In this Tower Defence Breakout Endless Runner hybrid you take control of Linna the fanciful fort on its wacky journey. Avoid those pesky enemies, collect more and more resources and keep constantly rebuilding yourself to avoid falling apart.

Collect resources on the road as you pass them by clicking them. Use the resources to build walls and turrets.
The structures don't build themselves - remember to scoop up builder creatures.
Defend the core of the fort!


Select buildable structure  ⌨️ 1-6
Pick up resources  🖱️ Left click
Build structures  🖱️ Left click
Move left and right  ⌨️ A & D
Change windowed resolution  ⌨️ F1
Toggle fullscreen  ⌨️ Alt+Enter
Quit  ⌨️ Alt+F4


  • Turrets can shoot through walls. It's often useful to shield valuable turrets with walls.
  • Turrets can only shoot in one general direction, so place them carefully!
  • You can hold left click to build structures or collect resources quickly.
  • Even if you miss some resources, there will be a new opportunity to pick them up as they loop around.
  • Enemies also take damage when colliding with structures.
  • You can replace existing structures by building on top of them.



Reaktori  🖌️ Art, some programming, game balance
Riuku  ⚙️ Programming
dosto  🎨 Art, aphorisms
henrimikael  🎵 Music, sound effects

Font: 04b03 by 03

Color palette: Today Land Palette V2 by GrafxKid

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  • Tydecon Games

    well deserved! congratulations 🎉

  • Megan
    • Level 11

    1yr ago

    Great use of the theme! I travelled 18687 metres. I really like the title screen. As usual, the game is super polished, feels great, with fantastic art. Love the night and day phases, they're a nice touch. Why is the fort called Linna?

    • Riuku
      • Level 18
      • Developer

      1yr ago

      Thanks, happy to hear that you liked it!

      Linna is Finnish for "castle" or "fortress" or something like that. In Finnish it's not used as a given name for a person but we thought it actually kinda sounds like one. It's also somewhat pronounceable in the context of English unlike many if not most other words in Finnish so that's a plus!

      This makes "Linna the fort" literally "Fort the fort".

  • Tero Hannula

    I liked the game, the concept and execution, well done :) Music was good, art pleasing, and I liked how there was day/night cycle to have something changing during the gameplay. I didn't take up my score, but I remember it being over 6000. Enemies before my death felt invincible as my turrets kept spamming at them but they didn't die or stop, just moved through my castle.

    Few changes and tweaks could have been done here and there, but core mechanic was solid.

    Well done again :)

  • Jackaroo

    This was really cool. The artwork is amazing, the music was great, the gameplay really fun & addictive and the concept is really cool too. It all feels very polished for a 48 hour game although I did encounter one bug but it didn't effect gameplay.

    I had a few enemies who got stuck moving back and forth in a straight horizontal line along the top of the screen. They continued to pick up speed until they just vanished into thin air. Occasionally they would reappear into existence for a brief moment before flickering away once more. Other than that though I can't say I encountered any issues or have any suggestions for improvements. It was just a really well made game all round. You all did an amazing job.

    • Riuku
      • Level 18
      • Developer

      1yr ago

      Ah yeah I think we forgot to put a speed limit to that one enemy that picks up speed as it bounces, oops!

      Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it.

  • Bokonon

    This was a really unique and well executed concept. I thought the gameplay loop was satisfying and engaging. The pixel art was really gorgeous as well.

    I think it may have been interesting to allowe the player to take control over some of the turrets, which maybe would have incentivized the player not to just spam-click below the mech the entire game when not building. Maybe that wasn't the optimal way to play? but it sure felt like it.

    Regardless, I think this was a great idea and super well executed.

    • Riuku
      • Level 18
      • Developer

      1yr ago

      Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

      I agree that there could be some room for more direct input on dealing with the enemies. Initially we had plans for more extensive movement of the castle (crouching, jumping etc.) but ended up ditching those in favor of other features. So the castle movement as it stands is mostly useful for defence, i.e. dodging, instead of offence.

  • Chris

    Fun game, looks great, well polished. Mechanics are cool and fit the theme well

    • Riuku
      • Level 18
      • Developer

      1yr ago

      Thanks for the nice words!

      I think that this time we succeeded on designing the game around the theme pretty well. Last time with BOSSBOSSBOSS we kinda blew it :D

  • Ethan Wake

    I'm in awe that this was a 48-hour game. The pixel art and music are godly, and the gameplay is fun and addicting.

    • dosto
      • Level 16

      1yr ago

      Thank you! Somehow our jam games always end up being big 48h rushes and the afterward feeling is like you had been partying the whole weekend :,D

  • Brian LaClair

    Great great game, y'all! My team did a tower defense game for the last GM48 so I was really impressed with some of the systems you were able to pull off with the time, specifically really good feeling build-order system and the difficulty ramp-up!

    Had a ton of fun playing this and it looked and sounded great, all around good job :D

  • GoblinBoy

    Incredible entry for a 48 hour jam. I'm particularly fond of the pixel art on display it looks really crisp and nice. I'm honestly not sure what else to say.

    Great job!

  • Jason Newman

    Wow!! Perfect 10 on everything. Well done! I am in awe at the pixel art you managed to finish in 48 hours!

    Break Ship

    Break Ship

  • BreadClip

    This entry was one of my favorites. I feel like this would work well expanded out into a full game, with more depth, but for a jam game its perfect. The different mechanics of the turrets and the ability to build your walker were pretty entertaining. My only constructive criticism is that it runs out of steam once you've got all the turret types, and its a bit hard to see the resources down at the bottom. The graphics are fantastic, and the gameplay is engaging! Nice work.

    • dosto
      • Level 16

      1yr ago

      Thanks! We were actually just talking about making a post-jam version... Not the first time we have planned on expanding but it would be the first time we actually would progress with it so lets see :D

  • Swisspick

    Amazing Game! Only negative is the "repetitiveness" after a few minutes. Sound, Art and Gameplay is very cool! Also the Menu was nice.



  • Denglish_Design

    Loved this, I really couldn't stop playing xD I wish the sounds were a bit quieter, as I only ended upo stopping cause the sounds were too much after a while and I didn't feel like there was an end goal in sight? Would be really nice to have levels or a goal or something with a rating system more than just how long you survived. That would give me more reasons to start it again! :3

    • dosto
      • Level 16

      1yr ago

      Thanks, nice to hear you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately the sounds are unbalanced in some audio devices. If you happen to play again, you can try to change the output