Trolls Bedtime

Trolls Bedtime

  • Tero Hannula
  • 5 months ago
  • 3rd


HTML5 version has smaller sprites, and res 1280x720 for optimizing. Download version is HQ. (Narrative might not start on HTML5, try reload)

'Moon shines so bright, I cannot sleep tonight. Please little ones, do me favor: darken the light and be my savior.' - Mama Troll.

The young trolls have an idea to help their Mama, just switch off the moon. And they will build tower to reach the skies. As we humans know better, this will be impossible task, but trolls are not going to give up.

Windows Game resolution is 1920x1080, starts fullscreen, can be changed to windowed by F4.

Controls: WASD / Arrow Keys

Interact: E, X, Shift

Jump: Z, Control, Space

Change Troll: TAB, Enter, or numbers 1, 2, 3

Restart: R

Fullscreen/Window: F4

Here is video of Android port:

Game can be finished.

( Oh by the way, Trolls are missing their tails if you compare two previous games. I decided they were too hard to animate. )

( Walking animation for Trolls consist 3 sprites, for up and down it totals 6 sprites. Squishiness and especially little jumping gives more life to animation. )


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