sometime after you escaped the collapsing ruins in "Ruin Rush",

You discover A floating island, being the pure hearted explorer you are, you hitch a plane ride up there and check it out!

also note the game does not keep the save after closing.

Game By:

Music by Atomic and Kilomatter

Art by SingleShot && Kilomatter

Code By SingleShot

Thank you And Have Fun!

⌨️Default KeyBinds:

Don't like these buttons? Rebind them in the options menu!

Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump

X - Attack

C- Dash

ESC - Pause

Note* game-pad can not be rebound. but its there if you prefer it!

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  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    Really nice little metroidvania! The art and sound is great and suits the gameplay very well. The boss fight was cool, though maybe a bit slow paced. Overall, very enjoyable and complete gameplay experience!

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    Really nice solid metroidvania. Feels like a retro classic. I think the art is done really nicely and fits in well with the theme. Particularly the tiling.

    I think for the enemy sprites, I'd have liked it better if you were a little more consistent on what sprites had white outlines. They did make some enemies stand out more, but they also made it seem almost like you had to collect them. Think consistency on using it would have helped. Though I'd have preferred if you adjusted the sprites values to make them stand out rather than relying on a white outline.

    I think some telegraphing for certain things would have helped out. There is a room you need to get through with dash to get a power orb. I feel when I played it, I felt I could get through with double jump and wall grapple. I saw the same thing when my friend played and Peter too. But death isn't too big a deal in the game.

    Though speakin of the wall grapple, I found it felt good. I also liked how the zoom in when you picked up a new artifact. Added some nice variety in what people are looking at. The air flying ability was fun as well. Movement in the game felt good, combat was a tad stiff but not overly so.

    For the boss fight, I think the standing on hands thing was really cool. But I think it needs to be telegraphed more on when you can stand on the hands and when you can't. As a player, I expected to be able to stand on the boss hands even when they're moving because they seemed to be just like moving platforms. I don't mind that there is a small window to stand on the hands. But the hands visual state needs to change more otherwise you get the feeling of "why am I falling through". Maybe make the hands disappear or to keep on theme, if they were on fire you'd take damage from them and if they're not, you would not and can stand on them. For example, I wasn't aware that when the hands are clasped together, you are still able to stand on them.

    Overall, it feels like a really solid metroidvania and the map design and abilities seem very impressively done for only 48 hours. There's variety in environments, rooms, types of enemies. There's a really decent bit of content here and they all fit together very well!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for playing!

      so kilomatter did the art for the enemies, while I did the tile-set, player, and boss. the white outline is something I added after the fact to make the darker enemies stand out more. and I do agree the the outline should have been more unified, and using contrasting colors would also work well.

      I kinda think the death pit with the lowered ceiling as a good indicator that jumping across wont work, but I guess I can add more to it as a double reminder or something?

      Yeah I'm happy with the grapple claw myself, I think movement is pretty well done, and I think combat feeling stiff is have due to the enemy AI. I wanted to keep it simple due to how much I was putting in the game, but having half ass features can kinda drag down the whole thing so I'll need to improve my enemies designs.

      I do like the boss idea, and too be honest the hands where moving platforms at first, but it made it too east to cheese the boss, so I made the player fall off if its raised under the player. and yeah I should have made it more clear that the boss is doing something to shake you off. the way I handled the hands are they are just a semi-solid platform at all times, but while they are moving during the attack animation I stack a hit-box on top of them. so the player can really stand on them at any point, but if they are moving up, they don't move the player with them to stop you from falling though.

      anyways thanks for the feedback, I think i did a decent job for 48hours. I'm planing a post jam version of it, no clue how long that's gonna take me to make. I happy you enjoyed it so Thank you again!

  • illdie
    Lv. 12

    Awesome and very solid. The art was great, and the exploration/unlocks were pretty satisfying.

    I will say that the enemy behavior didn't stand out very much - they worked, but they weren't super interesting to fight. The wall-cling/jump felt amazing though. The movement overall was good but that was my favorite thing to do.

    The only other thing of note is that there is that the unfilled HP pips were not that much darker than the filled ones. For me and most people it's not too bad, but that's a bit of an accessibility concern for people who can't make out subtle visual differences as well. Same thing for the booby traps, I think they blend in just a tad too much.

