You are the commander of the Kings artillery. The king has misplaced the family star collection, and has turned to you to track it down.

You man one of your cannons and head off looking for the lost treasures. Finding all his Majesties lost stars requires you to battle through the Canyou Kingdom in more then 10 strategic levels (ok, it's only 11, but more then 10 sounds way cooler).

Wow...all that sounds awesome. That's the game I should of made. Instead I did a janky Angry Birds type thing.


  • GM's Physics engine providing realistic collisions and movements
  • More then 10 levels!
  • Level Select
  • Puzzles involving using some gray matter
  • Save game feature
  • Fun graphics
  • Cleverly omitted music enabling you to concentrate on the puzzle aspect. alt text
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Very polished graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the GM48, if you’d like to take a look :)

  • Fachewachewa

    Pretty solid game, some tuning on the physics would have helped a lot, right now it's tooooo slooow.

    Also, found an exploit : the number of stars you got do not reset if you go into level select and select the same level.



  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    This seems quite well made but it's too hard for me. I couldn't even make it past the second level. Regardless, the graphics look very nice. I don't think the retro sound effects really mesh with the clean visual style, though.

  • Josh K.
    Lv. 14

    Hey Slyddar. Not a bad game had me really working to get to the last level. If you want to see our reactions, and our rating of your game check our video out: (You're game should be around 1:00:00)

  • Orb Warning
    Lv. 6

    "Janky Angry Birds Type Thing" is kinda accurate, but don't knock yourself. Everything seemed to work pretty well, and as someone who's not crazy about these type of games, I enjoyed having a numeric value for the canon angle. That way I didn't feel like I was just guessing at how it positioned the previous turn.

    I think the biggest thing you could have done to not make it just feel like Angry Birds is pick a different art style. Something a little rougher and dirtier might have suited this well.

    The canon ball definitely moves a little slow, but it did add a little drama when I just baaaaarely missed a star.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    6yrs ago

    I was really struggling to get anywhere until I realized pressing the menu button before a failstate would allow me to reset the level and retain stars. It allowed me to cheese through the levels to see everything.

    • Slyddar
      Lv. 4
      Slyddar Coder of Canyou

      6yrs ago

      Wow, nice bug find. I only implemented the level select at the last minute, so hadn't tested it thoroughly. Thanks for playing and it's actually good to know others can see the levels if they find it too difficult.

  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    The simple style looks very nice and the game is well made. I found it difficult but I'm not very good at this sort of game so I had to make very small adjustments till I got it right. It was a good length and made good use of the theme. I would suggest making the bird explode when hit so I feel better about hitting it by mistake haha.

    I feel like the wooden towers should have interacted with the stages more often in some way, but great game.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I kinda like the overal fun, but it feels sooooo slow... I also kind of wished that the physics were used a bit more. I think it would have been neat if you could instead just shoot on the wood and make the wood collect stars, i don't know.

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Really fun game, the gameplay is probably the thing that makes it stand out most from the other entries, not a fan of the artstyle even though I can't say it's bad, Really good level design and game design. Had a blast playing it.

  • Rabugree
    Lv. 5

    Nice game, I had fun. This game is quite hard ! And I really wanted to kill those birds !! Nice sound FX.

    Small bug : When you want to choose a level, and close the level window without changing the level, the level numbers remain visible (so I had to reboot game).

    Good job !

    Beer Bug

    Beer Bug

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    nice colors, and I like the style! The physics are working as I would expect, and it seems to be running without glitches. Would be neat to have a few different types of projectiles to pick from that would logistically function different.

    Gno Mercy

    Gno Mercy

  • jack

    Fun and a neat take on the one-shot theme. I would suggest providing a better indicator as to where your cannon ball will fire, but other than that I have no criticisms.

  • Lars Winston
    Lv. 2

    Great artwork! The animations and vivid colors really draw attention to the game. It was a fun challenge to find the exact angle and power needed to grab the stars. Lots of trial and error and I was having fun while doing it. My only complaint is that I want more! I wish I could kill that bird! I wish I could blow up those wooden and stone structures!