Can Ya Dance?

Can Ya Dance?

  • Vinnie // Bacon // Buttons
  • 1 month ago
  • 29th


Can Ya Dance?

Can You Dance? is a rhythm game. Your opponent takes 4 beats to perform a dance. You then need to copy that dance in the next 4 beats. Do badly enough and you're out! Survive to the end and gain some fans!

How do you "dance battle"?

You mean you've never dance battled before!? That's okay, I made it up, so of course you haven't!

The rules are simple. Your opponent gets 4 beats to bust a dance move. Watch and remember what they did!

Next, you get 4 beats to repeat what they did. If you mirror it pretty well, hey, you get more fans!


How do you play?

There are several different control schemes to help fit your computer!


Who made this?

Vinnie - Code, Bacon - Graphics, Donuts - Music


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