    Great game!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for the feed back!

      I wanted to keep the enemies simple, but too be honest I think that hurt the level design, due to having to build the levels in a way that they can work. and I wish I could have added some more spice to them.

      I didn't make the hp part of the hud myself, but I can understand what you mean. also I'm pretty happy with how movement felt so I'm glad you also think so!

      really happy you liked the game!

  • Kyon
    Lv. 25

    Solid game, an impressive amount of content! I like the camera effect when you get an upgrade!

    I kept playing hoping I'd see something new/unique but that didn't really come. It was just another metroidvania.

    Some level design was tough because of not being able to see where you have to jump to, especially on that bottom-right area. Sometimes ghosts would come out of nowhere, or I would jump and suddenly land on a snake that I wasn't able to see before. I feel that most of the times I died it felt like it wasn't my fault.

    Cool that there was a boss! The 3D-tail design looked very cool! Thought it was bugged because of the amount of hitpoints it had and it not giving any feedback when you attacked him, but eventually I defeated it.

    Nice job on some of the platforming-code-details like easing the player on a ledge and stuff! I think by now you're really starting to master those codes! :)



    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for the feedback!

      come-on kyon, this is me, the king of unnecessary content in jam games. after all its pretty to stuff extra stuff in when you don't sleep.

      yeah I tried my best to limit the leaps of fate, in the underside I added little chains that the platforms hung from, so you have an idea of where you can land, but still I should of done something with the camera to help too.

      I really like making bosses, they are a fun thing to program, design wise though, I'm not the best by far lol. I gave it 20 hp, because it will take 10 with the weapon upgrade. but having now idea if your close to killing something kinda sucks. I'll need to think of something about that.

      again thanks for the feed back, I do think I'm getting really good at the platforming games all-around. and gald you enjoyed the game!

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 37

    Pretty good, the enemies could come out of nowhere sometimes which felt a bit bad and the whip felt stiff to use, but not stiff enough to stop me from spamming it. Besides that though, the game played well and it was enjoyable exploring the island.

  • dreamcastgh0st
    Lv. 2

    Really ambitious to do a metroidvania in this time! I really liked the gameplay for the most part-- a decent length, exploring felt good, and enough of a variety of enemies to keep me on my toes. The boss felt like it dragged on for too long-- It was fun, but it had too many hit points. By the time I finally killed him, it had taken so long, I had gotten so used to all of his attacks they were too easy to dodge. The lack of a healthbar made this issue worse. I also wish I could go back and collect all the upgrades for 100% after defeating the boss, but the game just ended. Really cool game though, just needs some minor tweaks and fixes.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      The boss only takes 10 hits with the upgraded weapon, and 20 with the base. I didn't give him a health bar because I didn't feel like it need one. while i do thing the boss is to easy, I know there are people who will think its too hard, so for a jam I always tone down the difficulty. seeing how the weapon upgrade was optional I wanted it to be a large improvement to the damage, so it does 2 times the damage as the base whip.

      also I am in the stage of planing the post-jam version of the game. so please tell me what the "minor tweaks and fixes" you where thinking of, so I can improve the post jam?

      anyways thanks for the feed back, and glad you had fun!

      • dreamcastgh0st
        Lv. 2

        Like I said, it would be great to go back and get more stuff after you beat the boss. Other than that--

        Some of the hitboxes are a little bit weird. Sometimes, an enemy was nowhere near my whip, and they'd get hit anyways-- It made me just use my whip all the time, even when I knew it wouldn't hit, because sometimes it damaged them anyways. Also, if you are falling right next to a wall, you'll fall REALLY slowly, like it thinks you are in the wall.

        The hands in the boss fight, especially when he claps them together, have slightly weird hitboxes too. A lot of the time, I would jump on his hands clapped together, and I would just fall through.

        I also am not sure holding up to grapple is super intuitive-- maybe you could make it so that you hold the direction towards the wall in order to stick to it?

        The last thing is the health bar. It's not a huge dealbreaker not to have one, but it never hurts, and I think there are definitely players (like me) who would appreciate it.

