Super Countdown Clicker

Super Countdown Clicker

  • stubz_gm
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified

Ditching my over-scoped project halfway through and getting depressed turned out great.

A couple beers later, I was gazing at a pretty background color and the idea came to me: Just make a toy. Something abstract and simple, that explains itself in time. Honestly I loved working on this one.

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  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    A simple yet enjoyable little game. I enjoy the visuals and sounds and how they make the game feel as if it could work as a simple physical electronic toy.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 54

    Might be too simple and repetitive.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Not really all that exciting :/

    Pretty trivial to just spam click when you don't get penalized for missing

  • PepePm
    PepePm PepePm Level 6

    The idea is simple but acceptable. Difficulty is ok. I missed basic sound effects and a score. Anyway, the game's good and has potential, good job!

  • Fachewachewa

    It desperately needed two things:

    • a malus for clicking in a wrong spot
    • a global score, counting how far you've gone
  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Sleek, simple, yet well made game! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Ampersand Game Studios

    Fun game, however it might be a bit too easy? Perhaps the player could lose some progress if they click an incorrect tile?

    The art style fits perfectly, and I really like the background!

  • Jose
    Jose Jose Level 2

    Very simple puzzle game, could be a nice mobile game if polished a little more. Overall nice job.