Wave of Shells

Build up a base of upgrades and defend it from the evil sea creatures in this top-down wave survival game!

Sixty Seconds

Clocktease 4- Unlawful Entry

Listen to the mechanisms of various safes to crack them in under 60 seconds or be trapped in the Clocktease forever.

Falling Apart

Strawberry Destroys the World

Extra Extra, Read all about it. The world is falling apart beneath your feet!

Watch Them Grow!


McBrew is a frantic shop-owning experience where you grow both plants to sell your customers as well as your business as a whole

Two Sides

Hybrid Commander

Buy and position units in your army, then fuse your soldiers together in this strategic two-sided auto battler

Small World

The Interloper

Collect various items on a small island to appease the gods in this time-based survival game


Goodbye Taxman

The text-adventure tax-collector simulator

Climb the Tower

Adventure Climb

Defend your tower from adventurers in the truest tower defense game.

Colors are Important

Super Paintman

Now in color! Platform your way through five levels, changing your color to pass through objects.


Clocktease 3- Double Teamed

Control two friends caught in the monstrous Clocktease and help them beat their foes faster together than they could alone.

Helpful But Harmful

Clocktease 2: Unplugged

Race your way through 11 levels, using a speedy dash at the cost of your final time.

One Tool, Many Uses

Coin Wars: The Last Judy

Help Judy and her flying vehicle restore her race by collecting valuable coins in this exploratory platformer

One Shot

Star Raid

Fight your way through hoards of hostile space ships in this bullet hell shooter where ammo is precious and evasion is your greatest ally



Travel through a hellish world sacrificing your limited time to use demonic powers in this infinite procedurally generated platformer

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