  • Boost Spacebar or Up Arrow

Menu Controls

  • Change Ship Numbers 1-4
  • Change Difficulty "D"
  • Replay "R"
  • Skip Intro Any Key


  • Programmer Matt Santacroce
  • Illustrator Christopher Santacroce
  • Music and Sound FX Sami Santacroce

Total Wins by Ship Type

(last updated April 24th, 2018)

  • Rustic: 3
  • Ghost: 2
  • Ghost Classic: 3
  • Tofu: 1

Feel free to let us know which ships you have won with in the comments and we will update the score here!


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