Follow this little robot through his tiny adventure in a dark place. It is filled with pits, spikes, and lasers, and he'll have to progress his way to the next door. However, it constantly changes, adding new elements as the countdown above repeats over and over. Try to complete the level and avoid making it too hard on yourself!

Controls are as such:

  • Left/Right= Move left and Right
  • Up= Jump up
  • Hold up= Longer Jump
  • Esc- Quit to title screen

! There is no saving !

Tools Used:

  • Gamemaker Studio 2
  • Aseprite
  • LMMS (for SFX)
  • keyboard
  • ... and a pen and paper

-This is my first game jam submission that I have felt like I completed. The difficulty curve is sharp, I know, but I hope it doesn't stray too many away from the game. Thank you to all who game support during my stream (shameless plug:, and for the help and ideas. Until next time! -Surg

Bugs So Far

  • Possible collision glitch at the start of level 1

(yes that one jump on level two is possible.)


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