        Can't wait to see how the post-jam version turns out!

  • Hessery
    Lv. 10

    Its a really well made game, and a solid little metroidvania, but i may have missed the boss if there was one :/

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Fantastic Metroidvania. Great graphics, amazing soundtrack, and fitting sound effects. The island just keeps going and going and going! The map was a huge help, especially toward the endgame when I couldn't remember where I'd already been. I liked all of the upgrades, though I never really found a use for the dash, unless I missed an area where I was supposed to use it. The boss is simple, but the fact that you have a boss at all is impressive for a game jam. Awesome work all the way around.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I'm glad you thought so highly of my game. to be honest, the two Metroidvanias you made the last few jams, really made me want to give it another shot. I've made a few metroidvanias in the past gm48 jams, but there just something satisfying about making a large project in a small amount of time.

      as for the dash, I wanted it you be needed to get to the final boss, but the way I made the choke point didn't really force you to get anything other then the glide. so I just made it optional. its better then just removing it, plus moving fast is a use in and of it self.

      I kept the boss simple, one for my own sanity, and two so most people who get there can beat it. why making it challenging would have been fine, I can think of a few people in the past who failed to beat the boss in my game, and rated it poorly for it.

      thanks for leaving feedback on my game, and glad you had fun!

  • Seltzy

    Ok I went back and beat the game without pausing when I get an item. All in all it's a really solid mini-metroidvania. No part of it is particularly challenging, but it's enjoyable enough collecting upgrades and filling out the map. I wish there was some sort of additional mechanic to make it stand out. My biggest gripe might be some of the sound effects being really grating and the music needed some mixing. The boss at the end was really easy, but looks really cool.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for playing it again!

      I didn't want to make it too hard, do to it being in a jam. and yeah, it did feel like it need something a bit extra.

      honestly I could have mixed the audio better, something I forgot to do, others I didn't think of.

      and I am happy with how the boss sprite turned out, I always have issue with drawing larger sprites, so I'm attest happy with how it looks. easy though it maybe.

  • Om Rane
    Lv. 3

    I enjoyed it alot. Classic Metroid vania (it was actually the first metroidvania i've played). The world was layed out on a intuitive manner. I felt the order that I encountered the rooms in and the artifacts in was also on point.

    The only flaws i saw with this was a little bit of hitbox registring when i attacked and the boss fight (I was confused since I didn't know how I was supposed to win it)

  • Luke No Further
    Lv. 14

    Wow it really felt like an adventure. I kept encountering more and more new areas and I was like no wayyy the content just keeps coming! Pretty smooth and satisfying platformer, and very slick indeed for a game jam - I like the whip and the wall grab thing, had a nice depth/mastery-ness to it.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for the feed back!

      I think I maybe the content king of gm48.

      I don't think anyone else here is stupid enough to try and fit as much jank as I do in my games. lol

      and I think die to that style I'm pretty good at time to cost effectiveness in these jam settings.

      I think the grapple claw is my favorite type of wall jump, followed by the mega-man X style.

      and thanks again for the feed back!

  • Hokori
    Lv. 12

    I really enjoyed this entry. The game feel and exploration were a lot fun. I thought the amount of content was impressive, including having a boss fight which I greatly appreciated. Two other things that were big stand outs were the music, which I really loved and the "wall jump". I feel sometimes in similar games the wall jump can feel clunky and hard to control but I have to say that this one felt great. Overall, a lot of great touches and design choices culminating in a solid experience. Nice job!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks you for the feedback!

      I love making boss fights, so if i have time then i like to add them in my jam game. So long as they fit that is.

      Ive had people complain about the wall jumps befor, so the graple claw style wa my Answer to it.

      Also atomic reallu came out of no where with that level and boss music and saved they day. He wasnt even on the team.

      Any ways thanks for the feedback and glad you liked the game!

  • baku

    Well put together metroidvania. I felt the progression was good, with an appropriate amount of dead ends, back tracking and upgrades. The small map and being able to death warp probably helped it not get stale.

    I would've said this had a surprising amount fo content for a 48 hour jam, but at this point, knowing what singelshot games are like, that'd be a lie. Honestly I think my biggest complaint is that I feel you've made this before lol. It's good!—but I'd love to see you attempt something way left field and different one day

    One thing that did surprise me was seeing a boss at the end, that was cool!

