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Two Sides

Monkey Clone Escape

Play as a freed lab monkey who needs to break stuff, collect resources, craft weapons, defeat clones, and stop the clones.



Shoot your way through 3 minutes of seemingly endless adversaries, and then defeat the galaxy space complex guard to win!

No Death State

You Cannot Kill Death!

You play as an evil Lich that defies death itself! Death only makes you stronger!

Colors are Important

Chromatic Chaos

Build your own adventure. You choose the environment, and enemies! Full of custom options.

Helpful But Harmful

Gherkin's Revenge

Evil dwellers have invaded Dill City! Rambo Gherkin is our only hope! Defeat the evil, and beware of what lies ahead.

One Tool, Many Uses


You are the Thermodynamic Rapid Energy Neutralization Tool. Your mission is to destroy all power sources, by consuming them.

One Shot

Gno Mercy

Gno Mercy! Find your way through this classic style side-scroller to defeat the evil flytrap! Along the way you will find various obstacles and enemies. Collect fruit, drop it in the magic cauldron to make a powerful weapon, and destroy all enemies.