Snowfriends [Prototype]

Snowfriends [Prototype]

  • Baku
  • 2 years ago
  • 59th


Take a break from the stresses of every day life. Come play in the snow! Build some snow friends. and dress them up however you like, in cute fake 3D.

A note on theme and gamejams in general

So you might be able to tell that Snowfriends isn't really a complete game. In fact, it's barely a game at all. It also doesn't really have too much to do with the theme "Sacrifice" - so you might say I decided to sacrifice some ratings in order to make something fun ayyyyy. Eh? Eh. I tried. But yeah, I didn't have any ideas for the theme, and I really just wanted to not stress out about gm48 yet again, spending upwards of 40 productive hours in a weekend. So instead I decided to just make something nice and experimental, because why not. Gamejams are about making games and having fun.


Mouse Move camera
Hold RMB while moving   Roll snowball
LMB Pickup / Throw / Put on
Escape Pause / Resume (window display controls are on this page!)


If the game starts up and it's like "whoa, bigger than my display resolution!!", simply click LMB to start the game → Alt + Enter to enter fullscreen → Escape to pause the game → click "Decrease window size" a couple times → the window should now be smaller if you exit fullscreen mode.

Made by

baku @Bakufreak - show me your best snowfriends!


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