• Tero Hannula
  • 8 months ago
  • 4th


~Play with mouse, remember you can drag and zoom the camera. ~

~Right mouse closes the program tables. ~

  • I messed up the timing of Spikes, the solutions should be different *

The minibots have limited memory capacity, but you can work around it with program loops. Bots do their program and in the end of theis program they just start it over.


There are only 6 levels meant to be played, and I messed up the timing of Spikes, making some solutions wrong. If you reach -1 level, well done you beat the jam levels. Last level is just testing area.

If stuck, you can hold Backspace and use Keyboard Keys to move bot (Debug keys), or just fool around with the bots. Hold Backspace + Space you can reprogram bots.

[Timing is correct in Android port]

Leave feedback if you liked it, and please try Android export :) Might put longer version to Google play store :)


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