The Tears of Lorem

The Tears of Lorem

  • Team VTR
  • 2 years ago
  • 5th


UPDATE: You can now play in your browser! (unless you're on Internet Explorer or something)

However, due to an unforeseen CSS mistake of mine, the game's logo might cover part of the screen depending on your resolution. A possible workaround is turning on fullscreen mode and zooming out (hold CTRL and scroll down your mouse wheel).

This issue is not present in the downloadable version!


The whole world is in jeopardy! Those dastardly creatures are coming for the helpless citizens, and as powerful as she is, Lorem shall bear the burden of being their dependable guardian.

Be the one to orchestrate her plan of attack as you gain access to a whopping total of 26 different techniques each assigned to a letter of the keyboard!

Even with a multitude of powers, though, desperate situations call for desperate measures. That's why you should always consider those permanent upgrades...


  • Any letter - Conjures one of Lorem's special attacks.
  • Hold Left Mouse Button - Opens the permanent upgrade menu. Move the pointer over one of the upgrades to select it.


  • Giancarlo França - Coding, background music
  • Raquel Marcolino - In-game art, sound effects
  • Daniel Rosso - Title screen and logo design
  • Special thanks to YellowAfterLife for his HTML5 loading bar extension


Skip over this to go in blindly as intended!

The upgrades menu

Right ------------- Spawns a prayer circle. Enemies within will be slowed down.

Up ------------- Builds a holy monument. It will constantly fire at enemies within its range.

Left ------------- Enhances your firepower. Adds an 8% chance of turning bullets into knives that deal 3x as much damage.

Down ------------- Boosts your maximum stamina as well as your replenish rate slightly.


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