Slime Well

Slime Well

  • Zen00
  • 11 months ago
  • 47th

As a slime you're used to finding dark hiding spaces. But trying to hide in the abandoned home of a powerful wizard was probably not a great idea! Now you're trapped in his well, falling to your doom unless you can stickily slorp your wall back to the top. But you're not the only thing that has fallen in or been dropped down this well over time. Try not to get popped!


  • Gamepade D-pad or Axis

  • Gamepad B - Jump

  • Gamepad A - Release hold

  • Keyboard WASD

  • Keyboard K - Jump

  • Keyboard J - Release hold

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  • EkajArmstro
    EkajArmstro EkajArmstro Level 2

    The compiled version did not work with my controller, but I built the project file with gamepad support disabled so the keyboard would work. The vast majority of my deaths were on the part with two flying things right near the end lol. When they were by themselves it was way easier to play around the randomness.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      Gamepad should support all basic gamepads that GMS supports by default. So if yours isn't working then GMS doesn't recognize your controller and I can't do anything about that except build a custom profile (which I had to do for my controller).

      You don't have to rebuild without the gamepad support, simply just don't have a gamepad plugged in when starting the game and it switches back to keyboard.

  • Tero Hannula

    Here is my gameplay It was nice game, nice graphics and sounds, of course music could have been bit better. I think it was well executed and didn't notice bugs or glitches, maybe hit-boxes could be bit more forgiving ^^"

    Now main issues of game was blocks getting hidden by sides and bees. Sides hiding blocks makes game more slow paced than it could be and also limits how you can react to game (as in you can't). There was good video about game design using DOOM 2016 as example. In Doom you don't regenate health, but killing demons gives you health (and glory kills more). This encourages aggressive gameplay behaviour instead of careful and hiding, which some fps games suffer from. Now reflect this to your game, because blocks are hidden in sides and player cannot predict what waits ahead, it encourages player more careful approach, which simultanously pushes away from trying to 'speedrun' the game. So 'what gameplay strategy game encourages to', is one aspect you can think of, and is this 'strategy' fun for player. In theory, there is no problem with current way, but for me it encourages playing strategy which isn't that fun (and feels that game punishes you if you try play quickly). (although I wrote long thing about it, it's not that bad as it seems ^^")

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      You're right about the punishing aspect. The game is supposed to be somewhat punishing, but I tried to balance it so it was just about the right length so the punishment didn't last too long. Respawns were quick and you got checkpoints before each new difficulty segment.

      However I will be changing the spikes so they don't go entirely into the walls in the future.

  • Pixel Pincher

    I think this is a really cool concept that could nicely be extended! Here are a few things that come into my mind (and might be mentioned already):

    • make the sections of the well better distinguishable - after respawning it is hard to quickly get where you were before
    • maybe keep the old slime on the wall - that might look cool, especially after a lot of deaths
    • show where the spike-blocks will come out of the wall so the challenge is not to slow down, but to get the timing right
    • maybe respawn the player right at the wall to avoid death after death after death without actually playing

    That being said in the context of a short game jam it is a really nice game! I would like to see more iterations of it!

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60 gameplay videoooo

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      In response: Yeah, I didn't include fullscreening, as I have mentioned the game auto-resizes to take best advantage of your screen real estate.

      You're right, there is no indication of the spikes and hazards coming out of the wall, however as you found out you can hold indefinitely, there is no pressure to keep moving, so you can easily pause a second to see if something is coming and determine the pattern so you can avoid it.

      You did not take advantage of the "release" button (at least until near the end), so you could slide slightly down the wall to a better jumping vantage point. Which would have made the jumping even easier.

      At least I made the music a 45 second loop, it was my first attempt at anything from BeepBox. I wish I could have made it longer, but solo-deving and wot, I had to make all the music loops in the game myself in the allotted time.

      You didn't press any key and get to see the end credits :P

      • Kwis Kwis
        Level 60

        "the game auto-resizes to take best advantage of your screen real estate." >> Oh I interpreted that wrong then. I would have liked to have the option to play the game at the maximum size possible for my screen, it felt small to me :<

        " so you can easily pause a second to see if something is coming and determine the pattern so you can avoid it." >> That said, it interrupts the flow, it's forcing me to stop (and you probably noticed I prefer to go without waiting) while I don't think I should need to (but I mean, considering it's a jam game and all it's not really important, as it didn't really make the game feel worse to me)

        " You did not take advantage of the "release" button (at least until near the end)" The reason it took so long was because I didn't figure it was important so I quickly forgot about it; took me a bit to remember it (not saying it's good or bad, just telling why I didn't use it from the beginning)

        Also oh, I missed the end credits? :( drat, I didn't think anything would happen if I pressed anything

  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    Died 65 times but made it out in the end. It wasn't bad at all, but I have a few complaints:

    • Unable to use keyboard controls if a gamepad is plugged in. I forgot I had this from a previous game, and was very confused about why the controls weren't working for a hot minute.
    • The last checkpoint is right above a moving spike block. It is essentially a coin flip if you live or die after respawning (hey, at least that fits the theme)

    ...wait, speaking of theme, how does this game fit the theme? There's a left and right side of the well? Bottom of the well vs top? 🤔

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      Left/right wall (2-sides) wall jumping to get up, etc. I knew there would be a billion "control 2 players" games, so I had to come up with something else to do :P As for controls, yeah, gamepad locks out keyboard, for now, it prevents you from hitting keyboard keys while using a gamepad on accident.

