And They Were Left Behind

And They Were Left Behind

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Control a team of five explorers as they escape from a burning temple! Platform and puzzle through 5 levels to escape. Time is of the essence, sacrifices must be made and someone must be left behind. Each team member has their own abilities

Red - Can push red blocks
Blue - Can sink in water
Green - Can phase through green walls
Yellow - Can wall jump
Purple - Can hold down the large switches

You've got three minutes to escape each level otherwise you'll be caught in the flame.


Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Switch character
C - Move character back to the start position
F1 - Restart the game
F - Switch Fullscreen/Windowed


Programming - Liam
Level Design - Liam
Character Art and Background - Bevan
Environment Art and UI - Christie
Music and Sound - Liam

BUG LIST On a few levels, the 'return to checkpoint' doesn't work on the yellow character.


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