    Thank you for not having a leaderboard this time :'D

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Hey thanks for the feed back!

      yeah I also feel that way, I wanted to make another metroidvania, because I been seeing a few attempts the last few jams, and wanted to toss my hat back in the ring.

      but after making it, I feel unfulfilled. I still have pride in its quality, and it still took over 40 hours of the time to make. but I also knew what I had to do for everything, nothing was hard it just took time. so I want to try games I haven't mastered or tried before, at lest for a few jams.

      or maybe I'll play support instead of lead. who knows.

      being known for content is not a bad thing to be honest. I think I'm well known for a good thing.

      also I've had bosses in a lot of my games, even my first gm48 game had a boss.

      (also I was thinking of doing a leader board with a speed run timer. . . but you know, lack of time and all that. you where saved this time lol)

  • Chris

    I don't want to spoil anything by getting too specific but it's really great game design all around. Everything was top-notch

  • NotLexa
    Lv. 1

    Really liked this game. Feels like you made a very good gamedesigning before making it. (I had't completed it but) it was a nice experience.

  • Quentin Van Deutekom
    Lv. 7

    What a great entry! The amount of content and art here is amazing in my opinion. Im also a sucker for metroidvanias so I had a blast with this, I enjoyed most of the upgrades and was consistently surprised and impressed when I found a new area/biome, there was a lot here for a 48 hour game! I don't really have any significant critisms, but I need to know if the whip was an Idiana Jones reference or if it was inspired by it at all?

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 13

    Impressive amount of content and really well polished, except that picking up 4 health made an uncomfortably loud sound and I couldn't seem to exit the game at the end.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

      and sorry about the health thing, I forgot to limit how many sounds can play at once. I try to polish as much as I can, but things slip though the cracks, and this project was already over scoped as is.

      anyway thanks for the feed back!

  • Tydecon Games

    Wow, I am lost for words, this is an amazing entry with a good amount of content, it's smooth, graphically impressive, controls well and is a great follow on from your last entry, I'm enjoying the lore you're building here, lots of fun! :)

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks alot!

      I think at this point, making over scoped projects work is kinda my trademark. I'm not sure about lore, there's not really much story in ether game.

      I was planing on having a opening cut-scene, and a ending scene where the island starts falling apart and you jump off to land on the plane you took up there, in fact the plane and the pilot where gona have more to do with the story, but now there just the title screen, and a Easter egg.

      I think I could of made it work with more planing time, but we kinda decided on this game an hour after the jam started.

      thanks again for the feed back, and I looking forward to that video!

  • 2102

    This game is great. I love it. Great ending and progression. I think I scoured the whole area and got all of the items and health upgrades. It was a lot of fun, and if that was 1 level out of 10 or 20, I think this could be a full game easy. It was just so good! I'm not usually someone who likes platformers, so that means a lot coming from me. It was right at my level of difficulty too, so that was nice.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      Thanks for the feed back!

      I'm so happy to hear to liked it so much!

      I am thinking of making a full scale game in the metroidvania game style, it maybe this one or not. I'll still planing it out.

      I also like to keep the difficulty low for jam games, or more so the easy to win, hard to master design approach.

      Still I'm happy you played it though all the way, and thanks again for the feed back!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago

    The art is alright, if a bit inconsistent. It gets kind of obnoxiously bright at times but it's alright. I went into this fully expecting to be piloting a plane, so that's a bit misleading. I generally like platformers and had some fun with this game. It's short and sweet with only a couple areas. Good game overall

    • singleshot
      Lv. 38

      thanks for the feed back!

      to be honest arts not my strong suit, I'm a programmer first and foremost, so alright art is well above the bar for me. I still think this is some of the better sprite work I've done. it tileset, the player, and the boss where me.

      also sorry about misleading you. the plane and the pilot where gona be more active in the games story, but I cut most of it out due to time. I left what little I could in as to at lest keep the reference.

      plus it works as a way to explain the fact the island is in fact floating, and they need to fly to get there. to make sure you think of it as an island.

      thanks again for the feed back!