  • JesusAcHe
    JesusAcHe JesusAcHe Level 4

    I think this is a great start for a great game, it's just being slightly held back by a lack of feedback. I don't know how far I've climbed, I dunno where or when the spikey blocks are going to come out and I don't know when I crossed a check point, so progress gets to feel random. I do appreciate the camer being slightly higher than the slime, since it allows me to jump with a bit more confidence, and the graphics and sound all compliment the gameplay beautifully. I think the background rocks specially look really really nice, dunno why specifically but they do.

  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos Level 7

    I really like this take on the theme! It seems so obvious in hindsight. There is really nice polish applied here; especially the way the slime leaves goo wherever it touches and how it slides down the wall when it's falling quickly. I really liked those details.

    The music and sounds feel very retro and fit together well.

    At first I was thinking "these bugs are bit too big", but eventually I realized how to get around them, and I no longer think that XD

    I also appreciated that the duration of holding the jump affected how high you went, it added a useful level of control to our slimey friend.

    I think it might have been nice if there was some warning or indication when the spikey blocks are about to come out. On the other hand, since dying is such a small set back, you eventually learn where they are coming from anyway, so knowing the first time is not so critical.

    If you were going to make the well higher, I think it would have called for more gameplay elements, but as it is, I think it was the perfect length!

    After 90 deaths, all I can say is... really nice game!

    PS. I uploaded a video of my playthrough

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    I like the fact that dying doesn't send you back to the start, and I like the goopy sound effects and green trail that follows behind you when you fall.

    I think that the blocks should telegraph their presence when their inside the walls, because at the moment it's impossible to tell if a spike block is gonna come out of the wall unless you already know that it's there beforehand.

  • jarossco
    jarossco jarossco Level 2

    Fun game! Controls were a bit iffy to get used to, but like others mentioned, a gamepad did work better in the end! Cool concept, great art! Well done!

  • Bokonon
    Bokonon Bokonon Level 5

    This is a neat concept, but the controls were incredibly frustrating. (part of this was the fact that the incorrect controls were in the title card and I had to actually read the description of the page to get the correct controls) I felt like I had almost no control over the slime when jumping which made performing the precision jumps you were asking of the player very difficult. I felt like the difficulty wasn't born from the game but the lack of control.

    I gave up after about 15 minutes. The premise itself is interesting, however, and the art is good.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      The game does play somewhat better with a gamepad (IMO), as it's easier to quickly swap left/right directions.

      • Bokonon Bokonon
        Level 5

        is a bit easier with a gamepad, just tried it out. looks like your controls are mixed up in your description though, as B was jump for me and A was fall.

  • dosto
    dosto dosto Level 11

    Giving some background story in the description gave a nice start for the playing. Unfortunately the game was quite hard to play already in the beginning and I couldn’t get past the pair of mothlike creatures even though I gave it a lot of try. Checkpoints could have had visible indicators since the progress was a bit hard to understand at first. Anyway it was nice that they existed.

    Art was very good but the real gem was the background music!

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      Thanks for the complement on the art and specifically the music. It was my first attempt at making songs with BeepBox, I'm glad that no one has particularly reported that the music was grating :)

  • PizzaBandit

    Cool concept, easy to learn but difficult to master. I made it to the top with many deaths

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 14

    It took some getting used to the controls, but the platforming was pretty fun once I got the hang of it.

  • Richard
    Richard Richard Level 5

    Nice game, kinda hard. Good graphics. In my opinion, the controls should be less sensitive.

    BTW you have opposite controls in description (J is release, K is jump)

  • PineTree
    PineTree PineTree Level 7

    I thought this was very fun! After seeing screencaps, I was expecting the music to be more gentle and atmospheric as opposed to fast-paced, but I still think it fits well! I definitely didn't beat it, but I could see myself picking it back up again in the future. I think it was a great decision to add checkpoints! I would love it if there was some sort of visual indicator for them. If I saw a checkpoint up ahead and was struggling, I think I would be more motivated to keep at it. Those darn flies are so tricky! :D

  • Zandy
    Zandy Zandy Level 6

    This game is so hard Whatever the lowest ranking is, I have probably achieved it :D Knowing where the blocks were would have made this experience a little better. Great work!

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 12

      Rankings would be easier to tell if people actually reported their death count :)

  • Wahoo
    Wahoo Wahoo Level 14

    The controls were a wee bit hard to grasp, and on my monitor it was pretty tiny, but otherwise it was pretty fun to play and when i could see it, it looked nice.